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Rebel without a clue

Roxanna, rebelling against her mum since her dad vanished, now sent to spend time in Forks. A problem for Edward and a famous Vampire Hunter. [banner removed per site regulations]

I don't own these characters except for Roxanna, Rhiannon and Shannon. Roxanna's father is partly property of bram stoker and partly property of my imagination. The rest are Stephenie Meyers and i'm seriously annoyed about that. This is not based on the song Rebel without a clue

18. Party

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We reached the house. Too late. The scent of Roxie was mingled with a vampire.

"Damn! We missed them" my phone vibrated and I snatched it up.


"Edward! Bella just rang! She saw Roxie in town!" I sighed in relief.

"Jacob! Bella saw her in town. She's fine"

"Good. Now, I no longer have to worry about her safety but I just have to worry about getting her to talk to me again so I can explain" he said. He howled to the wolves outside. We left.

Roxie's point of view

I woke up on Monday morning and got up.

"Late night?" asked Karen.

"Oh...sorry. I tried not to disturb you" I couldn't remember what happened last night. At all. I smiled and opened the door. I was disappointed not to see Jason there but then I remembered. He said he wouldn't pick me up this morning but he'd would take me home. I couldn't remember why. I walked to school.

Edward's point of view

I hadn't seen Roxie all morning; I had no lessons with her on Monday mornings. So when Shannon slinked over to me, I wasn't really in a very good mood.

"What do you want?"

"To pass on a party invitation," she said, "We're having a party tonight. You see, Jason managed to fins us and not only are we celebrating this little reunion, but also his new girlfriend. Well, old girlfriend who he just re-met"

"Is this strictly vampire?" I asked, bored.

"No! We're inviting half the senior year! That nice girl Jessica for example. And your little friend. See, no one can excuse me of being speciesist" I scowled.

"Please come Edward. Just this once? Bella already accepted her invite"

"What? When?!"

"Oh, Ian went and had a word with her. She accepted graciously"

"Fine I'll go!"


At lunch, there was no sign of Roxie either. I had no idea where she had got too. Bella said that she'd seen her and she seemed fine. Apparently, she hadn't even mentioned her disappearance.

"Oh Bella. What's this I hear about you accepting a party invite from certain people I told you to stay away from"

"I'm sorry Edward. They were intimidating me!" she said.

"Well, thanks to you we've both accepted. And if I don't show Shannon will take it as a personal insult"

"And nobody wants that" piped up Alice. I sighed as Shannon walked past our table. She winked at me. I really hated that girl.

"Bella!" Jessica ran over "I can't believe she invited me to this party! It's bound to be cool because she is so cool! I just love her hair and everything!" She was gushing away and didn't notice Bella roll her eyes.

"C'mon. I don't feel very well. I think I need to go home" Bella said to me. Looks like I wasn't going to see Roxie until later. I followed Bella to the car.

Bella's point of view

Even though the situation wasn't really one we wanted to endure, Alice still looked on it as an opportunity to play Barbie with me. When she'd eventually decided I was ready (which took three hours) and had sorted out her own outfit (which took three seconds), we headed out to the Volvo and Edward drove us to a secluded spot. A large, modern looking house was there and even though I'd probably driven past it a thousand times, I'd never noticed it before. The front door was open and loud music and flashing lights emerged from inside.

"Edward!" Shannon bounced over and hugged him

"And Bella, you look simply gorgeous. Come with me, Bella you need to meet Jason and Edward there's someone I think you need to meet" she led us over to the stairs. A vampire with golden hair was descending the stairs, arm in arm, with a girl who was wearing an incredibly tight blue dress. She had long black hair.

"Roxie?" Alice, Edward and I said in unison.