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We Intertwined

#1 of the Like Vines Series: "I like to think of my marriage to Edward as a vineyard. Between us, there are hundreds, even thousands of stories to tell. These stories are a part of who we are, and they aren’t going to change. Instead they grow longer and wider, climbing up the walls of the trellis or the house. As time passes, the individual vines cross, twisting and twining around each other." We Intertwined is a fanfiction about Bella's reflections of her relationship with Edward, from the day she first saw him, to eternity and beyond. We Intertwined


1. We Intertwined

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We Intertwined

Premiere Fanfiction

From the

Like Vines Series

I sometimes wonder what life would be like for me if I were single. What would have happened if Edward had never entered my life? It isn’t, of course, that I want things that way, nor could I ever want them that way.

But that doesn’t keep me from wondering.

I like to think of my marriage to Edward as a vineyard. Between us, there are hundreds, even thousands of stories to tell. These stories are a part of who we are, and they aren’t going to change. Instead they grow longer and wider, climbing up the walls of the trellis or the house. As time passes, the individual vines cross, twisting and twining around each other.

Vines were not always inseparable. When they are young, they learn and grow alone, with nobody to help them, and no company to share. But they cannot spend the rest of their existence alone. Usually, a single vine will grow with the one closest to him Haven’t you noticed, though, that there is always a pair who seem to become one vine together, though their roots belong to different worlds?

That, right there, is the story of Edward and I.

In the infamous meadow outside of Forks, Edward and I could always be alone. The weather held no significance; if it was cold, Edward took a blanket. Rainy, an umbrella. If I was hungry, Edward would bring a basket. But usually, it was just the two of us, lying in the grass. In the early days, I was content just staring at his sparkling, chiseled face, smiling at me with reserved adoration, as I asked him questions with a timid air.

Carlisle told me once that Edward was so tainted, that he needed someone who had seen no trouble in the world. It would have been impossible for him to find a perfect match in the vampire world, where innocence was difficult to find. “Bella,” he had told me, “You are the key to Edward’s iron heart.”

After he had explained that to me, I think I understood Edward better than ever before. It was perfect, to see that metaphor in my head, to see Edward finally helped, and loved unconditionally. I took great pride in the fact that I was the only woman on earth with the capability to do that.

On that fateful day when Edward told me he never loved me, and left, I saw his heart close back up. He had jerked me out of the keyhole, and closed the doors, and kept himself hidden. Without each other, we, as vines, separated indefinitely, curled back to who we thought we once were, and died inside.

Those months aren’t something that I take pleasure in remembering, but I realize that they’re important in the panoramic picture of my relationship with Edward. Up until those days, we were looked upon with jealousy by our peers, because our relationship was too blissful to be believed. The hardship, the death; it gave our love depth. I say “our love” because I know we never stopped loving each other, even though we were thousands of miles apart.

The one time I even attempted to go to the meadow, I was almost eaten alive by Laurent, and after that moment I grew so scared of the meadow that I couldn’t ever return, not without Edward. In that point in my life, I thought that I would have to live the rest of my life without him anyway, so I bid a final farewell to the memories that were arranged within the grass.

I would wake up in those days, and I would feel alone. In my head, I would see him: his exquisite features covered my walls from the moment I fluttered my eyes open to the moment I closed them again. I would sit in class, and feel a cool brush of air, and snap around, frantically searching for him. Everyone was a Cullen, no matter what they really looked like on the outside. A lock of gold hair: Carlisle. The smell of home, the feel of love, the good Italian food: Esme. Exquisite loveliness, love abounding, guilt never relieved: Rosalie. Booming laughter, a guy bigger than any football player at Forks, incandescent love for the most beautiful girl on earth: Emmett. A sense of feeling loved, calm, at ease, a Southern accent: Jasper. Tinkling laughter, a day shopping for high heels, a tiny dancer, and a hug: Alice.

And it hurt me for so long to think of his name. I could see his every feature in my head, and any mention of anything even remotely close to any of those features instantly reminded me of the Edward I knew and still loved, and who I was when I was with him.

When I saw him below that clock tower, I couldn’t describe all my thoughts fast enough. Part of me healed, part of me died, another part of me wondered, and the rest of me couldn’t run fast enough. My key woke up from the pit of my stomach, sprouted wings, picked up my legs, and forced me to go. I could not contain it any longer. And together, we stirred up from our comas, and learned what it was to love again.

Then of course, there was the ultimate confusion of the remaining months of my senior year of high school, in which Jacob and Edward, otherwise known in my life as Paris and Romeo, fought for my loyalty. But I wished that Jacob had somehow known I could never choose him, because my heart would always belong to someone else. No matter how hard I wanted to forget Edward, I couldn’t have. I could still see him in my dreams, splashed across the lapses of my mind, permanently engraved.

The meadow that year changed infinitely. Instead of a hiding place, seclusion from the rest of the world, it became a scene from a horror movie. Pieces of vampires and werewolves were scattered around the floor, contaminating what we had once shared there. I never learned to return to it with the same carefree attitude as before.

Everything in those last human months had held too many problems and sacrifices, upon which the new life would be built. I hated the pain that surrounded me, and Edward, and Jacob especially. If we all could have known what was to happen, maybe he would not have bothered to waste so much energy chasing after me. And even Alice could not have foreseen what ended up happening. It was all too impossible to imagine, and yet, all of it ended up transpiring.

The next memory I have of the meadow is of a super-human. Unbreakable, infallible, a beautiful creature of the undead. That day was the first hunt, when I paused at the top of a mountain to look at my own skin and see that it glittered, the meadow was there for that, too.

Reneesme: the fruit of the vine. She was the impossible child; always a mystery, always an enigma. She was the proof that those two vines, from the different worlds and the different ways and the different lives and the different pasts, could come together, and create an extraordinary child, so extraordinary that there was no resemblance between Reneesme and any other living thing on the earth.

And when we took Reneesme there, to the meadow, she was seen, and chased after. It became another battlefield, or the beginnings of what seemed like would be a battlefield in any case. I struggled to come up with solutions to save her; Edward devised plans to ensure her survival. We risked all for that perfect child, and nothing was lost, nothing was taken.

When the sun sets, and the excitement is gone, and the wind rushes through the leaves of the vines, and the leaves curl back and ready for sleep, and the vineyard is uncared for by the owner, the two vines that have come together refuse to separate; for cemented together is their love. There is one person left for me, and there is one person left for him. We’re not going anywhere. We are personally, wholly, perfectly, radiantly entwined.

Because one day in the meadow, we were two small vines from separate worlds, who decided to grow together. Carelessly, with life on our tongues, we triumphed.