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Operation Cold Ones

Bella has been keeping a secret from Edward & evryone shes ever known. “What the hell is going on Bella!” he cried out. The sound of the gun sounded off frightening the students as it echoed in the classroom. "I'm sorry Edward." Truely original fanfic!


3. It's Complicated

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Where are you taking us?,” Jasper asked formally stepping in front of the group as a protective maneuver.


“We will be taking you out of state,” I answered indifferently. “I can’t tell you any mo-“

“Are Esme and Carlisle any part of this?,” Rosalie cut in fiercely. I stared at her in regret. She would never learn to like me after this. Ever. That is if she got the chance…Which hopefully she would.

“Yes, unfortunately,” I whispered. Alice’s eyes bore angrily into mine.

“Will we get any real answers Bella?,” she spat. I couldn’t say anything it would give away my position.

“Everything will be explained soon enough,” I answered giving her a meaningful look hoping she would catch on. She looked back at me with realization on her face. Thank god, Alice. I released the shield on her mind. Instantly Edward turned to face her as her thoughts transferred to him.

“Get in the van now we don’t have anytime left,” I said impatiently looking at my watch. All of them hesitated as Annette, Delaina, and Kiyoko got into the front of the van. Edward gave me a worried look and stepped into the back of the van first, followed by Alice with an anxious and frustrated expression. I filed in last banging the sliding door behind me. They all sat farthest away from me except for Alice and a very timid Edward.

Objective 3 complete,” I said to the girls and Madam Irene.

Nice work Ladies, we expect you to report back in 4 hours,” she replied.

Yes Mam,” we said in unison.

Clear. Now it was time to put my plan into action.

“Girls?,” I called from the back.

“Kiyoko has got you covered in 3-2-1,” Delaina counted off. Finally. I felt the backlash and banged my head on the side of the truck, but shrugged it off and lunged myself into Edward’s arms. I took in his sweet scent deeply as I began bawling with my head curled under his neck. He was shocked at first but I was glad when he responded by hugging me back tightly dry sobbing.

“Bella…,” he choked. His eyes were filled with questions. I suddenly felt a hand rubbing my back gently I turned around to see Alice’s worried look as she tried to comfort me. Edward pulled me into his lap and rested his arms around me.

Thank you so much,” I said to my sisters.

Anything for you Bella, now make it as quick as possible, I'm gonna be hitting my emergency energy stash soon,” Kiyoko answered.

“Tell me what’s going on, the tension is killing me,” Edward asked.

“Why the hell are guys comforting her? Did I miss something?,” Emmett practically yelled.

“Let me explain Emmett,” I managed to croak.

“Oh, hell you better Bella!,” Rosalie screamed. "Who the fuck are those people and who..what are they...you?!," she continued.

“Just hang on. Let me speak and explain for the remainder of the ride, this spell won’t last very long,” I replied quietly.

“What th- What the fuck are you talking about spells Swan?!,” Rosalie screamed once more.

This girl is really annoying me, can I reverse her face and her ass please?,” Annetta asked. Hehe.

No, it’s okay. I don’t have a shot now at making mends with her now, but I especially won’t if you do that."

“Rose! Can it! Let her talk,” Alice yelled back.

I glanced at the 4 confused and angry pair of eyes staring at me, waiting impatiently.

“I don’t know where to start,” I sighed in defeat.

Don’t forget to mention us!,” Delaina squealed.

Of course, I won’t,” mentally rolling my eyes at her.

“Love, start with what happened earlier,” Edward asked. I thought about that for a second. No, I had to go back further, they wouldn’t understand the reasoning behind any of it.

“Actually I know where I should probably start so that you’ll understand all of the events that occurred and will occur in the future.” I felt relief wash through me as I realized this was it. No more secrets. “The events trace back to when you guys left Forks this was also shortly before Alice came back for me.” I guess they weren’t expecting that. There expressions became thoughtful.

“I started noticing…some strange things. I…it can best be explained as things that were inhuman and impossible. I mean…one day I was in my room simply thinking of how badly I wanted a glass of water and next thing I knew, a glass of water dropped from thin air onto my bed. Spilling it all over my bed.” I stopped at the sound of Emmett’s giggling. I looked up at him seriously.

“Hah-ah…I’m sorry Bella but this is just way too…Blair witch project for me. This just sounds like a bunch of bullshit,” he continued laughing. If only he knew. Well, he was about to know. I waited for him to finish, before Rose rammed him in the stomach. “Sorry Bella, go ahead,” Emmett said. I pressed on more strongly now, recovering from my break down.

“More small occurrences similar to the water incident kept happening. I eventually decided I wasn’t going crazy and wanted to try to figure out what the heck this…this thing was. I noticed it usually occurred when I wanted something. I practiced around the house for the heck of it. It scared me at first, but probably not as much as it should have, knowing that vampires existed, I should have been thinking any thing was possible at that point," I laughed to myself.

“All I had to do was concentrate on something and I could make it happen…most of the time that is.” It was silent for a second as I turned around in Edward’s lap. It was the first time I looked at Edward. His expression was unreadable. I could tell he wanted me to press on. He kissed me lightly on the forehead in encouragement. I sighed deeply. My love, anything for you.

“I didn’t know what to do about it. Not that it was an inconvenience or anything, but it was still…weird and creepy and I needed to tell someone I could trust and it’s not like I would tell Charlie. I’d already made him worried enough about my mental health when Edward left. Telling him this might have given him a heart attack.” I felt Edward cringe slightly at my last reference. I felt bad for bringing it up but I needed to. I took his hand and squeezed it tightly to assure him everything was fine and that it was a thing of the past. I wish I could say that in other cases.

