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Edward's Birthday Suprise

It's Edward's 107th Birthday and Bella has a very special suprise planned for him. How will he handle it.

This was my first story. I wasn't happy with the way it turnd out, so I took it down. I decided to add some more to it and edited somethings. Now that I'm comfortable with the way it's turning out, I feel better about posting it. Enjoy = ) BPOV

8. Moments Of Passion (EPOV)

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I couldn’t help but wonder what it was she had planned, if only I could see into her mind. Oh well, if she was gone to let me drive I’d figure it out when she started to give me directions.

“So where are we headed?” I asked as I walked towards the driver side of my silver Volvo.

“Nice try,” she said with a smile walking towards me. “I’ll be doing the driving today, so as not to spoil the surprise.” she added holding out her hand for me to hand over the keys.

Damn it, I thought, it was as if she had read my mind. I smiled as I let the keys fall into the palm of her silky hand. As I looked down I notice the reflection from her ring. It was the engagement ring I had given her. The ring that had once belonged to my birth mother, and it looked amazing on my soon to be brides slender finger. All of a sudden the visions of our happily ever after that Alice had seen, flooded into my mind. Although Alice’s visions were subjective, it didn’t matter. As long as Bella and I would be together forever.

“Wow, it really does look beautiful on you.” I said taking her into my arms, as I gently kissed her velvety lips.

I could hear her heart rate pick up, as it often did when I kissed her. No matter how accustomed I had become to her reaction to my kisses, I was always a little humbled by the thought that I alone was the only one able to make her feel this way. But then again, she was the only one who could ever make me feel the way I did when I kissed her as well. She tightly wrapped her arms around my neck and was pulling me to her with an aggressive force.

I wonder if Charlie knows that the Cullen boy is making out with his daughter, right out side his home? Oh well, it’s not my business to tell him, I heard come from a neighbors thoughts.

I gently, effortlessly pried her arms from around my neck. I could tell she was irritated by the adorable pout she had on her lips. Even when she was disappointed she was still able to turn me on. And she thinks she has no effect on me! It’s the most insane thing I’d ever heard. If she only knew how easy it was for her to make me want in her in inappropriate ways.

“Uh… you do have neighbors, love” I pointed out with a smile as I looked in to her prefect chocolate eyes, hoping she wouldn’t be upset with me for stopping us for long. She was still pouting. “Soon love.” I added as I pressed my cold dead lips to her smooth, soft, forehead, “soon.”

We both knew I was right. If a neighbor was to see us and tell Charlie, he’d have no problem shooting me. Although I had never been shot, and I was fairly certain I could walk away from a bullet wound with no problem, I still had no desire to have such a serious problem with my future father in-law. Besides if Charlie did shoot me and I was able to walk away unharmed how would we explain that to him?

It made me think about when we had first met and she was still trying to figure me out. She had actually considered the possibility of me being bitten by a radioactive spider, comparing me to Spiderman. To Bella, I was and always would be a superhero, her own personal savior from anything wicked. No matter how much I tried to tell her I was the villain, not the hero in our fairytale, she couldn’t be convinced of it.

“I know,” she said looking up at me with her incredible smile, but I could tell she was pretending to make me feel better. “I just wish soon was now.” she added.

“Hey, you were the one who insisted on giving me whatever this big surprise is, instead of staying in bed all day.” I reminded her.

I was actually thankful for it at the moment because I was having more trouble than usual controlling myself when things got hot and heavy between us. I really was starting to feel like every other seventeen year old boy controlled by his raging hormones. Only instead of the boyfriend trying to convince his girlfriend of why the shouldn’t wait to hop in the sack, I was trying to save my future wife and my self’s virtue for our wedding night, while my future wife was dead set on throwing it all away A.S.A.P.

“Well, I’ve changed my mind.” she said in a tone that had deviousness in it.

Oh no you don’t, I thought. There was no way I could let her convince me that staying in bed today was a good idea, as tempting as it sounded. Besides, I was genuinely curious about the big surprise.

“No way,” I said releasing her waist from my grip and walking over to the passenger side of the car, “I want my surprise.” I added as we both climbed in and begin to drive off in to a direction I was all too familiar with.

