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Operation Cold Ones

Bella has been keeping a secret from Edward & evryone shes ever known. “What the hell is going on Bella!” he cried out. The sound of the gun sounded off frightening the students as it echoed in the classroom. "I'm sorry Edward." Truely original fanfic!


4. Earth, Wind, Water, Fire

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Are we anywhere near the Quileute Reservation?,” he asked seriously. My eyes widened involuntarily. Their expressions turned to disgust as they sniffed the air.

Oh…shit!,” I replied. BANG! BANG! BANG!

JPOV (Jacob)

Seth get the left side!,” I yelled. Sam had already positioned himself at the top of the van. I sprang onto the right flank position. I sniffed the air once more. That’s not just any bloodsucker. That’s Cullen suckers! What the hell are they doing here!?

Jacob, calm down I smell them too,” Sam spoke to me.

Yeah, well as long as I get to rip Edward to shreds I don’t CARE who ha-“

No it couldn’t be. I smelled the through the whole in the van once more. Bella? My insides tightened as I felt the betrayal washing over me.


“Great were probably on their territory,” Emmett yelled.

“I don’t think right now is the best time to put up a fight,” Edward said. “Not that we could fight in the current situation.”

“We need to get rid of them,” Jasper cut in. “We can deal with them later.”

He’s right Bella, were already off schedule,” Delaina said with panic in her thoughts.

“We can’t just ditch them! Once they here what’s going on in Forks there going to give the police the direct lead as to where the hostages went!.” I yelled to the front as I sat back up. “They may lead them directly to where we are,” I whispered. I looked to see Alice incredulous.

“H-hostages?,” she screeched. “What in the world is going on Bella!? Who did you take hostage?,” She asked incredulously. I gave her a knowing look and looked at each of the Cullens and Hales.

“You are the hostages,” I answered.

“Why are you taking us hostage?,” Jasper and Emmett yelled. Edward remained at my side speechless.

“It’s so no one will question your absence. You will be gone for a while and so will I. We are only staging captivity,” I replied. Rose abruptly stood up and stood directly over me with a fierce intimidating gaze.

“Who are you and what do you need with us, because you obviously are not the Bella we thought we knew,” she spat. Every word pierced my heart. The banging in the background continued. I sighed deeply but before I could go on I was cut off.

“I have an idea Bella,” Kiyoko spoke from the front. “Have the Wind sisters take care of them,” she mused.

“Memory wipe? Perfect,” I decided. I’ll let them know.

“Give me a second Rose and I will explain,” I said as I closed my eyes and concentrated. She huffed impatiently.

Sister’s of the Wind,” I called. After a few seconds a faint voice filled my head.

Yes, sister Earth,” Fiona replied.

Were having a small issue with transportation,” I sighed.

Ahh, I see. I’m guessing you would like for us to remove them and strip there memories of following you?,” She asked.

Yes, indeed. Place each of them separate from each other in the woods of the reservation. Give us 30 minutes for us to get out of their smelling range,” I commanded.

Yes, mam,” she replied.

I opened my eyes to see four curious stares once again.

“You can communicate by mind?,” Edward asked skeptically.

“It has its restrictions of course, I can only communicate with my sisters, the leaders of the other groups of sisters, and the guardians.” Each of them kept to themselves except for Rosalie who once again pressed me for the question she had asked before.

“Stop avoiding the question Bella!,” She pointed her finger at me. I whipped around to see her furious expression.

“My mother was a witch!” I yelled in her face.

Calm, Bella, you don’t want to cause an Earthquake again,” Annetta reminded me.

I dropped to my knees covering my ears and began breathing heavily through my nose. This time no one made a sound. After a minute or so I decided to continue.

“It’s in my blood. I had no choice,” I whispered. “Our family is the descendants of Aniela Defendere.” She was the beginning of the Defendere Witch Clan. She had 4 children, all ladies and each of them had 4 daughters and each of those daughters had 4 daughters, which is my current generation of sisters. With or without sexual relations, they each had a daughter at a certain age in their life,” I exhaled heavily. “Aniela is my Great grandmother. Each of her daughters had special strengths and unities with nature; earth, wind, fire and water. The youngest daughter’s strength was Earth. She was also the leader of the sisters. Aniela was their Guardian who taught them how to use their powers for good and protect mankind and each other. That’s what they were trained to do ever since,” I finished. I felt Rosalie’s hand on my shoulder and looked up at her unreadable gaze.

“Are vampire’s considered part of the danger to humans?” she whispered aimlessly. “Is this why you’ve taken us?” I didn’t expect this reaction from Rosalie, then again she was the one who suffered from being what they were the most. I felt pain for her regardless of her hateful feelings toward me.

“Until my mother’s generation, no they weren’t at first,” I sighed.

“What happened during your mother’s time?,” Edward asked taking me into an embrace. I took in his heavenly scent, forgetting everything for a second. Why me? Why them? I pulled away from him and walked to the back of the van slowly.