“Natually, I decided to tell Renee since I was closest to her and as Edward knows, she has quite an imagination and open mind so if anyone she would actually consider what I was saying. I flew over to Florida for the weekend.” I paused for a second trying to recall the events exactly. I knew I didn’t have much more time to explain.

“I told her about the things that had been happening.” I could still picture the awe and realization in her face. “She…didn’t question me the entire time. When she finally spoke, the first words to come out of her mouth were, “For the past 18 years, I’ve had the feeling this was going to come regardless of Luisa’s reasoning.” I was confused at first, of two things. Has Renee actually been hiding something from me? I thought she told me everything and who was Luisa? Renee revealed to me that Luisa was her best friend when she was in high school. She was the only one who was aware of her...secret. She also revealed to me that she was my real mother.” I heard several gasps. I lifted my head up to see puzzled looks on everyone’s faces.

“But..how-,” Alice whispered quietly. Her and Rosalie exchanged glances.

“At first I was furious,” I continued. I flipped out on her big time. I began throwing really hurtful questions at her, which I regretted yelling later on. When I finally calmed down, I asked her where my real mother was. She told me that she hadn’t spoken to her since she left me with her when I was merely weeks old.”

“Why did she leave you?,” Jasper spoke for the first time.

“Renee said that she didn’t give her much of an explanation. She did mention she looked frightened and in a rush to leave. The only things she said to my Renee were, “Take care of her, she’ll be safe with you. I can’t keep her right now. I promise I’ll be back.” Then she ran out of the door. She didn’t give Renee anytime to ask questions. She just bolted out. Renee explained she didn’t tell me because after a year my mom was reported as a missing person. In my mother’s will, I was to be left with Renee. She wanted me to grow up having a real mom, so she raised me as her own. After 5 years, she finalized her decision realizing my mother wouldn’t be coming back.”

“Did you forgive her?,” Alice asked timidly.

“Yes, I did. I knew she did it for my sake and she truly loves me. Just because I found out she wasn’t my real mother, didn’t decrease my love and respect for her.”

AH! This is where we come in Bella!,” Kiyoko screeched. I chuckled lightly. The others were glancing at me, wondering what I was laughing about. I would have to explain the silent communication with my sisters.

“I flew back and decided to confront Charlie. He seemed ashamed and embarrassed at first but I assured him I wasn’t angry. I told him though that I did want to learn more about my mother though.” I paused glancing towards the faces that were no longer as guarded and angry as earlier.

“This is where Annetta, Delaina, and Kiyoko come in,” I smiled.

“You mean the girls up front?,” Emmett asked.

“Yes them,” I replied. “It was late one night and something woke me up, some kind of muffling noise. I flipped over to see Annetta kneeling on the floor with her face 2 inches away from mine. I screamed at the top of my lungs and I saw Delaina and Kiyoko appear out of thin air in front of my bead as well,” I said as my sisters’ laughed boomed in the car.

“Yeah, yeah, shut up let me finish,” I yelled.

“By the time they finally got me to calm down. They told me they were here to help me with the strange things that had been happening to me. I was very timid and scared at first. That’s when Annetta took my hand and placed it on her forehead. I gasped at first marveled by what I was seeing. I mean vampires were one thing but this was just unreal! It was like I was watching a movie except I was the main character at all times moving through scene. She first showed me my mother, she was holding a baby that wasn’t me, then she flashed to a short scene of 3 little girls at the beach with my mother. Next thing I knew, she projected a more recent video of her and the other two girls that were present in my room. It was them when they were younger, with my mother. She then showed me my mother having another baby, it was me. I could tell for some reason. I also had a weird feeling that made me believe it was me. She shifted the image to one of me at my current age. I was walking on school campus. Her last image was one of my mother running with me in her arms. I didn’t know what to think. It was too much information for my brain at 2 in the morning from 3 strangers that now stood in my room uninvited. How was she able to..DO that? Had she even witnessed those events? Why did they know my mother? I asked her to further explain what I saw and who she and the rest of them were,” I smiled to myself. I wondered how they would react at my next sentence.

“They told me they were my sisters,” I said in relief. More gasps came from the back of the van.

“How could you not have know you had sisters?,” Edward questioned rhetorically.

“It occurred to me then what the images she was projecting meant. The only thing I was confused about was why we looked so different from one another if we were related-“

“I was just about to ask you that,” Alice replied giggling.

Edwards voice was suddenly furious and annoyed, “Why are you only telling us all of this now Bella??”

“I’m sorry Edward. This isn’t even half of it but I couldn’t say anything becau-“

“BELLA!,” Delaina yelled interrupting me mid-sentence. “Somone- something is headed out way and their converging quickly! Scan the area! ,” she exclaimed in a panicked voice. I got up off of Edward’s lap and closed my eyes, focusing my senses on the outside perimeter. I opened my eyes to see 4 shocked faces staring at me.

“What ever it is it isn’t human,” I croaked. Edward and the rest of them exchanged glances before Emmett spoke.

“Would we happen to be anywhere near the Quileute Reservation?,” he asked seriously. My eyes widened involuntarily. Their expressions turned to disgust as they sniffed the air.

“Oh…shit!,” I replied. BANG! BANG! BANG! The walls of the van shook as everyone abruptly fell to the bottom of the van.