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Bloodstained Love

What if James had been about to kill Bella but he had recieved a warning that Edward was coming. So he had escaped with Bella? Bella thinks Edward is dead and still hasn't moved on. Edward thinks Bella is dead. What if they met again when Bella had changed? i have got severe writers block. i have no idea how to end this. i hate to ever give up on a story but if i don't get an idea by monday, i'm deleting it. i need help, please. help me.

I have severe writters block. i have no idea how to end this. i hate to ever give up on a story but if i don't get an idea by monday, i'm deleting it. i need help, please. help me.

9. Chapter 9

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We finished hunting and Edward dragged me back to the Cullen's house. It might have been home once but no more. He left me in his room unattended, which surprised me. I edged towards the window.
"NO BELLA!" shouted a voice from downstairs .I paid no attention to him and carried on. He was suddenly in front of me.
"No. Bella. You. Are. Not. Leaving" he carried me to the sofa and dropped me. He waited impatiently, tapping his foot. I growled and lay on the sofa. He nodded approvingly and left the room again. Was he just intending to keep me locked up like a dog in a cage? I paced the room, snarling and kicking everything.
"Bella" whispered a voice. I twisted and looked at the window. It was open and the curtains were blowing in. Laurent's head was just visible in the window.
"Laurent" I whispered. I ran to the window and crouched down so I was level with him.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, trying to keep my voice low.
"What do you think? I'm rescuing you!"
"I thought you were smart! I love you, you idiot! Come on" I grinned and clambered out of the window.
"BELLA I SAID NO!" I scowled and jumped. I landed on the ground with Laurent beside me. He took my hand and we ran deep into the woods. I had to stop after a while and just sit and laugh.
"I can honestly say...what did you ever see in him?" Laurent asked.
"I don't know anymore. He was so kind...but since he kidnapped me he's being kind of possessive"
"Bella...it's because he wants you to stay with him"
"I know that" I muttered.
"Bella...tell me something. Do you believe that he loves you?"
"Now...tell me something else. Do you love him?"
"No. Tell me now. Do you love him?"
"I don't know"
"No diversions Bella. What do you feel in your heart? Do you love him? The truth"
"Yes" I whispered so quietly it was barely audible.
"You know what to do," he said.

Edward's point of view

I rushed upstairs, but I was too late. Bella wasn't there and I couldn't see her through my window or even smell her, except for the lingering scent in my room.
"Edward? Are you going to go after her?" Alice asked, appearing beside me.
"No...this is what she wants. To be free, away from me" I turned away from the window, shutting it and closing the curtain. I sat on the sofa and hung my head. I wouldn't chase her. Deep down, while I wanted her beside me, I really just wanted to be happy. And I couldn't do that. I wouldn't even kill the others because they had cared for her.
"Alice. Please go away," I said to my tiny sister, closing my eyes. I just sat there for ages, remembering Bella. I realized that there was still another presence in the room besides my own.
"Alice. Go!" I shouted. The person didn't move. My eyes snapped open and I yelled "Alice get the hell out of my..." I stopped short. Bella was standing in front of me, smiling.
"Bella." It was all I could say.
"I know...you want to be free. I understand properly now. I won't keep you caged like a song bird but I will never stop loving you" I turned away from her; ashamed by the way, I'd treated this beautiful girl.
"Edward. You tormented me for years, and kept me prisoner in you room"
"I'm sorry"
"Let me finish...but I realized something...I love you" I spun around, thinking I must have heard her wrong.
"I love you, Edward," she said. I darted to her and hugged her in a bone-breaking hug.
"Oh Bella! I've missed you so much!"