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Chasing a Sunset

What would have happened if Bella had sent Jacob and Nessie away during the battle? This is my take on what would have happened.

This is my first fanfic, so please rate and review!! Also, I used chapters to switch perspectives, so the name of the character whose perspective the chapter is written from is in the title of the chapter. Sorry if it gets confusing. Enjoy!

5. Chapter 5 Jacob

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I woke up with a jolt. Pain seared through my body, and I could barely contain a yelp of shock and agony. I looked around, searching for the threat. No one aside from Nessie and me were there. If no one was there, did that mean I could feel what another pack member was feeling? This hadn't happened before. I had never felt the pain of another member of the pack. I couldn't tell who it was, all I knew was that one of the other members of the pack, make that my pack were hurt, badly. My cry hadn't woken up Nessie, thank God, but I could still feel it, what ever it was, red-hot and coursing through my veins like a poison, or some sort of venom. That's it. It was like venom. Wasn't that how becoming a bloodsucker was described, like burning? Oh my God, someone had been bitten.

As suddenly as it had began, the pain stopped, and one of the other two minds I had almost forgotten about, was gone. The one that was left was so angry, so grief-stricken; I couldn't tell who it was.

So we had lost someone. Not just anyone, but Leah or Seth. They were the only two I heard anymore. This was bad. It took all my strength not to run off right then, and find the others. Only Nessie kept me there. Well so much for getting some sleep.

Judging by the scenery around me, we were somewhere in Canada. We had run north when we left the clearing and kept going in that direction the entire way. I'd thought I'd recognized some of the scenery, from my previous trip here, but all forest looked the same. It was almost dawn, and Nessie was still asleep. I could afford to wait, and let her sleep while I thought about what to do next. Really, I was trying to put off our trip back home, afraid of what we'd find there.

Since I was awake, and probably wouldn't get back to sleep, I took the chance to look around me. We had come here so late last night, I had fallen right asleep, and didn't really know where we were. From what I could tell, it was some sort of clearing; we couldn't be that far away from other people, since I thought I could hear the faint sounds of cars. It was still pretty early, since the sun had just come up, so I would know in a few hours how close we were to people.

For now, I decided to just relax, and think. Maybe it would be nice to stay here. If we were near other people, we could try to blend, and settle down. On second thought, it might be better to hide for the next few years, until Nessie grows up, and isn't changing by the day. Eventually we'd have to go back, to give Charlie and Renée their letters, it wouldn't be right to keep them. But maybe, just for a while, we could wait here. It seemed pretty safe, and it wasn't more than a few days from Forks. Probably less since we'd circled around for so long. It would be good for Nessie to stay in one place, and I wouldn't mind it either.