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Jacob, Edward, Charlie and the word vampire

What if Jacob told Charlie about vampires, not Bella's motorcycle. Contains spoilers to new moon Sequel now up


5. Chapter 5

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“Why,” asked Charlie quietly? “Why kill himself, I mean, he left! Surely he knew…”

“Dad, I’ve been asking him that ever since he came home, and he still hasn’t given me a strait answer. Anyway, vampire rule number one, do not reveal yourselves to humans. That’s how he planned to kill himself, by stepping into the sun. I and Alice were so nearly too late, a few more seconds and neither he nor I would’ve survived. We still had to talk our way out of trouble though” I laughed darkly.

“Bella, what are you keeping from me?” he asked, glaring at me.

“To get out of Italy alive, we had to promise for me to become…a…v-vampire” I whispered.

“Right, guess I knew that.” He closed his eyes, I wished I was like Edward and could hear what he was thinking.

“Uh, Dad” he looked at me and nodded to show he was listening. “Am I still grounded?”

“Um, I’ll think about it and get back to you” we both laughed softly. “is there anything else I might want to know?”

“Err, yes, Edward can read your mind and Jasper can meddle with your emotions, to calm down a room of excited people, or excite a room of bored people…Dad, are you okay?”he was staring at me wide eyed.

“Yes, err, just embarrassed, not everything I think is exactly… nice”

“It’s nice having you in the know Dad”

“Thanks kid, it’s nice to finally understand what’s going on!”


Everything was sorted. Dad was as comfortable as anybody could be that his daughter hung out with vampires and werewolves. Alice was positive the volturi wouldn’t come after Charlie so long as I was changed within the next year. Maybe life would calm down somewhat. Jacob was forgiven, ish. He was lucky the volturi wouldn’t hurt Charlie. That just left Emmett. He found Charlie hilarious, and took every opportunity to torture him, and me, about everything from grace to vampirism. He was driving both of us around the bend. Edward was suffering from Charlie’s thoughts a lot. Jasper’s presence was needed almost all the time. We had all agreed to keep Renee safely in the dark, along with Phil and everyone else. We had also explained about Victoria. He wasn’t happy about that, not that we expected him to be.

The pack and the Cullens were closer than ever, they had even given them permission to change me! I still wanted Edward to do it, but he was sticking to his wedding condition like glue, sometimes it was hard to believe he couldn’t read my mind, when he found the one condition that I would have trouble accepting. Maybe it would be different if I hadn’t been raised to shudder at the thought of marriage, or if marriage had worked out better for Charlie and Renee.

Charlie still had no idea about the motorcycle, and I had no immediate plans to enlighten him. No matter what Edward and Emmett might say, I wasn’t suicidal. I hoped me and Edward could stay together more easily now that Charlie knew everything. I hoped we could live in peace forever, but this is me we’re talking about!