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Operation Cold Ones

Bella has been keeping a secret from Edward & evryone shes ever known. “What the hell is going on Bella!” he cried out. The sound of the gun sounded off frightening the students as it echoed in the classroom. "I'm sorry Edward." Truely original fanfic!


1. The Beginning of the End

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I can’t do this. I could feel my heart racing at the speed of light. At my side, I could feel Edward’s questioning gaze as he squeezed my hand in an attempt to get my attention. I could feel the tears beginning to form at the corner of my eyes. I couldn’t let them fall, I’d give myself away. I looked down at my watch. 5 minutes… My mind began to go over the plan again in my head. This had to be the single most difficult task I’d ever had to accomplish in my entire life. I could feel my free hand shaking. I balled it up into a fist as I looked over at my other hand that was intertwined with the hand of the love of my life, who I was about to betray in oh… 4 minutes… If there was any other way to change the fate that lay ahead, I would. If my death was the option to fixing everything, I would gladly take it. There was no going back now. Just stick to the plan Bella.

Bella, you ready?,” I heard Annetta speaking in my head.

Ready to make the biggest mistake of my existence, leave my life and future behind and embrace my destiny?

Yes I am,” I communicated back.

Were ready as well,” I heard Kiyoko and Delaina in the distance.

Let’s get this done clean and fast ladies, we are set up in the cafeteria lot, teleport here when objectives 1,2, and 3 are complete. Bella and Annetta will be escorting the victims. Places ladies, 1 minute,” Madam Irene firmly ordered.

Yes, Mam,” we all thought in unison.

My thoughts were no longer of doubt and fear, but grief and determination. I squeezed Edward’s hand lightly and turned to face him, meeting his worried expression. My breath caught a little, staring at his beautiful golden eyes, my Edward, the reason for my existence, my angel. I promised myself that this wouldn’t end badly, that Edward and the rest of our family would be safe. I gazed longingly into his eyes, hoping this nightmare would soon be over.

“I love you, Edward,” I stated seriously. Then leaned in to kiss him softly on the lips. Before he said a word, it was too late.

The fire alarm in the classroom began blazing startling the students and teacher. The door flipped open banging into the wall as Kiyoko and Delaina walked in masked from head to toe in black carrying mp5s. I could feel the tears finally spilling over as students began screaming and backing away from the armed people.

“All right nobody move and no one gets hurt. You’ve seen it enough on TV you know the procedure,” Delaina spoke. Everyone was frozen in shock slowly getting to the ground. Some girls were crying as well while Mr. Banner was cowering in the corner of the room.

“Shit! Bella I can’t move! What the!,” I heard Edward moan next to me. Don’t panic love. Everything will be alright, all part of the plan.

You can make your move Bella, we’ve got Edward covered,” Annetta communicated.

“Rest the eyes, rest the mind, this I demand, sleep sound on my command,” I whispered quietly, but unfortunately not quiet enough for Edward not to here.

“What the hell is going on Bella!,” He cried out. The sound of a gun sounded off frightening the students as it echoed in the classroom.

"I'm sorry Edward."

Then instantly every sound stopped and the room became silent except for the twenty bodies that fell to the floor.