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Operation Cold Ones

Bella has been keeping a secret from Edward & evryone shes ever known. “What the hell is going on Bella!” he cried out. The sound of the gun sounded off frightening the students as it echoed in the classroom. "I'm sorry Edward." Truely original fanfic!


5. Stage 1

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“Bella,” Paolo sighed in relief. He took me up in a large embrace and kissed me fiercely before I could tell him to stop. “I’m glad your okay,” he whispered as I pulled back and slammed into a cold hard chest and turned to see a very distant Edward.

“What’s the meaning of this Bella?,” he asked in quiet voice. Everyone’s eyes held shock and anger as they bore into mine.


Paolo now stared at Edward questioningly. I could feel my lunch coming back up. I was going to be sick. My face was already hot from my tears. I didn’t need the additional blush.

“Am I missing something here? Do you know them Bella?” Paolo asked. He glanced briefly at the five beautiful vampires that stand before him, in slight disgust. None of the wizards were fond of vampires to begin with. Then again, neither were any of the elders or younger witches, not after the Volturi incident. I knew better though, I knew they weren’t all bad, but my opinion would never matter at council, not yet at least. This was horrible timing, now this is just another added factor that will make things more difficult. I was planning on telling them about Paolo, just not yet. It wasn’t a priority compared to the situation at hand. I turned to Edward only to see that his face was turned away. The other’s eyes bore into mine with hate and confusion.

“It’s not what you think Edward.” I whispered trying to advance toward him.

“Well, apparently nothing happens to be what were thinking lately Bella!” Alice yelled in frustration, stepping in my way and throwing her hands up in the air. This hurt especially coming from my best friend but not as much as the hurt in Edward’s expression. I couldn’t look at them any longer. Peeking over Alice’s shoulder I could see that my love was at lost for words, his face was slightly flushed even for a vampire. I sighed in defeat and started walking away. There were three wizards flanked at Paolo’s sides. They would escort the Cullens. Paolo of course quickly caught up to me, following me into the dark tunnel of rock and dirt that surrounded us. I tried to compose myself before he imposed several questions about the previous exchange.

“Bella, dear, are you alright?” He asked, pulling my hand to a halt. I took in one deep breath.

“Not exactly but I assure you I will be. I do ask however that you not kiss me like that in the presence of others, or at all for that matter,” I finished. His face immediately fell I didn’t feel the way Paolo felt about me, my heart was taken; the supposedly natural bond did not exist for me. It still hurt me to hurt him regardless. He had been a good friend, almost as good as Jacob had been, just too much like Jacob had been. If only I could tell him my heart was already taken. It would only further complicate my plan. The silence extended and the only noise I could here was the faint complaints of Rosalie and Emmett far behind us.

“I just don’t understand it,” Paolo barely whispered. “Y-you were born for me,” he said, as he took my hand in his. I could feel a slight tingle in my palm, but no more. The fact was the natural reaction from my body was there, but my heart wasn’t. “But I promise I will be patient till you finally realize what your heart truly desires,” he said.

“Right now is not an appropriate time to talk about this Paolo, we have a job to do,” I said as I pulled my hand away and started walking ahead of him. He followed without a word.


The silence was eerie and though of the several times I’ve cursed the annoyance of my gift, I had never wanted it otherwise more than I did now. I now knew the reason as to why I couldn’t read Bella’s mind. She was one of them. The term “them” I did not even know the full meaning of. The quiet did however give me a good opportunity to go over the past couple hours events in my head.It all seemed so unreal and so sudden that I had to remind myself it wasn’t possible for vampires to dream. My Bella. I could feel my fists begging to be allowed the pleasure to destroy the next thing I could get my hands on.

I would never forgive myself for leaving her. First she befriends a young werewolf and their pack, now she turns out to be one of us. Creatures secluded from the real world. Something people are only aware of as legends and fairy tales. This I could not blame her for however, she had no choice as well. How would have I handled the situation if it had happened when I was still with her? How would her real family react? I couldn’t imagine the consequences nor could I imagine them now.

Of three things I was precisely sure of however: One, Bella loved me to the depths of hell. I do not know how I could ever think otherwise, especially after she had saved me from meeting my own personal hell. This situation was no exception. Whoever is running this operation is surely unaware to what degree our relations are with Bella. She would never hurt our family. Two, whatever Bella is, is what is what was keeping her from informing us beforehand about today’s events, or what happened when we…left, all together. Three, Jacob wasn’t the only friend Bella had made at our absence and I would have to face that consequence as well.

Bella had taught me that despite the demon I was, there was good inside of me and I was capable of loving and deserving of that same love. I couldn’t help but laugh mockingly at this. I had never been so disgusted with my existence. Due to the accident of a lifetime the ones I loved were in danger. Our secret was out and known by the wrong people. As much as it made sense to, I couldn’t resent Bella. From what Bella informed us of, we were doomed into this mess, by destiny. What was there to do when so much had been said and done?

If not for us ever coming into her life, this would of inevitably happened, either way. Might it only have complicated it? That didn’t matter now and there was no way to reverse this turn in events. This Paolo had…I immediately blocked the painful vision from my mind. He was one of them. Would he be better suited for her? I didn’t know, and this was why I was able to stop myself from ripping his throat out with my bare hands. Though I wasn’t sure if that had just been ‘them’ holding me back. The impairment in our strength and powers was a devastating complication. I did not need to be able to read my family’s minds to know that we were scared, for ourselves, for Esme and Carlisle, for the Denali clan, but most of all for Bella. Through the hatred and betrayal we all felt right now, the love for Bella still remained and was keeping our sanity. This I could not say on Rose’s behalf, but as for the rest of us, we have never more resented not keeping Bella on a more watchful eye.

