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Bloodstained Love

What if James had been about to kill Bella but he had recieved a warning that Edward was coming. So he had escaped with Bella? Bella thinks Edward is dead and still hasn't moved on. Edward thinks Bella is dead. What if they met again when Bella had changed? i have got severe writers block. i have no idea how to end this. i hate to ever give up on a story but if i don't get an idea by monday, i'm deleting it. i need help, please. help me.

I have severe writters block. i have no idea how to end this. i hate to ever give up on a story but if i don't get an idea by monday, i'm deleting it. i need help, please. help me.

4. Kidnap

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 501   Review this Chapter

Laurent and I had gone about a mile when we came across a herd of deer. He hadn’t fed in a while and I was still thirsty. My mind had reminded me that it hadn’t actually been the man. He was long dead. It was probably some other scumbag who looked like him. We attacked the deer. Normally we stuck with humans but occasionally animals were all that was around. We were in the middle of feeding when I had a sudden sensation of being watched. I looked up. Nobody around. Laurent had finished with his deer and he too, was scanning the area.

“Stay here” he said before disappearing. Then he backed into the clearing slowly, hands raised. The Cullen’s appeared around the clearing. I snarled at the person directly opposite me. Edward.

“Bella” he said, relief saturating his voice. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe him. He was a skilled liar.

Edward’s point of view

“Bella” I said. I was relieved. She was alive. It wasn’t a figment of my imagination. She snarled at me again. What? Why?

“Bella. It’s me. Are you alright?” she growled. Then I noticed. Her eyes weren’t the gold I’d been expecting. They were brown, from contacts. Why would she need contacts? Unless…

“No! Please tell me you haven’t”

“It’s none of your business. You planned to kill me!” what was she talking about? She had crouched slightly and was swapping between glares at me and glances at Laurent. I was looking forward to ripping him to shreds. He closed his eyes and seemed to focus. I started to move forward but something blocked me. Like a shield.

“Edward. You can’t mess with my mind like you used to. I’ve grown up. I had to” I didn’t understand. Laurent was doing this. He was stopping me from getting to her, killing him.

“Bella. What are you talking about? I love you. I always have and I thought you were dead” she was staring. Then Alice leapt on her. Emmett and Jasper wrestled Laurent to the ground and instantly I was free. Rosalie joined Alice, pinning Bella down. I managed to break through the barrier. I leapt at Laurent. I just wanted to destroy him! Get him away from the woman I loved. But I didn’t. I stood up.

“Go away. Never return,” I would have thought my aggression would have consumed me. But he had cared for Bella, technically. And I could never destroy something that loved her. Maybe if he came back I would. He ran. Coward. I turned back to Bella who was struggling against Alice and Rosalie’s grip.

“Let’s get her out of here” they pulled her to her feet.

“It’s okay Bella. We’ll look after you,” I said, soothingly. She struggled, snarling and growling. She was like a feral kitten.

“What’s wrong with her Carlisle?” I asked, worried.

“Have they done something to her?”

“It’s simple Edward. She’s angry,” said Jasper. What? Why would Bella be angry?

“Edward. Leave me alone!” she snarled.

“No. you’re my only love and I won’t rest until you see that”