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Jacob, Edward, Charlie and the word vampire

What if Jacob told Charlie about vampires, not Bella's motorcycle. Contains spoilers to new moon Sequel now up


2. Chapter 2

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We both turned, as Charlie’s head hit the floor with a sickening crack. Oh great! As if this could get any worse!I ran to my father, but Edward beet me there of course. I grabbed the cushion off the couch and handed it to Edward. He placed it under Charlie’s head.

“Uh oh” I groaned. Edward held my hand. I gripped his firmly.

“I’m going to call Alice and Carlisle,” Edward told me. He grabbed his phone from his jacket pocket. “Carlisle, can you and Alice come over here please” he paused while Carlisle asked Edward something “Jacob phased in front of Charlie, he is currently unconscious, yes I have checked for concussion, that’s why we need Alice, thank you Carlisle” Edward put his phone back in his pocket.

“Edward the volturi” I told him “What if they find out?”

“Don’t worry just yet; Alice is going to see if she can find out when they’ll next check on us”

“Ok” I put my head on his shoulder. “I love you”

“Me too” He wrapped his arms around me. Five minutes later, Carlisle and Alice came running into the living room. I sighed in relief as they sat beside us. Carlisle checked Charlie’s pulse, while Alice’s face became completely blank.

“Charlie will wake up in about two minutes.” She informed us confidently. I had to concentrate on my breathing for a few seconds. What were we going to say? Edward rubbed my arm soothingly, sensing my distress. Charlie groaned and sat up. Oh no!!!

“You. Are. In. Deep. TROUBLE!!!” Charlie shouted, enunciating each word. I cringed into Edward. “WHY didn’t you tell me? Why do I find out when Jacob turns into a… a DOG in my living room! Did I mention you are so grounded!!!?” I swallowed loudly. I looked at Alice for help. She gave me a look that seemed to say ‘well what am I supposed to do?’ I guessed I would just have to deal with it.

“I’m sorry Dad, it’s just well, this stuff can be dangerous. I was going to tell you but…”

“But what Bella?” he asked softly, “and if it’s dangerous all the more reason to tell me!”

“Dad, you’d never have believed me” I told him quietly.

“Well, you could’ve got Jake in here to prove it to me.” He said stubbornly. I sighed; I was never going to win this one.

“Sorry” I said again. “I know I wasn’t honest with you, and I see I should have told you much sooner.”

“You have a lot of explaining to do young lady” he threatened “all of you” he added after a slight pause, looking around the room.

“Ok” I agreed easily, “though perhaps we ought to wait for Jacob” I added, looking sideways at Edward “I’m sure he wouldn’t want to miss this!” Alice grinned at me, as did Edward, Carlisle chuckled into his hand. Charlie glared at me.

Jacob chose this moment to stroll in through the door, very noisily. I looked up to glare at him, realizing Alice and Edward were also glaring. When I turned back to Charlie, he was shuddering at an unpleasant memory.

“Start from the beginning, leave nothing out!”