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Edward's Birthday Suprise

It's Edward's 107th Birthday and Bella has a very special suprise planned for him. How will he handle it.

This was my first story. I wasn't happy with the way it turnd out, so I took it down. I decided to add some more to it and edited somethings. Now that I'm comfortable with the way it's turning out, I feel better about posting it. Enjoy = ) BPOV

12. A Perfect Night (EPOV)

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I hurried back to her house at an even faster pace then usual. I couldn’t stand being away from her, not after what I had just realized. Once I made it through her window, she got up from her bed to greet me as I shut the window.

“I missed you.” she said as I turned back around and wrapped my arms around her. She had just gotten out of the shower and she smelled wonderful.

“I was only gone for half and hour,” I replied, “I missed you too.” I added with a smile as she nestled her head under my neck.

“I’m so sorry about our stupid fight, I ruined your birthday.”

I placed my hands gently on each side of her face.

“I was with you all day, I couldn’t have had a more perfect birthday.” I said.

I then kissed her in the most loving way I could think of. I tangled my hand in her long brunette hair as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I picked her up, never breaking our kiss, and placed her gently on to her bed. I then kicked off my shoes and joined her. She quickly snuggled up to me and I put my arms around her, taking in her scent.

“I love you.” she said looking at me. Every time she said those words I felt more and more human.

“As I love you.” I answered with a slight peck.

I wanted to kiss her with a little more passion, but I wanted to take this a little slow, just to be sure we were both ready for such a big decision. If we did this tonight, it was something we could never take back.

“What are you thinking?” she asked, I couldn’t help but to laugh.

“My how the tables have turned.” I said.


“Usually it’s me asking you that question.” I replied.


“I was thinking about what you said in the car, about how the meadow would have been the perfect place for us to have made love.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah, you were wrong.” I teased.

“What!” she sounded shocked that I disagreed with her about it.

“Well, as long as it’s me and you, its perfect no matter what, so really, it doesn’t matter where we make love for the first time.” I explained, hoping she’d agree.

“Well, when you look at it that way, I guess your right.” she replied, kissing me softly.

I returned her action with more passion then I ever had before as I placed my hands on each side of her neck. I gently rolled us over so that I was hovering over her, letting my hand slide down to her waist, as I begin to kiss her neck. I eventually worked my way to her lips, as she moaned into my mouth. That’s all it took to get me aroused, yet again, and tonight she would finally know the effect she has on me. I relished in the thought of how perfect this night was turning out to be.

“Are you ready?” I whispered into her ear as I gently nibbled on it. I waited for her to answer for what seemed like forever, even to me.

“Yes,” she finally answer in a whisper so low I barely heard it.

I smiled and kissed her again, this time with even more passion then before. She wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled me towards her aggressively.

“Easy,“ I reminded her with a smile as removed her shirt.

I then rolled on to my back, pulling her on top of me. She startled herself over my lap as I sat up to continue kissing her. She then began to clumsily unbutton my shirt, all the while never removing our lips from one another’s. I was tempted to help her with my shirt, but I knew she’d have more fun doing it herself. I was also a little turned on by watching how anxious she was. Once she finally had the buttons undone I completely removed my shirt from my body.

I laid back down and slid my hands from her waist all the way up to her exquisite breast and begin to fondle them. She slid her hands all the way down my chest to the button on my jeans, this time I had no intentions of stopping her. This was gone to happen tonight, and it was gone to be perfect in everyway. She finally removed my pants, leaving me in nothing except my boxer briefs. She went to remove them, but then she noticed the bulged in them from the erection I had, that she had caused. She finally knew the effect she had on me, and I that I did want her the way she wanted me.

All of a sudden she stopped, I was pretty sure it was because I had always stopped us before. She probably thought it was too good to be true that I was finally gone to allow us to go through with this. There was no way I was gone to stop us this time, especially not in my uh….condition. I reached up and placed my hand to her warm cheek.

“It’s ok,” I assured her, “I want this too.”

We smiled at each other as she finished removing my underwear. Once she removed them and actually saw my penis, she looked a little shocked. I didn’t really have a whole lot to compare myself with, so I only knew what I saw, but apparently I was rather large.

