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In his head

We all know that Edward has a gift of being able to read anyone's mind except Bella's. What if Bella, still a human coming to Forks, had the same ability? Switches from BPOV to EPOV

ok its my first story so any criticism, good or bad, will be appreciated.

3. Hospital

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I woke up dazed and confused. I looked around me and found myself surrounded by white walls and the smell of disinfectant hanging in the air. Landing myself more times than I could count, I knew I was in the hospital.

I heard the thoughts of two men approaching. I could tell one was a doctor and couldn't figure out who the second was, but I heard it concerned.

The "voice" didn't sound familiar at all. I heard the doctor's thoughts telling the unknown man that Charlie was on his way.

I was confused as to why this would matter when I heard the man thank the doctor and the sound of the door knob turning. I quickly closed my eyes.

I didn't hear any footsteps enter but incoherent thoughts filled my head. Out of many I picked out one. God, she's beautiful.

Compelled to see who was thinking this I opened my eyes and found myself to be staring into the same hazel eyes I had been staring into when I fainted.

Edward Cullen.

He froze in place like a thief getting caught.

More thoughts rushed past my head and I could only catch the end of some.

...didn't think this through.

....think I'm a stalker.

...start simple.

"Hello Bella. I'm Edward Cullen".

I was at a loss for words. Not only was his face dazzling but his voice was velvety soft and my articulacy left along with my breath. At this point, I couldn't even begin to try to understand any of his thoughts, let alone my body's reactions to him.

He mistook my speechlessness for me being scared.

"I'm really sorry, I think I should just go..."

He started to turn when I suddenly rushed out with words.

"Please don't."

I couldn't believe that just came out of my mouth. I felt the blush rush to my cheeks as I saw Edward smile in a perfectly radiating way.

" Uhmmm I mean, do you know how I ended up here?"

I quickly added, to make myself look less crazy then I was right now.

He turned back and took a seat in a chair in the corner of the room and started explaining.

"Well to make it short, you blacked out and hit your head and I offered to take you to the hospital so that my father, Dr. Cullen, could see if you were going to be alright."

His thoughts were suddenly rushing very past through so many things that I started getting a headache. I concentrated on turning my "extra sense" off.

I looked away from him to get my thoughts in order and so I could speak without anything I didn't want coming out.

"Uhmm, it really wasn't necessary but thank you for bringing me here Edward."

I savored saying his name. I looked back to see his face and paused. His eyes held an expression I couldn't place and his flawless face sent my heart into overload.

Suddenly the traitorous monitor went crazy and betrayed me, so now this perfect angel could now see and hear how he affected me.

Hearing the monitor he quickly rushed to my side.

"Bella are you alright?

His sudden proximity made my breath hitch and he swiftly backed away.

I let my beating heart return to normal, took a deep breath and nodded, speech not finding its way back to me.

I saw the same look from the time in the cafeteria come across his face and as reading my mind he asked," I don't mean to pry but do you know why you blacked out?"

I hadn't had much time to think about it with waking up to see Edward and all, but now the he had asked I couldn't figure it out.

"Not really"

It was baffling. One second I was trying to reach his mind, then the next I felt myself falling to the floor.

It couldn't be his mind since I had clearly been able to read it just now, yet maybe it was somehow connected.

I carefully let go of my struggle and let his thoughts enter my head.

Like before, they were racing full speed ahead. Although this time, it wasn't giving me a headache.

Also like last time, I could only catch some pieces.



...Am I doing here...?

...She needs me...

...Her thoughts...

I paused at the last two. Was I the subject of his thoughts or was Alice? I was busy thinking when I heard the doctor's, presumably Edward's father, thoughts, or just like Edward, snippets.


...get out...

...coming soon...

Before I could make any sense of the doctor's thoughts, Edward stood up.

"I have to leave now. I hope you'll be alright. Goodbye Bella".

And before I could say anything in return, he was gone.

Seconds later the doctor came in trailed by Charlie.

"Hello Bella. My name is Dr. Cullen. Are you feeling well?"

I was momentarily stunned. Not that anyone could compare to Edward's beauty but Dr. Cullen came close. They were different yet alike in their attractiveness.

"Uhm yeah, I am." I managed to splutter after a few seconds.

"That's good. Do you know why you blacked out?"

"Not really but it doesn't matter. I'm fine. I'm sure it happens all the time. Can I leave now?"

"Sure, let me just talk to your father and you both can go home."

They both exited the room and left me to pick up my things.

The car ride home was silent as usual and Charlie left me to my own thoughts.

Who was this utterly fascinating person named Edward? And why couldn't I hear his thoughts as well as others? Why couldn't I hear Dr. Cullen's thoughts either?

I trudged upstairs once we arrived home and uttered my goodnight to Charlie.

I took my nightly shower and fell asleep, my dreams full of dreamy, god-like Edward.