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Operation Cold Ones

Bella has been keeping a secret from Edward & evryone shes ever known. “What the hell is going on Bella!” he cried out. The sound of the gun sounded off frightening the students as it echoed in the classroom. "I'm sorry Edward." Truely original fanfic!


6. Cage Match

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“I’ll explain this as simply as possible. I like to call this little game of elimination…a cage match,” Madam Irene said. “Naturally, the more numbers, the greater advantage. But in this case, we need quality over quantity.”

The lights finally flickered on with the surge of a switch. My eyes immediately adjusted. Several gasps filled the room at the sight of the iron cage area in the middle of the large room; smaller than the last room but still massive. My mind was more concerned about everyone but myself at this very moment. I whipped around in a 360-degree circle. In the rush to crowd us into separate rooms, I had been separated from everyone in my family.

“Here is how the game will work,” she continued. “The thousands of you have been divided into several groups, all in separate rooms. In each room, ten vampires will be chosen at random to step into the arena. You will fight to the death and the last two standing shall move on. This gives you the opportunity to team up if you’d like. I personally think it’ll just make the game more interesting,” she finished with a sinister snicker. “I only guaranteed your lives, or whatever you call them, for the night, but this morning you shall fight to survive and to prove to me that you are strong enough to fight in my army.”

If it were possible, the blood from my face had been drained and my heart had sunk even farther into the vast emptiness of what soul I had. Vampires were going to die. I would have to kill, if I wanted to survive. The question was if I was willing to do that, if my family was willing to that.

No, we HAD to survive. We needed to come up with a solution to end this predicament. No Cullen would die here tonight, but at the expense of others, I guess we could only play the cards dealt at hand.


“Kiyoko I have no choice!” I whispered fiercely. Her wide eyes were begging, searching for a proper reason that I shouldn’t go. “He’s strong. They're strong,” I said to all my sisters. “But, I don’t know how their chances will stand if they are separated.”

“Bella, if you are caught…” Delaina whispered in agony.

“I know, I know. But every move I’ve made since this all began has been an incredibly big risk. There is no difference now. I need to follow through with my plan if I’m going to save my family,” I said in a determined tone.

“You have other loyalties Bella,” Annetta said suddenly.

“What are you saying?” I asked. This couldn’t be good.

“I’m starting to think this isn’t the best idea,” she replied.

“What the hell are you talking about Netta!?” Kiyoko screeched. “She is your sister!” she continued.

“I am one hundred percent aware of that! The question is, is she?” she retorted. She took the moment to compose herself and calm down. The light in the corridor flickered ever now and then, casting a faint glow on Annetta’s solemn face. “Is he really worth it Bella? Are they? We can all get in an infinite amount of trouble if any of your sketchy plans go wrong!” she groaned. “Think about us too, Bells!”

“I love you! I love him! I love them!” I yelled. “There is no choice in this,” I said turning away from the girls. Slowly I sunk to my knees, placing my hands over my face. “I’ve waited for him all my life and I didn’t even know it before I met him,” I said, more to myself. “I want to BE one of them for crying out loud!” At this the girls gasped in shock. It was silent for a minute, as no one knew how to react to my comment.

“That is how much I love them,” I finished. “I would give up anything for them. They’re part of my family, as are you, so I am determined to find a way to make it work,” I said. I felt another tear slide down my cheek. I stumbled onto my feet, getting a grip on the wall. “Do you love me enough to make this sacrifice for my sake?” I asked.

“Of course we do Bella,” Annetta cried as she ran to my side, wrapping her arms around me as she bawled into my neck. “I’m so…sorry…” she mumbled. I could hear the footsteps of the other girls coming towards us. I turned to face them all. We each grabbed the other’s hands, communicating silently with our eyes to one another.

“I understand you guys and I’m sorry I’ve had to drag any of you into this, but this is the hand I’ve been dealt with. Are you with me?” I asked hesitantly. One by one the girls nodded their heads in agreement.

“How can we help?” Delaina asked.



