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Chasing a Sunset

What would have happened if Bella had sent Jacob and Nessie away during the battle? This is my take on what would have happened.

This is my first fanfic, so please rate and review!! Also, I used chapters to switch perspectives, so the name of the character whose perspective the chapter is written from is in the title of the chapter. Sorry if it gets confusing. Enjoy!

6. Chapter 6 Alice

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They stood in a clearing, somewhere. It was vaguely familiar, but could have been anywhere. Yet the feeling of familiarity remained. There were flowers everywhere, some partially covered in snow. Those that could be seen were bright. Violet and yellow, some camouflaged in the snow, a pure white. Nearby, there was a small stream, covered in ice, but still flowing under its frozen lid. The soft moonlight washed over the trees, and illuminated the faces of the six figures standing there. The clearing was totally secluded, surrounded by ancient trees, as though its wildness and its beauty needed to be protected. The six Cullens standing there looked as though they had been running for a while, because they had bits of leaves and branches in their clothing and hair. They seemed to have been arguing too. Rosalie was angry, as angry as she had ever been. Emmett looked like he was trying to calm her down, and not doing much good, while Esme, Carlisle, Edward and Bella just stared. They all seemed distressed, worried yet determined, as though they were ready to face anything.

"What did you see?" The first words I heard when I snapped out of the vision were Jasper's, of course. We'd been gone for weeks now, just the two of us and hadn't had any luck in finding proof Nessie wasn't harmful. My head ached from looking for blind spots, and there were no wolves to act as my aspirin. So of course, this vision had been a relief. But it had left me so confused.

"Someone was missing," I said aloud, knowing Jasper was feeling the confusion coming off of me, and waiting for me to either tell him, and we'd work it out together, or for me to work things out on my own.

"Someone was missing, but who was it?" I repeated what I had just said, more to myself than to Jasper. He handed me a pencil and paper, thinking maybe it was a scene that confused me, but that wasn't it.

"No," I heard myself say, still lost in my thoughts, "I know what I saw; I just don't know why something felt off." I thought back to the vision. I had recognized the place, but had no idea where I'd seen it. I could tell I'd never been there. Something else had been missing too. I found myself wishing, again, for an aspirin, or at least something to block off the headache I could feel building. The wolves kept messing everything up.

That was it! Jacob hadn't been there. So if it was Jacob that was missing, then why did I still feel like something was out of place? I thought back to the vision. Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Edward and Bella had been there. Jacob was missing, and they were at an unknown, yet familiar clearing.

"I saw Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Edward and Bella. I know Jacob wasn't there, but I can't figure out who else was missing, and I know there was someone that wasn't there. Something didn't feel right. And the place! I felt like I'd been there before, but I know I haven't ever been anywhere like it. It was so beautiful, so secluded and quiet..." I trailed off, knowing Jasper was already trying to work through what I had just said. I felt like it was right in front of my nose, and I couldn't figure out who was missing!

"Renesmee" he answered quickly, "Did you see Nessie in your vision?"

"No, she wasn't there. Maybe she was somewhere else with Jacob."

"Or something happened. I think we should go back, make sure everyone is okay. Do you have any idea when this happened? Was it before or after the Volturi came?"

"I don't know!" I cried, feeling frustrated, "and I still don't know where they were! I just can't get rid of the feeling that I've seen it somewhere." I knew we had to go back, but I was afraid that something dangerous was waiting for us.

"They should be there soon, within the next day or so." I said wearily.

"Then let's go." Jasper replied. We started running towards home.