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Rebel without a clue

Roxanna, rebelling against her mum since her dad vanished, now sent to spend time in Forks. A problem for Edward and a famous Vampire Hunter. [banner removed per site regulations]

I don't own these characters except for Roxanna, Rhiannon and Shannon. Roxanna's father is partly property of bram stoker and partly property of my imagination. The rest are Stephenie Meyers and i'm seriously annoyed about that. This is not based on the song Rebel without a clue

22. She's dead Jake.

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She stopped screaming and her body went limp. I cradled her in my arms.

"Jacob. You have to let her go," said Edward. He half-heartedly attempted to prise her away from me but I snarled at him and he gave up.

"Jacob. She's dead," said Edward. I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't!

"How?" I croaked. She didn't look hurt! How could she be dead? Part of me refused to believe it, but another part was filled with hollowness. I would never love again.

"Jason implants fake memories into people's heads. It's how he exists. Carlisle thinks he had low self-esteem as a human and wasn't noticed much so when he became a vampire, if people don't think about him he dies. So, about twenty years ago he came up with a plan. Find a human girl, keep her close to him and turn her. Then she'd have a photographic memory and he'd live forever, as long as she did. But, the human mind can only hold so many memories which is why; when he implants memories, he also pushes old memories out. I can only guess and say that Roxie stopped believing her ‘memories' and all her old forgotten ones returned. Now, that wouldn't kill her so I'm assuming that Jason kept a mental connection open with her (he requires touch to pass on memories) by accident and as she forgot about him, he streamed all of him over to her in a last attempt to survive. The ring contained one memory of him. If she hadn't destroyed it, she'd have lived. And so would he but she'd be driven insane by him stuck in her head" Edward finished.

I stared into Roxie's blank eyes and thought about the life we should have had together. If only...that was something that consumed me. If only I'd told her earlier! If only I'd caught up with her when she ran off. If only, if only. Bella entered the room but I barely noticed.

"Oh Jake" She whispered. She crouched beside me and put an arm around my shoulder.

"I'll take you home," she said.

Three days later, I saw her again. A photo of Roxie on the front of the newspaper. I stroked the picture. The vampires had taken her body from me to make a suitable cover up. This photo would be the last of her I saw. Her mum had taken the body to bury in her hometown. I scanned the article. Exactly as the Cullen's said, it would be. There was only one other thing I could do for Roxie and it wasn't much. Discredit Jason.

Brutal murder of Roxanna Van Helsing. The Cullen's had made it look like Jason had murdered Roxie and then been killed in a car accident, as he fled the scene. Edward had even donated one of his less shiny cars for the act. I pulled my scissors out of the drawer next to my bed and carefully cut out the picture of Roxie. I knew she'd want me to carry on.

I imagined her watching out for me, smiling as I struggled on. I had realized something. Memories were precious. The pictures would fade but my memory of her would stay bright for eternity. A girl with long brown hair, shiny silver eyes in black clothes. Trying to be a rebel. From now on, I'd carry her in my mind, as a rebel without a clue.