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Rebel without a clue

Roxanna, rebelling against her mum since her dad vanished, now sent to spend time in Forks. A problem for Edward and a famous Vampire Hunter. [banner removed per site regulations]

I don't own these characters except for Roxanna, Rhiannon and Shannon. Roxanna's father is partly property of bram stoker and partly property of my imagination. The rest are Stephenie Meyers and i'm seriously annoyed about that. This is not based on the song Rebel without a clue

8. Aunt Forks

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The moment Edward dropped me home I went to my room and straight onto the computer. I knew how to set website’s up (it was something Rhiannon had shown me) so I started. I decided to call it Aunt Forks. Dumb name but it labelled my point. I finished designing it and left for lunch.

“Hey, how was your morning?” Karen asked.

“Oh fine. I hung out over at the Cullen’s. And I designed new agony aunt website” If anyone would spread it around, Karen would.

“Oh, you’re being an agony aunt?”

“Yeah. I don’t know how many people will submit but hopefully when they find out it’ll get popular. And it gives me something to do” I said. I finished my lunch, went upstairs and designed flyers. I went out and stuck the flyers around the town, on windows, through letterboxes. Now all I had to do was wait.

Alice’s point of view

“C’mon Edward! Just tell me what’s wrong!” he just stared and I could see he wasn’t going to say a word.

“Fine, if you want talk to me, use this” I brandished the leaflet I’d got.

“Aunt Forks?”

“Yeah! It’s a new agony aunt thing. I looked ahead and I saw that if you go on it, you‘d find the answers to all your problems. And you don’t even have to use your name! It’s all secret!” I wanted him to go on this thing. I had already checked it out and it looked great.

“Fine. I’ll try it!” he exclaimed, “Will you leave me alone now?”

“Of course. But if you change your mind, I’ll know about it” I warned. I left to go hunting with Jasper.

Roxie’s point of view

When I signed, back on I had three problems.

Hello Rebelling Angel (my onscreen name)

I used to be the centre of attention but this girl arrived and now nobody cares about me at all. My parents are divorced and they’ve always made me the centre of attention. But my mum’s had another baby and doesn’t care about me. My dad lives in the city and has a new girlfriend. Neither of them have time for me. I got used to it and I don’t really care about that anymore. But now all my friends don’t like me either. The boy I like doesn’t either. They all like this other girl. I’ve put up with it for a year and I’m sick of it! What should I do?

Jealous Kitty.

I had a fairly good hunch that that one belonged to Lauren. It wasn’t a very complex problem. I also had an idea who the attention-grabbing girl was, too.

Dear Jealous Kitty,

I’m sure this girl doesn’t mean to take away all your attention. She probably wishes that she didn’t get all the attention and she just wants to be friends. Maybe you should try talking to her about it. Also, if you say all your friends have abandoned you then they aren’t real friends. True friends stick to you, no matter what. You may have arguments (I’m not saying every time someone gets huffy with you that means they’re not a true friend) but they should always care about you no matter who turns up. The boy you like probably doesn’t know how you feel. I’m sure you have qualities this girl doesn’t possess and that’s what people should like about you. Whatever you do, don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Being yourself is the most important thing! Try talking, and see what happens. If your problem gets worse or you find something out which shows that this girl is deliberately stealing the attention then come back. But you have to try before you know.

Rebelling Angel.

Easy. Just a warm up! The next one was just as easy and obvious.

Hey Rebelling Angel,

I met this girl and I really like her but she doesn’t like me. She’s so pretty and I like her a lot. I’m cool and popular, why won’t she go out with me?


How obvious can you get? But it was finally my chance to tell him what he should do, and maybe this time he’d actually do it!

Dear Lovesick

I’m sure you are cool and popular but I don’t think you should want to go out with her just because she’s pretty. I think you should find the one and stick with her instead of constantly chopping and changing.

Rebelling Angel

The next one was trickier, confusing.

Rebelling Angel,

A while ago, I met this girl on holiday. I love her but she doesn’t know how I feel. I had to move away eventually and I met a truly fantastic girl who loves me back. But I feel guilty about this girl as she recently moved nearby. I still love her but I love my girlfriend too. What should I do?

Masochistic Lion

What a weird name. I had no idea who would put that as their name and it wasn’t a normal situation. It was weird. I had a brainwave. I stuck it up as an open forum for anyone to comment on. See what Fork’s had to say about it.