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In a World Without You

-Takes place in New Moon from after Edward calls Bella's house, only to have Jacob tell him (or he interprets it that way) that Bella is dead and on.- Edward's Point of View. "It's strange how it takes a lifetime (and even longer in my case) of endless effort, and painful sacrifice to construct even the slightest shred of happiness. Strange how, in a split second, four words can destroy everything you've ever worked for and held dear in this world. A half a second is all it takes. "He's at the funeral." In that second...my world collapsed." Feedback would be appreciated ^_^


3. Part III - Destruction Denial

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In a World Without You (continued) Part III: Destruction Denial ****** "I don't care If we lose it all tonight Up in flames Burning bright" ***** -Blood to Bleed By: Rise Against --------------------------------------------------- I opened my eyes, being drawn away from the pleasent memories I was reliving by the soft sound of footsteps on the stone floor. Looking up, I saw Jane striding across the lobby to reach me. I rose to my feet and bowed my head in greeting. "Jane," I acknowleged. She nodded back--her only greeting. "My masters have reached their decision," she informed me. I coud not even force my expression to change. There was nothing inside me to react. I was hollow. "Follow me," she said. She turned on her heel, her grey cloak flaring out behind her as she walked. Silently, I followed her. My mind was full of images, words, sounds. Bella--all Bella. As we entered through the stone antichamber into the circular stone hall--the huge room that, the last time I had been here, had sent shivers down my spine. No light filtered down from the huge rectangular windows two stories up, telling me it was still night--possibly just before dawn. I couldn't tell, since time had ceased to mean anything since I'd recieved that phone call. "Welcome back, Edward." It was Caius who greeted me this time. Hane took her place smugly beside Aro. "Caius, Marcus, Aro," I acknowleged the all, nodding my head to each. "Thank you for considering my request," I said dryly, my voice dead. Then I noticed. Behind the three, the rest of the guard was congregated, black hoods up, covering their features. Relief flooded through me. If they had been summoned the entire guard, they had surely decided to grant my request. As much bliss as was possible in the torture of Bella's empty absence crashed over me. I would not have to live without her too much longer, I assured myself. "Yes, Edward, about your request..." something in Aro's tone froze the relief rushing through my long dry vains. "We have decided that we are unable to aid you in your indevor." Horror. No...there was no way out! "But--" I started to protest, but Aro cut me off. "It goes against what we work for. And Carlisle is--" "Don't go bringing Carlisle into this," I snarled, anger rising in me. Anger and hatred. Anger and pain. "Edward," Caius cautioned, "don't make us do something we will both regret." "The only thing I regret," I hissed through clenched teeth, the anger momentarily clouding my vision, "is dragging Bella into all of this. Everything else can go to Hell, and take me with it!" My stiff legs moved of their own accord, pulling me fast towards the door. "Edward, stop!" Aro called. I could hear his worried, panicked thoughts: A vampire such as him in that mind set is a threat to our city! "Edward, wait!" I didn't respond. No one stopped me as I kept walking--too mad, too hurt, too empty for form words in my head. I'd already exited through the stone room and the lobby, and was now in the tunnels underneath the city. I slamemd my hand into a wall as I passed, causing the ancient brick to shudder and crumble beneath my fist. All I wanted was a way out. And now that there was nothing left in this world that took priority over my own life, I could be as selfish as I wanted. I could get my way if it was the last thing I did. Literally. I made my way up to the surface level through the maze of tunnels and up through a grate in the street, emerging into a secluded alleyway. Tilting my head, I surveyed the sky. A hue of pink and orange carressed the dawn sky over Volterra. I wondered, vaguely--ignoring the flare of pain--what Bella would have thought if she'd seen this sky. Movement in the main square far off caught my eye. A few people were hanging a gigantic banner over a shop window facing out into the square. "ST. MARCUS DAY!" it read in Italian, "Volterra, Italy!" A single half hearted laugh--sounding more like a coughing choke--escaped my throat. The sound hurt deep in my hollow chest. St. Marcus Day. How ironic. The celebration of the day the city had become safe from vampire attacks. If they would not grant my request, I decided, I would force their hand. I would join Bella soon. I stared up into the sky again, and--judging by the colors painting the sky--determining it to be around six-thirty in the morning. What could I do to force them to end me? I stared at the sky for a moment, lost in thought, determined to make this the last sunrise I would ever see. The pinks in the sky began to brighten as I pondered my destruction. End of Part III ------------------------------- Wow, that took me a while to get around to finishing. And it's really short too T_T I don't know, tell me what you think. I know I'll write at LEAST one more part, but probably two, but then I'll probably need you guy's opinions. So feel free to review, thanks for reading, and please tune in when I get around to writing the next chapter! ^_^