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Edward's Birthday Suprise

It's Edward's 107th Birthday and Bella has a very special suprise planned for him. How will he handle it.

This was my first story. I wasn't happy with the way it turnd out, so I took it down. I decided to add some more to it and edited somethings. Now that I'm comfortable with the way it's turning out, I feel better about posting it. Enjoy = ) BPOV

7. June 20th (EPOV)

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Jasper, Emmett, and myself had spent the weekend hunting and I had just reached the small town of Forks. It was four in the morning and I knew she would still be asleep. I wasn’t sure weather I should just go home and go over to Bella’s later, or just go over to her house now. I decided to just go over and sneak through her window, like I had done so many nights before. I couldn’t stand to be away from her anymore than I had to. Although we were engaged to be married in less than two months, Bella still lived with Charlie for the time being. He had left early yesterday to go on a week long camping trip. It was rare Bella and I were completely alone and I didn’t want to waste one minute of it. I was fairly certain she would be asleep, but there was a possibility she would be awake, due to the fact that she never slept much when I wasn’t with her. She had nightmares and I knew they were caused by me. She feared she would awake only to find I had abandoned her again, a mistake I would spend eternity trying to make up for. I didn’t mind, as long as I was with my Bella.

I had finally reached Bella’s house, and quietly I snuck through her window. She was asleep, it didn’t look like she was having any trouble sleeping at all. She looked so much like and angel it would have been a crime to wake her, but I had to risk it. I had to be close to her. It had only been two days since we had last seen one another, but even that seemed like too long. I kicked off my shoes and gently crawled on to her bed. Softly I placed my lips to her warm cheek. She rolled over and stretched her small arm across my chest. I had almost thought I had woken her, but then I noticed her eyes were still closed. I smiled as I carefully took her in my arms. This was my greatest joy, just watching her sleep.

“Do you like it?” she suddenly mumbled in her sleep.

What was she talking about? Is she waking up?, I thought. Suddenly she begin to open her eyes and she looked up at me.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as you are, especially while you sleep.” I said, as I wrapped my arms tighter around her.

“I missed you.” she said as she tried to pull herself closer to me. Honestly I didn’t think it was possible for us to be any closer, but I guess I was wrong.

“I missed you too. I actually debated weather or not to go straight home and just come over later today, after you were awake or just sneak in here and risk waking you. I just couldn’t stand to be away from you any longer than I had to, so… I went with option b.” I smiled as we both laughed. Her laughter was such a beautiful sound, it was like music.

“I’m glade you went with option b.” she replied with her loving smile, “I never sleep well when your not here.”. She looked deep into my eyes before giving me the sweetest, most gentle kiss. If I would have heart I’m sure it would have melted. I softly begin to stoke her cheek with the tip of my fingers. I had gotten so distracted by her beauty I had almost forgotten to ask about her dream.

“Can I ask what you were dreaming about?” I asked, “ You were talking in your sleep. As you often do, and you asked me if I liked something?”

“Oh, I was dreaming about the wedding day.” she answered, “It was after the ceremony and I was asking if you liked the wedding dress.”

I was glade she seemed to be more happy about the idea of us becoming man and wife. She wasn’t thrilled at first because her mother, Renee, had raised her to detest the idea of marriage at an early age. For a while I almost felt like I was forcing her into it, but now that she seemed to be liking the idea more, I felt better about the whole situation. I smiled and kissed her forehead.

“I’m sure I’ll love it.” I replied.

“By the way, don’t make any plans for tonight.”

This was new, Bella usually left me in charge of making our plans. We never made plans that didn’t involve each other, why should tonight be any different? Damn it. I wish I could read her mind.

“I never make plans that don’t involve you.” I responded, “So what are we doing?”

“Don’t you know what today is?”

Oh crap, was it an anniversary? Had I forgotten it? Great we weren’t even married yet and I was in trouble for forgetting our anniversary, nice job Edward. Before I could answer she answered for me.

“It’s your 107th birthday.” she said, “I know you’re a vampire and everything, but don’t you guys at least celebrate your birthdays? I mean your real birthdays, not your creation birthdays.”

I took a sigh of relief, I wasn’t in the dog house after all. Although I wasn’t sure if god was real, I thanked him anyway, just incase he was real and listening.

“No,” I answered, “We tend not to keep track of dates in time because we have no need to. I haven’t celebrated my own birthday since I was seventeen. My last birthday before I was changed by Carlisle.”

“Well, tonight we’re celebrating it.”

What could she possibly have planned? There was nothing I wanted I had her. She was going to marry me, and be my wife. I didn’t need, nor did I want anything else.

“Can I at least ask exactly what it is that were doing to celebrate?”

“Nope,” she answered as she pressed her lips to mines and rolled out of the bed. “It’s a surprise.” she added as I watched her walk over to her desk to grab her bathroom supplies and exit the room.

