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Bloodstained Love

What if James had been about to kill Bella but he had recieved a warning that Edward was coming. So he had escaped with Bella? Bella thinks Edward is dead and still hasn't moved on. Edward thinks Bella is dead. What if they met again when Bella had changed? i have got severe writers block. i have no idea how to end this. i hate to ever give up on a story but if i don't get an idea by monday, i'm deleting it. i need help, please. help me.

I have severe writters block. i have no idea how to end this. i hate to ever give up on a story but if i don't get an idea by monday, i'm deleting it. i need help, please. help me.

3. My Bella!

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My eyes widened. He was seated not three meters away. He hadn’t seen me, yet.

“Vikki. We have to leave?”

“Why?” then she spotted him. He was looking the other way. I saw Alice dance over to him.

“Come on Edward. Take a night off and have fun with us!” she said. She didn’t know what he had tried to do?

“I can’t. My dancing partner is dead”

“C’mon Bella. Let’s go” his head jerked up and saw me just as Vikki pulled me away. Our eyes locked. Then people were put between me and the killer I thought had died a hundred years ago. We ran back to where we had pitched a camp. James and Laurent were inside.

“Did you get something to eat?” James asked. Then he saw our expressions.

“What is it sweetie?” he asked Vikki.

“Edward Cullen is alive!” I yelled.

“What?” James asked. Laurent came over to me. He looked me in the eyes. I looked away.

“You lied to me! All of you!” I shrieked.

“No. We thought that if you knew he was alive you’d go looking for him. We convinced him that you were dead so he wouldn’t hunt you down,” said Laurent. I still wouldn’t look at him.

“Bella, would I hurt you?” he asked. I shook my head. He had fallen in love with me but I hadn’t been able to return it. I had been too caught up.

“I have to leave. He might come looking for me”

“Yes, but we should all leave” said Vikki

“no, if he finds out where one of us is, he’ll find all of us” disagreed Laurent “I’ll take Bella north, you to go south and then we’ll meet up later” I didn’t want to go. I liked it here, it felt like home. Near Charlie’s grave and his house. He had died two months after I was changed. Heart attack, brought on by the shock that his only child had died. That was when the police had given up the search after finding my dead body. Laurent had dug me up from the grave Renee and Charlie had buried me in.

“C’mon Bella. Get your rucksack” we lived out of rucksacks. That meant, we never had to pack.

“Ready!” Laurent poked his head out of the door and signaled that it was all clear. We ran.

Edward’s point of View

Bella was alive! I couldn’t believe it. Alice had seen my distraction and had looked up, just in time to see Bella glaring at me. My Bella! I got up and ran after her. Luckily, nobody noticed. Alice was behind me. We followed Bella’s scent to a small tent. I ripped it open.

“Where is she?!” I yelled. James and Victoria. I never thought I would see them again.



“She died in the ballet studio a hundred years ago!”

“I saw her a moment ago!”

“She’s gone off with her boyfriend,” said Victoria. That stopped me from ripping them apart.


“You really think she would just sit around, waiting for you to find her? She moved on. She’s with Laurent now,” I snarled.

“I’m going after her! She belongs with me!” I ran, following a recent scent trail. I pulled out my cell.

“Carlisle? Get the others and meet me”


“Bella’s alive. She’s with Laurent”

“What can we do?”

“We’re kidnapping her” I said and hung up.