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Rebel without a clue

Roxanna, rebelling against her mum since her dad vanished, now sent to spend time in Forks. A problem for Edward and a famous Vampire Hunter. [banner removed per site regulations]

I don't own these characters except for Roxanna, Rhiannon and Shannon. Roxanna's father is partly property of bram stoker and partly property of my imagination. The rest are Stephenie Meyers and i'm seriously annoyed about that. This is not based on the song Rebel without a clue

12. In La Push

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I walked along the beach. It was beautiful. The sea stretched out like a sapphire and the sand glittered in the few rays of sun that broke through the clouds. I noticed an odd, driftwood tree and I sat on it. It was peaceful. I tried not to think about the trouble I would be in when I got back home. But then again, Edward didn’t own me. I was my own person. I understood he wanted to keep me safe but one day wouldn’t kill me. I became aware of eyes on me and I turned. There was a boy standing behind me. He had russet coloured skin and cropped black hair. He was quite tall and had very big muscles.

“Oh hi” I said. I stood up and walked over to him. He was pretty good looking.

“Hi. I’m Jacob”

“Roxie” I said. I noticed him looking me up and down.

“Are you new around here? I haven’t seen you here before”

“I’m new. I just moved to Forks. I decided to check out the sites. I tell you, it wasn’t easy”

“Huh? Do you have a possessive boyfriend or something?” he laughed but there was an undercurrent of something.

“Close. I have a friend who is a boy who is trying to keep me safe which makes me have no life. So I ran off to do what I fancied”

“Won’t you get in trouble?”

“What do I care? He doesn’t own me,” I said. Jacob smiled.

“I could show you around if you wanted,” he offered.

“I’d like that” I told him.

“Well…actually, there’s not much to see. Just the beach. Which you are standing on” he said. I smiled. I spotted a motorbike parked nearby.

“Is that yours?” I asked.

“Yeah. Can you ride?”

“Yeah! I used to sneak out a ride my friend’s brothers motorbike. He had a crush on me,” I confessed. We walked up to his motorbike.

“I built it,” he said.

“You build bikes?”

“Yeah. I had this friend a few months ago, who bought over two bikes and swapped me one if I fixed them. So I fixed them. Normally I just build cars though”

“Who’s this friend?”

“You might not have met her yet. Her name’s Bella Swan, she lives in Forks”

“Bella? Bella got you to fix a motorbike for her to ride?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I know Bella. She doesn’t seem the type to do something reckless,” I said. He smiled.

“Her boyfriend left her a while ago. He’s back now but she needed an outlet,” he said.

“Edward Cullen?” I asked.

“Yes. Broke her heart. Do you know him too?” he asked.

“As a matter of fact. I’ve been held hostage at his house for the past week” his smile froze as he realized I was being serious.

“He’s your pushy friend?”

“Yes. Incredibly pushy. Actually, I wouldn’t call him a friend. I’d call Bella a friend. He’s just an annoyance who can’t take a hint, so I borrowed a car and came down here” then I remembered something.

“It’s spring break tomorrow! I need to make plans before he does!”

“You could come down here. Ride a bike with me or something”

“Perfect” I smiled and so did he. His eyes were filled with pure joy and something else that I didn’t understand.