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Edward's Birthday Suprise

It's Edward's 107th Birthday and Bella has a very special suprise planned for him. How will he handle it.

This was my first story. I wasn't happy with the way it turnd out, so I took it down. I decided to add some more to it and edited somethings. Now that I'm comfortable with the way it's turning out, I feel better about posting it. Enjoy = ) BPOV

6. A Perfect Night

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“I missed you.” I said as he turned back around and wrapped me in his arms.

“I was only gone for half an hour.” he replied, “I missed you too.” he added with a smile and I snuggled my head under his neck.

“I’m so sorry about our stupid fight, I ruined your birthday.” He softly placed both hands on each side of my face.

“I was with you all day, I couldn’t have had a more perfect birthday.” he said.

He then kissed me in that way that that stops my heart. He tangled his hands in my hair as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I never wanted him to stop kissing me. Just then he picked me up and placed me gently on to my bed. He climbed on to the bed to lay next to me as he kicked off his shoes with his feet. I heard his shoes hit the floor as I snuggled up to him and he put his arms around me.

“I love you.” I said simply , looking up at him.

“As I love you.” he replied and gave me a sweet kiss. But he looked like something was on his mind, something that he wasn’t saying.

“What are you thinking?” I asked.

“My how the tables have turned.” he said with a laugh.

“Hun ?”

“Usually it’s me asking you that question.” he pointed out.


“I was thinking about what you had said in the car. About how the meadow would have been the perfect place for us to have made love.” he said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, you were wrong.”

“What!” I was shocked, how could he disagree with me on that!!

“Well, as long as it's me and you, it’s perfect no matter what, so really, it doesn’t matter where we make love for the first time.”

“Well, when you look at it that way, I guess your right.” I agreed as I kissed his cold lips.

He returned the jester and placed his hands on the side of my neck. There was something different about this kiss, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Frankly I didn’t care, as long as he didn’t stop kissing me. He rolled me onto my back and hovered over me. He let his hand slide down to my waist as he begin to kiss my neck and worked his way to my lips. I let out a moan into his mouth. He made his way to my ear and begin to nibble it.

“Are you ready?” he whispered in to my ear and then looked into my eyes.

Was he serious? He must be, there’s no way he would joke about this. I looked back into his eye’s and knew he meant every word of what he had just said. He was ready and so was I, the moment was perfect in every way.

“Yes.” I finally answered. He smiled at me as he began to kiss me again, this was the most passionate kiss we had ever shared. I wrapped my fingers in his messy hair, pulling him to me with a an aggressive force. He rolled on to his back, pulling me on top of him.

“Easy.” he reminded me with a smile, as he pulled my top off.

I straddled his lap as he lent up towards me and continued with our kiss. I begin to undo the buttons on his shirt, for the second time today, never taking my lips away from his. Once all the buttons were undone he removed his shirt completely. He laid back down and begun to fondle my breast . I slid my hands down his chest, all the way to the waist of his jeans and started to unbutton his them. This time he allowed me to finish and I removed his pants. All that was left were his dark blue briefs, with gray elastic trim. I noticed there was a bulge, he was erect, and I had caused it. He really did want me the way I wanted him, that was solid proof. This night was too perfect, I begin to worry this was too good to be true and that he was going to stop me any second now. I stopped dead in my tracks. At that moment I would have sworn he was able to read my mind, because that’s when he reached up and placed his cold hard hand softly to my cheek.

“It’s ok, I want this too.” he said.

We smiled at each other and I continued to undress him and removed his briefs. I had never actually seen a man’s penis up close until now. Judging from what I knew from sex education class, he was very well endowed.

He leant up towards me again and kissed me. placing his arms on the small of my back as he rolled me on to my back and hovered over me again. He continued to kiss my lips, down to my neck, to the spot in between my breast, making his way to my belly button. He then removed my shorts and underwear. He then reached down grabbing comfort that was at the foot of the bed, and pulled it over us. He positioned himself in between my legs and let his hand slide down to my calf and hitched my leg around his waist. He then placed one hand on my hip as he kissed me.

“Are you sure.” he asked.

My hands were wrapped around his neck.

“Yes.” I whispered as I nodded my head, He smiled and pressed his lips to mines as he pushed into me a little bit, but he didn’t move.

“Are you ok?” He asked in a faint voice.

“I’m fine.” I answered in a whisper. He pushed a little further into me and moved just a little bit.

I tried to hold it in, but it hurt, I let out a slight moan. It didn’t hurt in an unbearable way, but in a good way. Like there would first be a little pain, before pleasure, just like anything worth having in life. As soon as he heard my faint moan he pulled out.

“Did I hurt you?” He asked almost panicked.

“Edward, you have two medical degrees." I answered, "You know as well as I do that this is probably gone to hurt me a little bit at first, no matter what.”

He knew I was right.

“If it gets to be to much, promise me you’ll tell me.” he said.

“I promise.” I replied as I pulled his face to me to kiss him.

He pushed into me again, once again it hurt a little, but nothing I couldn’t handle. This time he didn’t move, instead he waited for me to adjust to him being inside of me. It was a new feeling, but I definitely liked it. When I started to move my hips a little he took that as a sign that it was ok for him to contiune. It begin to hurt a little more, but after a few of his gentle thrust the pain subsided. It didn’t take us long to catch on to a rythem. I think he knew I was no longer in pain because the pace of his thrust begin to pick up a little.

“Is this ok?” he asked, breathless as he picked up the pace.

“Mmm” was all I could mange.

I had never felt anything like this before. The room was quite except for our quite moans and the faint sounds of the bed squeaking and the head board lightly bumping against the wall with each thrust he made.

“I love you.” he whispered into my ear as he picked up the paste just a little more.

Suddenly I couldn’t control any part of my body. My back arched off the bed as he wrapped his strong marble arm around it. Suddenly there was an explosion through out my body that sent me over the edge and to the moon and the stars above. I let out a more audible moan as Edward’s pace slowed to complete stop. He rested his forehead to mines and kissed me.

“Are you alright?” He asked out of breath, completely exhausted and sweaty.

Actually we were both full of sweat. I had no words, I nodded my head yes as he kissed me again and rolled to my side.

It had been the most amazing thing that ether one of us had ever experienced, and I was glade we had shared it with one another. We had finally given each other all of ourselves. I snuggled my head under his chin as he wrapped he in his safe arms. Just then I realized something, and I had to say it.

"By the way," I said as I looked up at him, "I love you too."

He smiled as I rested me head back onto his marble chest. He kissed the top of my head and took in the smell of my hair as he pulled me closer to him. I was so worked up from all the activiety that his cold skin felt good, it cooled me off. No other words needed to be spoken, we both knew what the other was feeling and thinking. We lay in silence as I drifted in to the most peaceful sleep I had ever had, cradel in my soon to be husbands strong, protective, loving, arms.