I sat up towards her again and kissed her, placing my hands on the small of her back with her bare breast pressed against my bare chest. I rolled her over on to her back and hovered over her once more. I begin to kiss her lips, and worked my way down to her neck, all theway to the spot between her breast, and made my way to her belly button, allowing my tongue to slip out a bit. I then removed her shorts and underwear as quickly, but gently, as I could. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I reached down and grabbed the comforter that was now, at the foot of the bed do our rolling around, and pulled it over us. I then positioned myself between her soft, smooth, milky white legs. I let my hand slide down to her calf and hitched her leg around my waist. I then placed the other hand on her hip as I leaned in to kiss her.

I suddenly realized once again that this was it, there was no going back. I had to be sure this was exactly what she wanted, although I pretty much already knew my answer.

“Are you sure?” I asked as she wrapped her hands around my neck.

“Yes,” she whispered as she nodded her head at me.

I smiled as I kissed her again, Our last kiss as virgins, I thought. I stored it away into my memory as I gently pushed into her a little bit, but I didn’t move.

“Are you ok?” I asked. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her, although I knew this part probably would hurt her a little, regardless.

“I’m fine.” she answer in a soft low voice.

I pushed a little further into her and moved just a little. As soon as I heard her let out a faint moan, that she had never used before I quickly pulled out of her, fearing she was hurt.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked on the verge of freaking out.

“Edward,” she said, “You have two medical degrees, you know as well as I do that this part is probably gone to hurt me a little bit at first, no matter what.”

I knew she was right, and that if I panicked at every reaction she had, this would be much more difficult than it needed to be.

“If it get’s to be to much, promise me you’ll tell me.” I said.

“I promise,” she answered pulling me towards her and pressing her lips to mines.

I pushed into her again, this time I didn’t move at all. I knew she would feel some discomfort and pain, so I waited for her to adjust to me being inside of her. I thoroughly enjoyed the warmness of her body next to mine, and the new sensation of being inside of her. Once she started to wiggle her hips a little, I took it as a sign that it was ok to continue.

I gently thrust into her, trying to keep her pain and discomfort to a minimum. We caught on to a rhythm and once she started meeting my thrust, I knew she was no longer in any pain. I begin to pick up the paste of our movements a little.

“Is this ok?” I asked making sure I wasn’t being too rough with her fragile little body.

“Mmm” was all she seemed to be able to manage, so I figured she must be enjoying it as much as I was.

I picked up the paste some more causing the bed to squeak a little and the head board to gently bump up against the wall behind us. We were now both letting out audiable moans, suddenly I felt something completely new to me. It was like a tidal wave rushing through my whole body. I realized what was about to happen

“I love you.” I whispered into her ear, picking up the paste one last time before I suddenly came wildly inside of her.

She let out one last loud moan as she reached her climax. I was glade Charlie was gone because she certainly would have woken him up just now. My thrust slowly came to a complete stop. We were still joined as I rested my forehead to hers and gently kissed her lips.

“Are you alright?” I asked out of breath. We were both full of sweat. I was completely exhausted, something I hadn't known since I was human.

She nodded her head yes as I kissed her again and rolled to her side.

“By the way,” she said snuggling her head under my chin as I wrapped her in my arms, “I love you too.”

I smiled and kissed the top of her head, taking in her smell as I pulled our naked bodies closer together. I begin to hum her lullaby as she drifted into a peaceful sleep. It was one of the rare nights where she slept through it, no nightmares, no talking, nothing.

It was such an incredible experience, and I couldn’t have imagined us sharing it with anyone but each other. She had finally given me all of herself. Mind, heart, soul, and body.

She had given me her mind because she had no secrets from me, just as I had no secrets from her, We were both always honest and told the other exactly what we were thinking.She had given me her heart by excepting my marriage proposal, and agreeing to become my wife. Had I had heart I would have given it to her, just as she had given me hers. Instead all I had to give her was every bit of love and affection I had with in me.She would be given me her soul once she was changed into a vampire. Although, Carlisle and the others believed we did have a soul, I did not. However, I was starting to come around to it. And now after a long wait we had both given each other ourselves in body, and I enjoyed every second of it, although I think I’ll enjoy it more once she’s changed and I don’t have to hold back from being rough with her.