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Jacob, Edward, Charlie and the word vampire

What if Jacob told Charlie about vampires, not Bella's motorcycle. Contains spoilers to new moon Sequel now up


3. Chapter 3

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This was very bad. I did not want to put my father in danger, but, by the looks of things he already was. I glanced at Edward, uncertainty in my eyes. He nodded. Damn!!! “Ok Dad, which beginning do you want? My story or werewolf myths?”

“How you came to be in love with a bloodsucking vampire!!!” Charlie shouted. Edward flinched slightly. I nodded, trying to act as though I hadn’t noticed he was yelling at me.

“It started when…”

“Edward saved her from Tyler’s van” Alice interrupted quickly, her voice so sincere I almost believed her, even though I knew it started a weeks before that.

“I knew he couldn’t have reached me in time or stopped the van if he was human…”

“So she started asking questions” this time it was Edward who interrupted me. I felt a wave of annoyance.

“Are you two going to keep interrupting me?” I asked, irritated.

“Yes” they replied, grinning.

“Well, then you can tell the story, while I sit and listen” I said while I went and sat on the sofa. Charlie followed me noisily. I could tell he was angry with me for not telling him anything for so long.

“Anyway, with Bella asking questions…” started Edward before Alice interrupted

“He started ignoring her for her own good”

“Because vampires are dangerous…”

“Some more than most”

“You two are getting on my nerves” said Jacob loudly, interrupting their even flow of explanation. Alice and Edward grinned at each other before continuing.

“Eventually Edward got tired of ignoring Bella…”said Alice.

“Who had been doing research down on La Push” put in Edward.

“So they began to become friends” continued Alice. “When Bella went down to Port Angeles Edward followed to make sure she didn’t get hurt…”

“Which she nearly did” muttered Edward.

“WHAT!!!” yelled Charlie, jumping up “What happened?” he asked, still yelling.

“I ran into a gang of murderers while looking for a book shop” I said hesitantly.

“What?” Charlie asked. “How…”

“Edward rescued her in time, she was lucky she had a vampire stalker that day” said Alice with a smile.

“Anyway, Bella had figured everything out by then, so we had a lot to talk about on the way home” said Edward, acting as though nothing happened.

“That’s when they fell in looove” snickered Jacob.

“Anyway, a few months later, we took her to play baseball…” Continued Alice

“Before we caught up with a sadistic vampire coven” said Edward, trying to hide his snarl, but failing miserably.

“One of them started a hunt”

“So we had to leave immediately”

“Bella, Jasper and me went to Phoenix”

“While the rest of us hunted the hunters”

“Unfortunately, the hunter got past me and Jasper…”

“Resulting in him trying to torture Bella to death…”

“Luckily we arrived before he could”

“And took care of him”

“But Bella was badly hurt”

“Ok I know the rest” Charlie said, cutting them off. “So this has been going on for more than a year?” he asked, glaring around the room.

“Yeah, but Dad…” I tried, but he put up his hand to stop me.

“I want to know what’s dangerous about me knowing” he told us, looking around the room.

“The volturi”we said together.