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Operation Cold Ones

Bella has been keeping a secret from Edward & evryone shes ever known. “What the hell is going on Bella!” he cried out. The sound of the gun sounded off frightening the students as it echoed in the classroom. "I'm sorry Edward." Truely original fanfic!


2. Code Name Betrayal

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“Objective 1 complete,” I stated aloud. Getting up from the ground. I slowly turned to look at a very pained Edward. I felt the panic begin to arise.

“Why is he hurting? It’s not suppose to hurt him?," I asked Kiyoko, who was walking over along with Delaina.

“He isn’t in any pain,” Delaina stated. “He’s just probably frustrated at the fact that he can’t read our minds, either that or in shock. That’s the usual response.

“How long will that last?,” I asked promptly.

“Not for very long,” Kiyoko answered. “Let’s get moving girls.”

“Bella! Please tell me what’s happening! Who are these people!?,” he practically yelled. I could feel the tears coming once again. I was speechless and the room went silent once again. The others looked at me in pity. They knew I loved Edward. They knew I loved all of the Cullens and the Hales. They understood this was harder for me than any task they have ever undergone, even though they have more experience in…what we are. “Damnit! Isabella what are you not telling me!, he screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Are you going to be okay Bella?,” Kiyoko asked.

“What kind of question is that? If your asking if I’m going to get my job done then the answer is yes,” I retorted back a little more aggressively than I aimed for. They simply nodded their heads in understanding and began to walk over all the bodies on the floor heading back to the entrance.

“We have to get going, were off schedule,” I said as I looked down at my watch. I turned to Edward once again. He looked like hell. If he could be crying I think he could. “Follow me Edward.” His expression had changed from anger to confusion.

“But I can’t move!,” He yelled once again. I closed my eyes for a few seconds before opening them once again.

“Now you can,” I whispered. “Now, follow me Edward. If you don’t I’ll have to get the others to help me drag you out. Believe me this way is easier. I promise to explain later. Don’t bother fighting back, your strength and your powers are useless against us. We…I don’t plan on hurting you love. I promise everything will be okay,” My voice broke at the last sentence as the dry sobs began to arise from my chest. I began walking to the door and surprisingly he followed me. My stubborn Edward is listening to me.

“Bella stop walking!,” he yelled. I continued walking. I couldn’t stop, Objective 2 awaited. I turned to see that he had stopped. “Tell me what the hell is going on Bella or you and me aren’t going anywhere,” he stated darkly. I sighed deeply and rubbed my temples to distract him.

Get over here now Annetta. He’s being stubborn.”

Hah…thought so.” Behind Edward Annetta teleported. He hadn’t notice. I began walking towards her as did she, but Edward came at me faster, not realizing her presence. He grunted slightly when he stood a foot away from me.

“Why can’t I hold you Bella?,” he whispered as he stared deeply into my eyes. I could see that he tried to once again. No use. The force field would not let him touch me right now. I’ll take the pain away love I promise. “Bella, I love you, too. Why won’t you tell me what’s happening?,” he croaked. I needed to press on. I knew this was to be expected, I needed to press forward. I started walking towards Annetta, brushing past Edward as we exchanged sad glances. It startled Edward once she came in view.

“Who are you! What do you want from me?,” he yelled. Annetta turned to him.

“We need you to help us out, by cooperating so we can get this done faster and give you and your family an explanation sooner,” she stated as a matter of fact.

“What are you ta- Don’t you dare hurt my family! What the fuck Bella! Don’t do this to me, if you love me explain!,” he cried. I couldn’t do this right now. I had to be strong. I had to get through this. I ignored him and began walking towards Alice’s classroom. Annetta obediently followed her leader. Edward followed hastily behind us.

“Those people aren’t hurt are they?,” he questioned, referring to the student who lay unconscious.