We were headed to the meadow, I knew it. There was no way I could tell her though. She was too excited about surprising me, it would break her heart if I ruined it. I had caused her enough heartbreak and refused to cause her anymore ever again. I was thrilled by the thought of spending a whole day with the love of my life in our special place, but I held it in so she wouldn’t know I knew where we were going.

I was so taken by her beauty, that I had unknowingly begin to stare at her. You would think by now I’d be use to her captivating presence, but sometimes she still took my unnecessary breath way. I was so lucky to have this woman, and I vowed to never take the fact that she loved me in return for granted.

“What, what’s wrong?” she asked as she drove along.

“Nothing,” I answered with a smile, “I actually couldn’t imagine anyone feeling more wonderful than I feel right now, looking at you.”

I held out my hand for her to take it. Keeping one hand on the wheel, she smiled as she placed her other small hand gently into mines. I kissed it before holding it up to my cheek. It was so warm, it felt astounding on my cold skin. I held it there for a while before placing our now intertwined hands on the arm rest of my car.

“I love you.” she stated, simply.

“I love you more.” I replied with a playful grin.

Usually she would turn this into a playful, teasing spat, but this time she didn’t. We just enjoyed the perfect moment. We held one another’s hand until we reached the woods leading to the meadow.

“Well,” she said turning off the engine, “I’m sure you have figured out where we’re gone by now.” she added getting out of the car.

“The meadow,” I answered as I removed myself from the passenger seat and made my way to meet her on the drivers side.

“Correction,” she stated as I wrapped my arms around her, “Our meadow, and there‘s more.” I pulled her closer into my arms.

There’s more, I thought, what else could there be? She was too perfect for words.

“My sweet Bella, you always seem to amaze me.” I said as I kissed her forehead and caught a hint of her scent mixed with her strawberry shampoo. It was breath taking. I had her pinned against the car as I began to attack her delicate neck with gentle kisses, letting my tongue slip out between my lips, making my way to her lips. Stay in control Edward, I thought. As long as I could conduct a rational thought, I felt I was in control and could continue.

“You know this really isn’t fair.” she said breathless.

“What’s that, love?” I asked as I continued to kiss her.

“This, all of it, why am I so lucky to have you?”

I stopped dead in my tracks in looked deep into her innocent eyes. How could she not see it was I who was lucky. There was a line of guys waiting for me to fuck up again just so they could get the chance to be with my Bella. A chance they would never get.

“Bella love, don’t you see?” I asked, “We were made for each other, there has never been a couple, since Romeo And Juliet who have felt the way we do about one another. And I’m fairly certain that our love even surpasses them. We’re whats meant to be, it’s fait. We were create just so we could be together.”

Wow that was a mouth full, even for me, I thought. It had to be said though, I had to make sure she knew. She wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder, as I took in her scent while gently stroking her hair.

“Bella,” I said, “I love you more than I thought I was capable of loving anything.”

She suddenly pulled me to her and pressed her smooth lips to mine with aggression. I was actually worried she might bust her own lip, she was using so much force, but it felt so good. I returned her kiss, with out so much aggression, of course as she ran her fingers through my hair. It felt so nice, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was still in control. I pushed her up against the car and picked her up off the ground, she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist.

In that moment I wanted her so badly. I would have loved nothing mroe than to have remove her clothes and have my way with her right there, but I was still in control. I knew I had to stop us before I did lose control though.

I was aroused again, and with her legs wrapped so tightly around my waist, I was worried she would feel it. Although it’s something I wanted, I couldn’t allow it to happen, not here. I wanted the moment she realized the effect she has on me to be perfect. Anything less than perfect was unacceptable for my Bella.

I stopped kissing her and placed her back on to the ground as I rested my forehead against hers. My breathing was out of control.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “That was out of line.” I really did feel bad, I almost felt like I was being a tease. I knew how much she wanted it, yet I wouldn’t, at lease not right now.

“No it wasn’t.” she said looking up at me, “I wanted it.”

“Bella,” I went to start explaining the same thing that I’ve already explained to her, but she cut me off.

“I know, soon.” she said with a smile.

She was so perfect and understanding. How did I manage to win the love of this incredible woman. I smiled back as I bent down for her to climb on to my back, so that we could make our way to our meadow.

“Hop on.” I said, playfully.