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Rain-kissed Love

Bella and Edward spend another sweet moment together, no interupptions, just being together, in the rain that is. Fluff involved. Ok a lot of fluff. *One-Shot*

I own nothing. At all. Dang.

1. Chapter 1

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Rain-kissed LoveBy MoonSpinner

A young girl sat on a window seat in a bedroom. She had her head resting against the windowpane, watching the small beads of water slide down the glass like tears on a cheek. It was springtime, the air was lighter, the sun brighter when it made the unexpected call to shine. It was raining, not drizzling, not pouring, just a slow steady rainfall, perfect for sitting and musing over ones thoughts about the world, about life. She smiled when she saw a small sparrow land on the window sill outside.

On the other side of the room a boy leaned against the door frame watching the girl, awe in his eyes. He wondered what she was thinking about as she sat there so quietly, she was the only one who was silent to him. She was like a wisp of smoke to him, so easy to lose track of, and so captivating to watch as it swirled in the air, an enigma, a wonder. He could count every eyelash, every freckle, every last strand of hair on her head, and yet he would never find out what went on in that mind of hers.

He was frustrated by it, but also grateful. He liked the fact that she was a mystery to him, she was ethereal and beautiful beyond anything he had ever seen; he knew that sense of wonder would never go away in her case.

The young man walked over to her and stood behind her, still watching her when she asked a question

“Would you do anything for me?” She asked quietly still looking at the small sparrow as it got soaked. He was puzzled but answered resolutely “Anything and everything.”

A small smile played on the girls lips; she turned her head to look at him at the corner of her eye before she jumped up and grabbed his hand to run outside. The poor boy didn’t have a clue as to what was going on but followed her outside. When they were out in the rain she pulled him further into the yard, she tilted her head up smiling, and the man knew he would never see anything as stunning as this for as long as he existed

“What are you doing?” He asked a confused grin on his flawless face. She looked back towards him, her hair soaked through and raindrops clinging to her eyelashes

“You said you would do anything for me, well I want to dance in the rain. I never have and I think it’s a proper thing to do for two young lovers such as ourselves.” She said beaming. His grin widened and he chuckled

“You want to dance?” He asked incredulously, she smiled coyly, her eyelids narrowed as she nodded

“Yes, I do. Do you object?” He didn’t answer, but stepped back to bow and offered his hand

“May I have the honor of this dance, my lady?” He asked seriously, love burning in his eyes. The girl was stunned by his gazes intensity even after all this time and nodded

“Of course kind sir” The boy pulled her forward, wrapping an arm around her slender waist and taking her hand in his, while she placed her other on his shoulder. He leaded of course, just because she wanted to dance didn’t mean she suddenly became a world champion at it. They stared at each other, simply reveling in the rare moment of peace; they didn’t get many of those. The girl bit her lip fighting a smile as the rain continued to come down more heavily. The boy looked at her curiously and suddenly she burst out laughing, her laugh sounding like tinkling of church bells to the love-struck boy.

He began to join in and soon they had come to a standstill simply holding each other and laughing. They quieted and looked towards each other’s eyes; they liked to communicate that way best, it was if they had their own language that no one else knew, a lover’s language. They drew closer and their lips met, hardly a kiss, a simple brushing but it was all they needed, all they wanted at the time.

“I love you.” The girl pronounced quietly. The man glowed inside and out, never would he cease to be excited by those three small words.

“As I you.” He reciprocated, firmly, absolutely. The girls wide doe eyes lit up and she rested her head on his shoulder. It was a sweet moment of peace, a spell set over them both. Suddenly a voice was heard, and they looked towards the porch to see what would appear to be a small pixie or fairy looking out the door at them both

“Bella, Edward, what on Earth are you doing? Come on, we have more wedding details to go over!” She rushed back inside and closed the door. The boy and girl looked at each other, shared a secret smile and let go except for grasping each other’s hand and walked back inside. They would soon have many more moments of rain-kissed love, but next time it would be as man and wife.