“When my mother took me to Renee, she was in a hurry because she was worried they would find me. She knew they would find her eventually, but she wanted to protect them from taking me as well. I was her fourth and last daughter. Her duty was done so long as she could give birth to me and leave me in trustworthy hands. She would have given me up either way, their children were not allowed to live with them anyways.”

“Why not?,” Rosalie asked in a sad tone.

“And who is they?,” Edward asked cutting her off.

“It wasn’t always like that. It was for our protection that we be separated. It would be devastating to the sister’s powers if more that one of them were killed and it would be devastating to the whole clan if we no longer have at least one sister in each line of elements. This way lessened the chances. We would be reunited when we turned 18. That’s when our powers emerge and that’s when we would train together,” I took in a deep breath and turned to Edward.

“The people that were after my mom, were the vampires that killed her,” I choked out. His face contorted in horror.

“Oh my god Bella.” Alice whispered.

“Which vampires?,” Jasper asked from behind me. I turned slowly to face him with no expression on my face.

“The Volturi,” I said. The commotion then started as the others began to converse with each other in fear and confusion.

“Bella, is that why the Volturi wanted to change you?,” Edward asked.

“No it wasn’t actually, if they did know though, they wouldn’t have let me go without a fight. If I refused they would have just killed me like they killed my mother. This is why our sisters are separated from their birth mothers now. The Volturi have been hunting down witch clans ever since, so that they could change their victims. They believe that with our current powers as humans, they would intensify greatly as vampires.” The silence remained for several minutes as each one of them pondered on the information that I could only imagine was too much to bare.

“I can’t believe…why…oh my goodness this is horrible. We need to let Carlisle know about this. Where are they?,” Alice asked.

“Actually, they’re technically with us,” I pointed to a camera in the corner.

“They know what’s going on and they’ve been able to hear our conversation this whole time so they are up to date.” Their faces showed worry as they each zoned out staring up at the camera.

“I promise there safe,” I whispered. “There in a van slightly ahead of us.”

“So because of the Volturi you plan on punishing all vampires?!,” Emmett whispered fiercely.

“I don’t,” I replied quickly. “Madam Irene has something else in mind. I have nothing to do with it. She is the head mistress, Grandmother Earth.”

“Look, I don’t care who’s in charge,” Rosalie snapped. “I want to know what the hell she plans on doing with us. We have nothing to do with what the Volturi is doing!,” She yelled, pointing out the obvious.

“I know Rose, just let me finish!,” I yelled back at her.

“Bella,” Annetta called from the front.

“Were here. I’m sorry I have to put the field down,” Kiyoko sad sadly. You’ll have to find some other opportunity to explain the rest, they’ll here you,” Delaina said as she turned to us. “Just believe me when I she loves every single one of you. I know how this looks like, but we will do everything in our power to help you out and the others that are like you,” she finished. Oh no I hadn’t mention them.

“What do you mean the others that are like us?,” Edward ask. Soon realization had spread over their face.

“The Denali Clan?,” Jasper whispered incredulously.

“How are they any part of this?,” Edward asked wildly. I hadn’t expected that reaction from Edward.

“They aren’t the only vampire’s that will be involved,” I whispered shamefully.

“Who else then?” Alice hesitantly asked.

“Every vampire across the U.S.” I answered as I moved to open the door. I heard gasps and questions from behind me but my head was elsewhere.

My head was at my beautiful meadow with Edward. We were lying in the grass making out the different shapes of the clouds in the sky. Edward has his arms wrapped around my waist and his face buried in my hair.

That one looks like Rosalie’s convertible,” I laughed out loud. I could feel Edward chuckling in my hair. His fingers trailed the top of my shirt around my belly button as he whispered in my ear.

That one looks like a hippo,” he said sarcastically.

Wait where?,” I asked. He pointed to his other side but as I flipped over to face him, he took my cheek into his hand and held my gaze. My breathing and heart had stopped beating.

Just kidding,” he whispered.

He pulled his face closer to mine, enveloping his lips over my mouth as he kissed me passionately. I never wanted this moment to end.

Unfortunately that moment ended several weeks ago. I didn’t know how much longer it would be till I would get other moment like that with the love of my life. I braced my thoughts knowing that the tears were threatening to spill over once more.

I opened the door and stepped out of the vehicle into the dark cave. I stopped in my tracks staring in horror. The person standing in front of me was someone I did not want to see now or ever. His hazel eyes trailed my presence as he closed the space between us.

“Bella,” Paolo sighed in relief. He took me up in a large embrace and kissed me fiercely on the lips before I could tell him to stop. “I’m glad your okay,” he whispered as I pulled back and slammed into a cold hard chest and turned to see a very distant, and pained Edward.

“What’s the meaning of this Bella?,” he asked in quietly. Everyone’s eyes held shock and anger as they bore into mine.