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Jacob, Edward, Charlie and the word vampire

What if Jacob told Charlie about vampires, not Bella's motorcycle. Contains spoilers to new moon Sequel now up


4. Chapter 4

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“Who are the volturi, and how are they dangerous?” asked Charlie.

“Well…err…um” Edward said, looking pointedly at Alice.

“They are…um… well they’re just…err…” They both looked at Jacob.

“Well don’t look at me, I don’t know” He told them. Everyone looked at Carlisle.

“They are a very old, very powerful family who…well um” He looked to me for help.

“They kill or change anyone who finds out about vampires Dad.” I whispered. He looked at me wide eyed. He opened his mouth, as if to say something, but then he closed it. I saw Edward and Alice exchanging a glance. Edward looked slightly relieved. I hoped that meant we weren’t in any immediate danger.

“W…what do you mean ‘change’” asked Charlie shakily. I jumped slightly as his words drew me out of my reverie. I saw Jacob looking at me as well, hoping I didn’t mean what I did.

“I mean, they’d change you into a…a…”

“A vampire” Edward finished for me.

“Can…can you leave us alone for a few minutes?” Charlie asked Carlisle. He nodded, as he and everyone but Edward and I filed out of the room. Edward glanced at Charlie.

“Call if you need me” he whispered in my ear, before following everyone else out.

“Bella” uh oh!!!! “Why did Edward leave?”

“Well…uh…he decided me having vampires around was really dangerous when I turned 18, so he made a silly choice to try to keep me safe.” I had to stop myself before I let slip I was a danger magnet. Unfortunately, it seems I got my observation skills from my father’s side.

“What do you mean try to keep you safe?”

“Err… Edward says I’m a danger magnet. That anything dangerous within a 10 mile radius will inadvertently find me.” I smiled slightly at the memory. “Jacob agrees, but he doesn’t mention it as much.”

“Bella, what happened in L.A?”

“Uh, well it wasn’t exactly in L.A, it was in Italy. Err; you know the cliff diving thing?” I took his scowl for a yes. “Well, Alice saw me jump, but she didn’t see me come out, so she told everyone she was coming back to Forks to help you, but Rosalie told Edward who went to the volturi…”

“Slow down” Charlie interrupted. “How did Alice see you jump when she wasn’t in Forks?”

Oh dammit!!“Well, she can kind of see the future, but it’s not set in stone. Things change, thank god for that!! If everything Alice saw came true, I’d be dead.”

“Hang on, she sees the future. Is there anything else I need to know about supernatural abilities?” He shouted.

“Well…maybe some other time. It’s not necessary to this story. Well, um… when Rosalie told Edward about my cliff diving, he…uh, went to Italy to…to” I couldn’t continue. I felt Charlie put an arm around me.

“Hey now, all in the past, he’s hanging around outside. He’s fine. Nothing awful happened. It’s not like he tried to commit suicide because he thought you were dead!!!”

“Uh, Dad, that’s exactly what he did” I informed him sternly. He looked embarrassed, then shocked. I smiled timidly. “Know the feeling” I muttered.