I couldn’t get over how perfect she was. After every terrible thing I had done, I was somehow still being blessed with love of this perfect woman. A woman who I didn’t deserve by any means, yet she always felt she was the one who didn’t deserve me. No matter how hard I tired to convince her it was I who was unworthy of her, she never seemed to believe me.

I laid on her bed lost in my thoughts, waiting for her to finish with her human task of showering. Suddenly I caught a whiff of lavender and freesia and knew it was her undeniable scent. Just then she walked into the room, wearing what I immediately recognized as the very outfit she wore when I introduced her to my family for the first time. She was so delicate and she was mines.

“Wow, you look… stunning.” I said almost at a lost for words, something only she could make be feel. I climed out of the bed and walked over to her.

"I really do love that color blue with your skin tone, it's exquisite." I said as I wrapped her in my arms.

I couldn’t resist, I had to kiss her. I leant down and pressed my lips to hers. Her lips her so soft and smooth, it felt like I was committing a mortal sin just by touching them with my tainted lips. She tightly wrapped her arms around by neck and I picked her up. As I carried her over to the bed and placed her gently on to it, I never broke our passionate kiss. I climbed on the bed and hovered over her.

Her skin was so soft and porcelain like, I wanted to touch her everywhere, but I knew I couldn’t. I had to stay in control, for her protection. I placed one hand above her head to brace myself so she felt almost none of my weight at all. I then placed the other hand on her cheek and continued to kiss her. I slowly let my hand slide to her neck, down to her flat waist, on to her hip, all the way down to her soft, milky thigh. I slid my hand up and down her thigh for a moment before I moved it down to her calf and hitched her leg around my waist.

I was now aroused and I wanted nothing more than to let her know it, but knew I couldn’t. She always says she doesn’t think I want her the way she wants me. No matter how many times I tell her that she’s crazy for thinking that she never listens to me. For once I just wanted her to know what she does to me. Just the way she smiles sometimes has this effect on me, but I couldn’t let her know that. After all it wouldn't be a very gentlemanly thing to do. I was now kissing her neck, letting my toung slip along the vain in it every once in a while.

“Wait …wait.. stop.” she said.

Bella never told me to stop when we were being interment like this. I was always the one who had to stop us when we had gone far enough. I must have done something wrong. I started to panic a little.

“What, whats wrong?” I asked, “Did I hurt you? Bella, I’m so sorry.” I started to look her over to see where she was hurt.

“Whoa, slow down.” she said, almost laughing. What could be funny at a moment like this? I thought. “Nothings wrong,” she continued, with a smile as she looked dead at me. “You’re doing everything exactly right.” Then Why did she stop us? She must have been laughing because she sensed that I was about to panic. My Bella, always so brave.

“I’m not following,” I said smiling as I snuggled my head into the side of her neck, taking in her intoxicating scent that I loved so much.

“If we don’t stop now, well just end up spending the whole day here, fooling around in my bed.”Sounds like a perfect plan to me, I thought, as a devious smile creped on my face.

“I can live with that.” I pointed out as I went to start kissing her neck again.

“Let me finish.” she said, trying to sound tough. It was so cute, I couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m sorry, continue.”

“If we spend the whole day here fooling around, once you think we’ve gone far enough, you’ll stop us. I’ll get mad, and we’ll just end up having the same fight we always have..”

I knew she was right. Bella wanted nothing more than for us to go all the way. She wanted us to take our relationship to the next level. I had talked her into waiting until were married. For one thing it bought me more time to prepare myself because, although I had made progress in the control department, I still didn’t fully trust myself. She on the other hand trusted me whole heartedly. I was still afraid that if we did make love I would seriously hurt her, or even worse, kill her. If I lost control and something happen to my sweet Bella, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

Also there was the fact that I was no good for her, no matter how much she denied it, I knew it was true. I had broken every rule there was and sinned in every possible way. I had lied, cheated, lusted, and even killed. Bella was perfect, pure, and innocent. Until she had met me, of course. The only place where we were both spotless was the fact that we were both virgins. Nether one of us had ever experienced premarital sex and it was the one rule I begged for us to leave unbroken. She had agreed to it, but it was becoming more and more difficult with each passing day. She was so temping it was unreal.

“Besides,” she said, breaking me away from my thoughts, “If we stay here all day, you wont get your birthday surprise.”

“Wow, it must be something really good if your refusing a day in bed with me.” I answered.

“Don’t be smug.” she fussed as I climbed out of her bed.

I took her hands and mines as I pulled her to her feet. I noticed the window was still open. I swooped her into my arms and walked towards the window. She griped my neck tightly as she realized what I was about to do.

“Let’s go see my big birthday surprise.” I said before leaping out of her bed room window with her cradled in my arms.