It was no use. He couldn’t hear me. For once I was scared, truly scared of the outcome, but not because I couldn’t see what would happen. It was because I knew exactly what was going to happen. I was on my own, glancing around the anxious crowd. I was separated from my family and I would have to fight alone. We were untouchable as a united force, but apart, the chances were not good. Heavy sobs came rising from my chest and I was panting unnecessarily hard. Jasper…I cried to myself.

“Fight relentlessly,” Madame Irene continued. “Behind the bars, you will be able to use your powers. Let the games begin!”

Ten men emerged from a door at the corner of the room. These were the ‘wizards’ from the conversations I overheard earlier. Simply magnificent, the power that these people hold. They wove through the crowds roughly. The first man grabbed a young blonde woman who was maybe in her early twenties. I bowed my head down unable to watch, covering my mouth with my right hand. This was terrible. I couldn’t watch this.

Suddenly I felt two hands grab me by the shoulder and arm. They didn’t say a word as they effortlessly jerked me forward. At first I writhed in their grasp, but stopped halfway to the bars. What was the use of fighting back? I’d never felt so…weak in my entire vampire existence. I would need to reserve my energy as well. I knew very well I would have to fight. I would be lucky if any of the nine other vampires were unwilling to cause the others doom just as I was. Either way, someone had to die. Maybe I could team up with the woman. They said only the last two had to survive right? I couldn’t leave Jasper, my family, Bella…I cringed at the thought of her. I couldn’t let them down. I would survive.

“Alice!” Edward called. I searched furiously through the crowd trying to find the face of the all too familiar voice. There he was. His face just as distorted and pained as I imagined mine was now. Oh goodness, thank god Edward was with me. Surely we could win this. We had no other choice. The iron bars opened, making way for us to enter. The blonde woman already stood in the corner of the arena. She was visibly nervous, but there was a hint of determination in her expression.

“Alice!” I heard faintly from behind me. I knew that angelic voice anywhere.

“Jasper!” I cried out furiously. Scanning the crowd, I finally spotted him trying to make his way through a clustered group of vampires.

“Let me through!” he yelled menacingly. He was a mere three feet away from me. “Just take me instead!” he shouted out to the man holding me captive

“Disgusting…” the man mumbled. “You shut your mouth. Your turn will come eventually. No one gets to be treated special in this room, bloodsucker.” He angrily continued shoving me in the other direction as I tried unsuccessfully to reach out to the reason for my existence. “No!” I screamed. “Jasper!”

“I love you, Alice, I love you! Be strong,” he sobbed. Dry sobs escaped my lips uncontrollably. I knew if Jasper could, he would use his powers to let his love and belief in me emanate around Edward and I.

“Alice! I know this will be difficult for you, but you must be strong,” Edward groaned. He was struggling a foot away from me, as we both were being escorted to the opening of the cage.

“I know Edward,” I replied as the man released his grip on me and threw me in, followed by Edward. We both recovered quickly after falling to the floor. Edward’s expression was full of determination and the deepest anger I’ve ever seen in his eyes.

“You take care of her Edward!” Jasper yelled. My eyes turned to him. He was the only one I could see. Suddenly the pain dulled and it was as if we were just at the house, in our room, lying on the bed, talking about what we would dream about if we could dream. I felt my fists clench involuntarily. I would do this for Jasper. I looked back towards Edward. He was already scanning the mind of the other woman in the cage, preparing.

“Alright, Alice,” Edward continued. “We are able to use our powers now, ALL of them, so this won’t be difficult. At whatever expense, we can’t lose. We need to think about Carlisle, Esme, Ja—” Edward’s mouth abruptly froze mid sentence as I searched for the reason for his distraction

Then I saw her, a beautiful strawberry blonde vampire, who had just been thrown in after us. She leaned over the floor on her knees, uncontrollably shaking as she lifted her head up.

“Tanya,” Edward breathed out unsteadily.

“Edward,” she whispered back. Oh, God.