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Edward's Birthday Suprise

It's Edward's 107th Birthday and Bella has a very special suprise planned for him. How will he handle it.

This was my first story. I wasn't happy with the way it turnd out, so I took it down. I decided to add some more to it and edited somethings. Now that I'm comfortable with the way it's turning out, I feel better about posting it. Enjoy = ) BPOV

9. The Meadow (EPOV)

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We sored through the trees of the forest at full speed. I loved the way the wind felt against my cold skin as I ran at unworldly speeds. It was an incredible rush of adrenalin, that I thoroughly enjoyed. Bella, on the other hand wasn’t so fond of it. The first time I threw her onto my back and did this she nearly pasted out on me, but she seemed to me more susceptible to it now.

Once we reached our meadow I saw what she meant by there was more. I was completely at a lost for words. There was a blanket spread out with a bottle of wine and a single wine glass, along with a radio. Bella had climbed off of my back and I watched her walk over to the blanket and press play on the radio. Debussy’s Clair De Lune, which she knew was one of my favorite compositions, began to play.

“Do you like it?” she asked full of hope.

Suddenly I realized she had not been dreaming about the wedding day after all, instead it was this. But it didn’t bother me, I knew she wanted to marry me and that she loved me and that was all I needed.

“Bella, it’s… incredible.” I answered with astonishment in my voice, how was she able to pull this off with out me figuring it out? I saw her smiling as I made my way over to her.

“How were you able to set this up with out me finding out?”

“Easy,” she replied, “I just kept it to myself.”

“How did you get through the woods by yourself with out getting lost, or worse getting yourself hurt?”

“That part wasn’t so easy,” she answered, “I used a compass, but it didn’t help much. I was lost for almost two hours, but I found my way. I feel down a lot too.” she added as she showed me the scrapes at the bottom of her palms.

It was almost like she was wearing them as if they were proud battle scars. I couldn’t believe how much trouble she had gone to in order to make my birthday special.

“You did all this, just for me?” I asked

“Of course I did, I love you more than I love anything else on the face of this earth. I would do anything for you.”

“My sweet Bella, just when I think you can’t be anymore perfect, you go and prove me wrong.” I mused, as I kissed the scrapes on the palms of her hands.

I watched her take a seat on to the blanket and pour herself a glass of wine. I took a seat behind her, while she leaned back into my arms as I wrapped them around her. We staid like that for hours just listening to the beautiful music, making small talk, and enjoying our time alone with each other.

I begin to hum along with the music into her ear, she smelled so enticing. I begin to kiss her pale, soft shoulders and made my way to her neck. She then leaned back kissing my jaw and the corner of my mouth. I rolled us over so that she was on her back, a placed one of my hands under her head, like a pillow. I used my other hand to tenderly stroke her cheek. I then noticed something and begin to smile.

“I guess I’ll be driving home tonight.” I said, with a little bit of a laugh.

“Why is that?” she asked curiously.

I motioned my head towards the empty wine bottle. She had finished the whole thing.

“Opps.” she said, with the sweetest giggle I had ever heard.

I begin to laugh as I started to assault her throat with my lips. I worked my way from there to her collar bone, all the way to her neck, planting soft, gentle, butterfly like kisses all over her. Her heart rate went spastic. She wrapped her arms securely around my neck as I pressed my lips to hers and let my tongue trace the outlines of her delicate lips. I then nibble on her ear a little.

Seeing as I was still capable of a rational thought, I decided to try something I had never tried. I slowly let my hand slide down to her waist. Easy Edward, Remember to keep your composer, I thought. I then slid my hand under her shirt and let my hands find their way to her small, perfect breast. As soon as I touched them she let out a gasp. I stopped, not sure weather she liked what I had just done.

She smile and I felt her push so I rolled on to my back, pulling her on top of me. Looking up at the beautiful angle that was stratled over my waist I thought, Christ how did I manage get this lucky? I begin to smile as I let my hands trace the small of her lower back. She pressed her lips to mine as she started to unbutton my shirt.

Usually I would have stopped her, but I didn’t feel that was too far, seeing as I had just fondled her breast, and was able to remain in control. Once she had finished unbuttoning my shirt I sat up and kissed her with a little more force than usual, as I removed my shirt. I laid back down taking her with me, she gently gnawed on my ear lobe, something that felt so immensely amazing, no words could do it justice.

“I have another surprise for you.” she whispered into my ear.

What the hell else could she possibly have planned! This day had been the most prefect day I could remember us having, and there was still more. What wont this woman do for me?