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Fighting For Our Love

Sequal to Cheating Death. It's been twenty five years of pure bliss and everyone is moving back to Forks. What happens when Rose is kidnapped in trickery for Bella? Who is kidnapping them? Can vampires be in physical pain? The time has come for Edward to save Bella, again. Can he succeed? Rated T for slight violence and hatred. Please read! Final Chapter up!!!


2. School and Disasters

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Bella's Point of View Two Weeks Later:

Today we start school. Alice and I are going to pretend to be twin sisters because luckily we have something in common in our looks. Arriving at the school we all went into the office. The office looks exactly the same just with more modern computers. There was a male receptionist this time and it was my turn to dazzle the human. Fun! We are nice to the humans but it's always fun to see their reactions when one of us dazzles them.

"Hi. My name is Bella Swan and these are my adopted siblings the Cullen's and Hale's and my biological twin sister, Alice. We're new and came to get our schedules. Do you happen to have them?" I asked and heard the human's heartbeat pickup speed and Edward chuckle too low for him to hear.

"The schedules are, um, right here, and there's an um, um, map. You had better um, hurry up to class." He said and handed us our stuff.

"Thank you so very much." I winked as we walked out of the office and Edward put his arm around me. "That was fun." I said as soon as we were out of his earshot.

"My locker is on the other side of the school. I'll see you second period." Edward said and kissed me before going to get his books and head off to his first class. We had four classes together and surprisingly one of them was sixth hour biology. I have first hour with Alice and third hour too. The only class I am not looking towards is gym last hour with Rosalie. She still does not like me very much. I have tried and tried but she still does not like me.

"So, ready to go deal with annoying human males?" Alice asked. No matter where we went to school the first three months were usually spent getting asked out by hormonal teenage males. After the first three months they get the message and stop asking us out. However for Edward, Emmett, and Jasper it takes about six months to stop getting asked out by the teenage females. It's really funny!

First hour Alice and I introduced ourselves and said we were from Alaska. The science teacher droned on and on all hour about something involving protons and electrons. Something Alice and I had heard many times and even majored in college in once (we put a list of majors on a dart board and threw darts at the majors).

Second hour Edward and I had English. Once again we had to introduce ourselves. The list of books to read was a good portion of my personal favorites and a few from when I had been growing up.

By my third hour French class I was ready for lunch. We still had fourth hour but after that we went into the cafeteria and stares followed all of us from the second we walked in. Edward put his arm around my waist as a few of the males whose names I did not know came up and they instantly turned around.

"You think this school would have changed sometime." Emmett commented.

"It's not in the best condition but it's doing pretty good." I argued back. This was Edward's and mine school; it is a very important place to us.

"So how many times have people gotten asked out?" Alice asked. It was always a contest to see who got asked out more usually it was me or Rosalie who won, which surprised me because I would think it would always be her.

"9," Jasper announced.

"13," Emmett said a second later.

"16," Alice told us in a very cheery voice.

"18," Edward said in an annoyed tone.

"24," Rosalie smugly said.

"37," I said in a very quiet voice. I have only won the asked out contest twice. There is no way Rosalie has thirteen less than me.

"37!" They all said at once.

The bell began to go off. "Saved by the bell," Edward said as we slid out of our seats and went towards our afternoon classes.

Later during sixth hour:

"Same classrooms, same desks, the room really hasn't changed." Edward commented as we entered the class room.

"Good than that means our desk is right here." I led us towards our desks, the same exact ones as last time. Just to be funny Edward tensed up like he had our first day together. I began to laugh and so did he.

The lesson began and we took notes all hour. The bell rang and I groaned. It is time for gym with Rosalie. That is just going to be oodles of fun.

Today in gym we were playing volleyball. I laughed at the memory of how many injuries had been inflicted when I was a human and played volleyball in gym. That was not one of the better memories.

Rosalie wasn't being very careful today. She kept using her ‘enhanced abilities' against me. Once she even said "I hate her," that stung.

Once school was out I met Edward at his Volvo and we rode home together. I was silent almost the whole way home, thinking about why she hates me so much, and if I am pulling them apart. Before we got out of the car Edward asked me "Bella what's wrong?" It's very sweet of him to be worried.

"I know Rosalie hates me. I was also thinking about the Volturi. How come they never came looking for me? I was such a ‘threat' apparently so wouldn't they come check up on me or something?" I asked worriedly on the Volturi, they can be a touchy subject with Edward.

"Rosalie does not hate you. She is just jealous of many things about you and you winning today really didn't help. The Volturi have most likely assumed you are dead or have forgotten about you. Either way you are safe. Nothing is going to happen." Edward reassured me sweetly.

"Okay." I agreed. He kissed me and we went inside. I still have a feeling something bad is going to happen to me or Edward or our family. I have to be wrong. Just like Edward said nothing is going to happen. My gut still told me I was wrong, very wrong.

We went inside to find Emmett throwing things against the wall and punching the door. That cannot be good. "Emmett why are you throwing things against the wall and punching the door?" Edward asked Emmett and caught the vase that was being thrown.

"She's gone." Emmett said and sank down to his knees.


It's my entire fault. I am causing them to break apart. I knew this day would come. I always knew I never fit in with this family. I have to fix things.