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Chasing a Sunset

What would have happened if Bella had sent Jacob and Nessie away during the battle? This is my take on what would have happened.

This is my first fanfic, so please rate and review!! Also, I used chapters to switch perspectives, so the name of the character whose perspective the chapter is written from is in the title of the chapter. Sorry if it gets confusing. Enjoy!

7. Chapter 7 Edward

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"Where did you send them?!" Rosalie shrieked. This was the third time she had asked, or rather demanded, and it was becoming tiresome.

I swear if she doesn't tell me where she sent them I'll-

"Rosalie," I tried to keep my voice calm, but her temper was wearing on me, "Please stop. We are all worried; you are not the only one who wants to find Nessie," I shot an apologetic look at Bella, "and Jacob, so just stop." How could I have ever thought I could actually shut her up?

She continued to rage on, and Emmett kept trying to calm her down, without success.

Damn, I knew the girl had a temper, but this is insane!

I smiled. Emmett was right; I was surprised Rosalie hadn't started destroying the meadow. That would be a shame, Bella would miss it.

We had run here so that if the Volturi decided to regroup and return, we couldn't be found as easily. We had all taken separate paths to get here, and that was probably when Rosalie had begun to worry about Nessie. I didn't blame her; I could tell all of us were worried, especially Bella and I, but the rest of us had the self-control to contain the worry.

But these were the times when Jasper could really help. No one could calm Rosalie down like him. Emmett could try, but more often than not, he just got her more worked up.

Edward!! Edward don't go anywhere!

My head whipped around to watch the other side of the meadow. I knew that voice. Alice was close, close enough I could hear her, but not close enough to have Jasper do anything about Rose. Yet.

"Edward, what's wrong?!" Bella was worried, thinking that someone we didn't want to see was coming, when really, it was exactly the opposite.

Edward! Don't tell them we're coming yet! Jasper's going to try to calm down Rose first.

Of course she had seen us. The wolves had gone, so Alice could see us again.

"Nothing, I thought I heard something," she knew I was lying, and like always, decided to try and call me on it. She always knew when I was lying, no matter how hard I tried to hide it. She just knew me too well.

"Oh," she said, "so why is it that you are smiling like an idiot?" Damn! She was good!

"And I didn't hear anything," she continued, "You know you can't pull that crap with me anymore. I can hear things just as well as you. And see, and smell too, so don't get started on that. Now I'll give you two choices. You can tell me right now what is going on, or you can not tell me. Just know that I will get it out of you somehow." She waited, staring at me with a gaze that broke my heart. Looking into those eyes that had once been a deep, rich brown, and now were golden with just a hint of red still, I didn't know what to think. I'd been watching her eyes for months, and every time I still expected her to look up with her brown eyes rather than her eyes that matched my own. I still felt guilty for doing that to her, every time I saw those eyes. I tried to push back those feelings as I remembered Jasper would be close enough to feel them. I didn't need him coming home to me moping.

Bella was still staring at me, when I answered.

"I think I'll keep it to myself, thanks."

"Wrong answer," she growled, and attacked me.

The second her lips touched mine, I could feel my resolve weakening. I should have known she would do this.

Now you had better tell me what the hell is going on, or I swear I will beat you, and you know I'm still stronger than you.

This voice was new, and it too my breath away. I pulled away from her kiss, stunned.


"Yes," she replied, a faint smile on her lips.

"What just happened?" I was so taken aback from hearing her mind that I almost forgot about covering for Alice.

"I'll tell you what happened; even thought I think you already know, since you've been doing it for the past ninety years or so. My only condition is you tell me what distracted you earlier."

I frowned; I had thought the tactic she would use to get the information would be similar to the one I had used with her before, when she had jumped me, but no. She was using my own curiosity against me. She really did know me too well.

Don't you dare, Edward! We'll be there in a few minutes, and you know she'll explain anyway. Keep your mouth shut for just a while.

This voice was much more familiar. Alice still didn't want me to tell, but it was getting harder and harder. Everyone else was staring at us, not having realised what was going on, until Bella had moved. Now they were all looking at us with questioning stares. Rosalie had calmed down, and it was quiet except for Bella and I.

"Edward heard something over there," she pointed towards the other end of the clearing, "and he is refusing to tell me what it was, despite my attempts to persuade him." Slowly, Bella turned towards me and smiled.

Right Edward?

She was taunting me with this, and I couldn't stand it.

"Fine, I heard..." But I didn't get a chance to finish, because just then, Alice and Jasper came through the trees on the other side of the clearing.

"He heard us coming, and I told him to keep quiet so Jasper could calm Rose down first," Alice spoke, and everyone whipped around to face her.

"Alice?" Esme spoke for the first time.

"Now will you explain, Bella?" I asked, "Technically, your condition has been met."

"Fine, but I will get you for not telling sooner. I've been practicing with Zafrina, and one of the things, aside from stretching my shield that I've been doing, is lifting my shield." She smiled, "It worked, didn't it? You were pretty surprised."

"Just a bit," I smiled back at her.

"Can we get back to why we're here? Please?" Although she was much calmer, Rosalie was as impatient as ever.

"Yes, and we'd like to know exactly what is going on," Jasper said.