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Chasing a Sunset

What would have happened if Bella had sent Jacob and Nessie away during the battle? This is my take on what would have happened.

This is my first fanfic, so please rate and review!! Also, I used chapters to switch perspectives, so the name of the character whose perspective the chapter is written from is in the title of the chapter. Sorry if it gets confusing. Enjoy!

2. Chapter 2 Bella

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I'd hoped this moment would never come. The moment when I'd had to say goodbye to my best friend and my daughter, possibly forever. But come it did and the pain of this moment was nearly the strongest of my existence. There were only two exceptions. The first was that night, over a year ago, when Edward had left me, taking half of me with him. That one was unbearable, and added to tonight's pain, I had to quickly shove it to the back of my mind. The second, was only a few months ago, when I'd given birth to Renesmee, and begun the transformation from mortal, to glorious immortal. The two worst pains of my life became three, as I watched my best friend, carrying my daughter, run into the forest, and as far away as they could.

Now I had to focus, to concentrate, on what could very well be my last task. Jane, Alec and Demetri, they were my task; they were the ones I needed to destroy, to save my family. Alice, Jasper, Jacob and Renesmee all depended on that, as well as anyone who survived this battle. Though I wasn't completely convinced anyone would.

I could tell the pack wasn't happy about sending Jacob away either. Seth, Quil and Embry howled, I knew they would miss their friend. But Sam didn't look upset. He didn't seem to care. This meant that the packs would both be his, with Jacob out of the picture. Was he really that selfish? Maybe I was reading it wrong. Maybe he just wasn't showing that he was upset. I guess he'd be pretty mad that Jacob took part of his pack, but still, to be okay with his friend leaving, possibly forever, was kind of extreme.

I watched Edward's face as he realized what I had been planning over these past few weeks. I saw the understanding, the loss, the pain, and the love for our daughter cross his face before he settled on that cool mask I knew too well. I could, as always, see through his façade, because every mask leaves holes where the eyes are, and through those holes, I could see his pain. Or maybe it was because that pain was probably reflected in my own eyes, that I could see it so well.

Suddenly, something new crossed his beautiful face, and I could tell he was ready to fight. We stood there, waiting. After what seemed like forever, Aro spoke.

"Does it really have to end like this, Carlisle? I know you won't like the outcome."

"I'm afraid it does, my friend, Carlisle replied sadly, "Unless you are willing to reconsider."

"No, we must keep our people safe from whatever this creature brings." Aro looked regretful, but I could tell he wasn't. He didn't seem to have any problems with attacking someone who had been his friend for centuries. He had said himself he wanted Edward and Alice to join him, but did he really think this was the way to do it?

We were all ready for battle. I could see our group of friends, ready to spring at any moment. Now the real challenge began. As if some silent signal had gone off, the entire guard moved forward at once. I knew that once Jane or Alec entered my shield, it was over, but I struggled to keep my shield up for as long as I could to protect my family. I had to destroy Alec, Jane, Demetri and as many other members of the Volturi guard as I could, to protect my family. Everything was for them now. I just hoped it was enough.