“No they aren’t Edward and we don’t plan on hurting any of them. There merely in a deep sleep,” I replied in a pained tone. I needed to comfort my love more then anything. Let him know that I love him, that things will be okay, and that I’m a stupid idiot that truly is a magnet for danger. We continued down the hallway as Delaina and Alice came into view. Alice’s expression was livid. Pain washed through me again she looked relieved and shocked when she saw me.

“Bella! Oh Bella did they hurt you?,” she asked, as she ran towards me and hugged me tightly.

“No, Ali-“

“Of course she wasn’t hurt. Apparently, she’s one of them,” Edward whispered. Alice turned and noticed him for the first time behind me. I knew Alice and Edward well enough to see that they were having an unspoken conversation. She faced me once again in confusion.

“Bella…what is this?,” she said aloud as she took a step away from me and toward Edward. I stared at her in silence.

This one is like a sister to me you know,” I said to Annetta and Delaina. Both looked up at me.

I know, but don’t forget you have an obligation to your other sisters as well. I’m sorry Bella we’ll talk more later but we have to get going,” Annetta replied. Delaina nodded her head in agreement. I simply nodded back.

I began walking again, the others complied to follow but I knew this wasn’t the end of Alice’s questioning. Her premonitions were moot as well when it came to us, just like Edward’s mind reading. Useless.

“This Alice, will be hell,” I whispered into the quiet noon. I warned the others about their families “special” capabilities and also informed them on their “diet”. It unfortunately didn’t make a difference. They still were what they were.

Give us 5 minutes, report back to Madam Irene now,” I commanded to Delaina and Kiyoko.

Yes mam,” they both replied.

Retrieving the others was not pleasant, but we all knew this wouldn’t be pleasant. This of course was my first mission, first time, not that I ever wanted to be any part of this in the first place. Curse fate. The only fate I wanted was to be with my Edward for as long as I lived. Rosalie had to be the most difficult. I recalled her yelling, “I knew you were trouble from the beginning!”

I know Rose, I was, but I didn’t even know back then. Emmett and Jasper joined us by this point. Jasper was confused and in shock just as Alice was and Emmett was surprisingly furious at me, just as Rosalie was. We were approaching the parking lot. We would be taking a separate van than the others, and a separate van from where Esme and Carlisle would be as well. Then something occurred to me. I stopped in my tracks.

No this will not flop. They would not get hurt in process of trying to formulate a plan to get out of this. Reality was, there was no escape for them for the time being. I turned quickly to glare at all 5 people behind me. I stared intently at each one of them except for Annetta, sheilding their thoughts in the process.

“Wha-what…How did…,” Edward whispered incredulously.

“Play by the rules and this will all be over soon,” I said to all of them.

“You know what Bella you can-“ Roses voice was muffled by Emmett’s hand that covered her mouth.

“Save it, babe,” he said to her in a stressed tone.

I ignored her comment still feeling the dagger that stabbed through my heart repeatedly. We reached the second van.

“Objective 2 complete,” I stated allowed so that they could all hear me.

Were clear,” I said to Delaina and Kiyoko. “Come now.”

Annetta and I stood perfectly still and silent as we waited for the others. They appeared silently behind us. I knew because each one of the Cullens and Hales gasped at the sight of them appearing out of thin air.

“Holy shit!,” Emmett barely whispered.

We ignored them turning to face each other. We circled up holding hands.

“Thy strength is renewed, now comes the break of day, awake now there’ll be no dismay,” we all chanted out loud as we closed out eyes in concentration. Dumb spell. There would be panic at their wake. After a matter of seconds gunshots and screaming began again.

“What the hell is going on in there? Why are you killing people Bella!,” Alice screeched. She pouted and huffed, frustrated from not being able to move freely.

“You said no one was going to get hurt Bella!,” Edward cried out. I’d never heard him speak so loudly and sternly to me.

“No one was, now get in the van,” I simply stated. Everyone was silent. I could only see betrayal in their eyes that bore into mine now, the eyes of the people I loved.

“Where are you taking us?,” Jasper asked formally stepping in front of the group as a protective maneuver.