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Fighting For Our Love

Sequal to Cheating Death. It's been twenty five years of pure bliss and everyone is moving back to Forks. What happens when Rose is kidnapped in trickery for Bella? Who is kidnapping them? Can vampires be in physical pain? The time has come for Edward to save Bella, again. Can he succeed? Rated T for slight violence and hatred. Please read! Final Chapter up!!!


1. Forks

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Bella's Point of View:

"Edward are we really moving back to Forks?" I asked Edward as we were lying on the couch in our house in North Carolina. After talking about it for twenty five years all of us (Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, Edward, and I) we had decided to move back to Forks.

"Yes we are. I have a surprise for you when we get there." Edward told me sweetly.

"Oh, I can't wait to see what it is." I considered putting a shield around him to use his power to figure out what the surprise was. Ultimately I realized that was a bad idea and to just let Edward have his fun and surprise me.

"We should probably leave for Forks now." Edward suggested.

"True but, I love sitting here with you." I told him. I could spend eternity in his arms.

"Come on love, we have to go. We are already being the last ones there. The sooner we leave the sooner we can go back to lying just like this." He told me and instantly I jumped up and said.

"We have to go. Come on, come on!" I urged him as we headed towards the car and I tripped along the way. Edward caught me and chuckled. Being a vampire did not always help my natural balance issues I have had since I was a baby human.

The ride from North Carolina to Forks took us all of six hours traveling the at Edward's Volvo's top speed. As we turned onto the Forks exit. Surprisingly not much has changed in the last one hundred fifty years. There are some more modern city lights and buildings but other than that it is the exact same town Edward and I fell in love in. We took the long way to the house driving by Charlie's old house, the high school, the diner, and the cemetery. We stopped at the cemetery because I wanted to visit Charlie's grave. I have only been here once and that was the day of his funeral. It had been dark that day:

As they lowered Charlie's casket into the ground Jacob came over to me and said "When there was absolutely no turning back and knew he had no chance of survival. I told him you're secret. He was happy to know you had another chance at life and that you could have your happy ending with Edward. He died with a smile on his face." Charlie knew that I would be happy again someday and that made him happy. "Thank you Jacob, for everything, especially taking care of him."

That had been the last time I had seen Jacob. He died at age 93 in his sleep or at least that is what I was told by Seth. After looking at Charlie's grave for a few minutes Edward took me to our house.

"Edward wasn't that the driveway right there?" I asked confused we are supposed to be going to the house and he just missed the drive and turned on a completely different one. I shot him a confused look.

"It was the drive but we are going somewhere different." Edward said as he stopped the car and covered my eyes.

"Is this really necessary?" I asked him

"Yes, uncover your eyes in 3...2...1."

I opened my eyes to see a little cottage just like the one we stayed in on our honeymoon. I let out a little squeal of joy and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Edward is this our house?" I asked him. We had been talking about maybe getting a house of our own a few minutes from the other house. We had just been bouncing ideas back and forth about this.

"Yes it is our house. It was going to be your transformation present but you know. Do you like it?" He asked me.

"Yes! I love it! It's perfect!" I kissed him and when we broke apart we went inside to see the new house. I could not be more happy at the moment.