The sound of high-pitched screaming broke me from my trance. I looked up to see that we were entering through large metal plated doors with a strange insignia on the front. The sight in front of me was truly shocking. The large stadium-sized room reminded me of a prison. Thousands of vampires were filing in through doors that lined the entire room, on either side. We were all slightly taken aback. The female vampire was clutching her stomached for dear life, screaming profanities. She was visibly a new born, scared, defenseless, and most likely thirsty. I made my way towards her leaving the other’s questioning eyes. I cautiously approached the girl. Seeing her closer up, I was appalled as I realized she was so young, maybe twelve or thirteen.

“What is your name?” I asked calmly. She continued screeching and tugging at the roots of her hair as she looked up at me.

“I can’t move!” She groaned. “It won’t let me get out of here. Who are all these people, who are you?!” She screamed once more.

“My name is Edward. These people that surround you are vampires and you are one of them, as am I. As for the people that took you, I’m not sure myself,” I replied. She looked at me questioningly and finally stopped thrashing, getting up slowly from the ground. She was still panting unnecessarily.

“I’m scared and I want to go home. My mom is probably freaking out by now. I feel sick too, there’s this burning in my throat that won’t go away,” she sobbed. Anger and guilt rushed through me. It was such a shame to begin with that she was changed, but at such a young age? I crouched down slowly to her face level…

“I’m very sorry that you have to be part of anything that will happen from here on out. Just know you’re not alone, all right? If you would like, you can stay with the rest of my family and I for the time being,” I said, looking at her weary, ruby red eyes.

“I just want all this to be over. I keep telling myself this is a bad dream but I haven’t woken up yet,” she said with a sad expression. “I feel like I haven’t woken up for days, but that’s ‘cause I haven’t been able to sleep much, or eat…I just don’t understand anything right now. Maybe I’m going crazy,” she finished.

“Believe me you’re not, yet at least,” I subtly smiled.

“It’s Josie by the way…my name is Josie,” she said. I took her hand and pulled her through the panic-filled crowd, unsure of what to expect any second from this moment on. For some reason it felt final, the journey with Bella. It felt like the game was over and we were both at lost. Things would be different from here on out and I feared that the result would be for the worse. I just hoped Bella was safe and we would see Carlisle and Esme soon and fix this mess. Till this moment I couldn’t fathom the situation. All I could do was worry for everyone. I thought back to the evening I proposed to my love, cringing at the pain that I felt at my nonexistent heart. Bella obviously had other loyalties now. She was strong and brave but I could not see how she would pull out of this. Regardless of our relationship, I did not know whom she would choose in the end.


My back was now faced towards Madam Irene. We stood quietly in the long stone corridor as the rest of my sister’s entered the hallway to listen to further instruction. My heart was about to fly out of my chest.

“Congratulations ladies, and a job well done!” she said. She paced slowly back and forth from wall to wall of the hallway. “Every vampire in this country…,” she snickered. “Simply, splendid. We’ll see what the Volturi will have to say about this,” she exclaimed. She was silent for a moment and it wasn’t till I looked up that I realized her attention was on me. “Your mother would have been very proud Bella. And now we shall proceed and welcome our guests, shall we?” She asked. She began walking ahead of us into the dark hall. I took the lead and the girls followed behind. I questioned myself as I did all the time. Was there any other way than this? Surely there was and I would find out sooner or later. This would not be the last of the vampire world. A light shone through a creak in the door as Madam Irene pulled it open and stepped out. I could not contain my gasp that followed the sight that lay before my eyes.

Hundreds…no wait…thousands of vampires were gathered in a monumental sized room. The area was filled with fear and anxiety. I could feel it in my fingertips.

“SILENCE!” One of the Elders roared. I turned my head to the side and of course the three elders other than Madam Irene stood from their thrones.

“Welcome to our home vampires!” Madam Clarice exclaimed with much enthusiasm. The room grew very silent as their attention turned towards the stage. “I appreciate your cooperation for those of you who did and didn’t have the choice, thank you very much!” She exclaimed with more sarcasm than necessary. “You are all probably wondering why you are all here! I guess I can start by telling you that you will be here for as long as I bid it necessary and any opposition will lead to your execution.” She rose stepped away from the throne crossing to the center of the stage. “You’re not so intimidating now are you?” She accused in a sinister tone. “I’m sure you are all aware of who the Volturi is,” she said. Brief murmuring spread through the audience. “Your supposed ‘leaders’ if that is what you would like to call them. I like to call them demons, MURDERERS, just as you are all as well! You stalk around thinking you are the superior of the planet’s race, killing as you please, destroying the innocents of the world! Well no more vampires! You now belong under our command! An you shall do what we say,” she yelled with distinct authority. Madam Irene motioned for Madam Clarice to be silent. She took center stage once more and Madam Clarice returned to her seat.

“I’ve been planning this operation for years and with the help of the strongest witches and wizards ever known to man, we will succeed in protecting the human world from all the evils that surround it. That includes you bloodsucking rodents!” she screamed. I did my best to hold my tears back. Tilting my head down to hide the anguish that filled my heart. Tonight you will all be kept alive, but tomorrow at the break of day, you all will be prepared for the first stage of our plan. Say goodbye to the royal vampire family forever!”