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Bloodstained Love

What if James had been about to kill Bella but he had recieved a warning that Edward was coming. So he had escaped with Bella? Bella thinks Edward is dead and still hasn't moved on. Edward thinks Bella is dead. What if they met again when Bella had changed? i have got severe writers block. i have no idea how to end this. i hate to ever give up on a story but if i don't get an idea by monday, i'm deleting it. i need help, please. help me.

I have severe writters block. i have no idea how to end this. i hate to ever give up on a story but if i don't get an idea by monday, i'm deleting it. i need help, please. help me.

5. Edwards vow

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We took Bella back to our new house. She was still snarling like a feral cat.

“Bella calm down” I said but she just thrashed harder.

“Jasper” I said.

“No Edward, you’re the cause of her distress. You brought this on yourself, you deal with it!” he protested.

“Jasper, please. Just do it” I ordered. He scowled but I felt calm flood through the room.

“What happened to her? Why is she like this?” I asked.

“You happened,” she snarled. What was she talking about? She snarled again.

“I didn’t do anything. I thought you were dead!”

“Yes, because that’s what you wanted. You ordered me to be dead” she spat the words. What?

“I never ordered you to be killed. Why would I? I love you,” I told her. She looked at me with disbelief in her eyes.

“You ordered James, Victoria and Laurent to kill me. Then they changed their minds and turned me. They told you I was dead so you wouldn’t come after me and kill me yourself”

“Bella. This isn’t you! I never did that! I loved you and I never stopped loving you even when I thought you were dead! You have to believe me! I never stopped thinking about you!” I took her up to my room. When I let her go, she automatically tried to leap out the window. I picked her up and put her on my sofa. Alice and Jasper came in too.

“I’ll guard the door and Emmett can do the window. Rosalie’s going hunting so she won’t mind” Jasper said. Bella snarled again.

“What are we going to do Alice? She won’t believe anything I say and she’ll keep trying to run away”

“Maybe you should just let her go again,” said Emmett.

“No. I won’t lose her again”

“Ow” muttered Jasper “She’s in immense emotional pain. Anger, hate, sorrow. She truly believe you tried to kill her”

“I missed my little sister!” said Emmett running towards her.

“NO!” I yelled at the same time as Alice. He hugged Bella tightly and she yelled in fury. Emmett’s arm hit the wall as she shoved him off. Her eyes were bright with rage. Then she blinked. The anger went. She looked concerned now.

“Emmett! I’m so sorry! I just snapped! I don’t like to be touched…not since…” her voice trailed off.

“It’s okay sis. Hell, if I’d been through what you had I would have killed everyone in sight”


“So, you trust us?” I asked.

“Not you. Just them” Bella said. Carlisle came in.

“Hello Bella. How are you?” Bella glanced up then went back to staring into space.

“Why are you wearing contacts?” he asked, curiously. Bella didn’t say anything.

“She hunts humans,” I said. Carlisle’s eyes widened in shock. His mouth fell slightly open. He was as stunned as I had been.

“Is that true Bella?” he said in a disapproving fatherly voice. She nodded. She didn’t seem ashamed or anything.

“I did what I need to, to survive”

“Edward, can you step out for a moment?” I nodded and followed him.

“Are you serious about looking after her? She’s accustomed to a certain way of life. What if you can’t break her out of it?”

“I don’t care. I love her and I’ll do whatever it takes for her to realize that. If she won’t stop it, then I’ll work something else out” I vowed.

“Okay, Edward. I understand your loss and she’s your responsibility. I’ve missed my daughter,” Carlisle said. Esme would be thrilled too. I nodded and headed back into the room. I knew Bella had probably heard every single word but at least she knew I meant what I said. Or I hoped she did.