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Fighting For Our Love

Sequal to Cheating Death. It's been twenty five years of pure bliss and everyone is moving back to Forks. What happens when Rose is kidnapped in trickery for Bella? Who is kidnapping them? Can vampires be in physical pain? The time has come for Edward to save Bella, again. Can he succeed? Rated T for slight violence and hatred. Please read! Final Chapter up!!!


3. Captured

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It's my entire fault! My being back from the dead and being married to Edward is tearing them apart. Rosalie ran away, Alice is out looking for her through her visions, Emmett is freaking out beyond belief, Jasper is unsuccessfully trying to get him to calm down and is causing himself a head ache, Esme is going East looking for her, Carlisle is looking North, Edward is looking South and West is La Push so she will not be there. I can't do anything because Rosalie hates me and I'm the last person who could get her to come back. Everything is my fault!

Maybe after this is over Edward and I can go somewhere far away from them. The only problem is that leaving with him means that they will still be separated. The only way to keep them together as a family is to leave. If I leave I will break Edward's heart. Ugh! What do I do? I want to stop them from pulling apart but I love them and want to stay with them (more importantly Edward). I know there is no other way for me to keep them together then for me to leave.

How is it that in a matter of an hour everything went from being absolutely perfect to a complete and utter total disaster? Every time Edward and I are together we get broken up. Maybe, it just is not meant to be. Maybe I was supposed to stay dead. If I was dead they would still be together. No, I was supposed to die when Tyler hit my truck after that I was just interfering and messing up the Cullen's lives.

How do I leave? I want Edward to know that I still love him and I was doing this for his family. Quickly I sat down and began to write a note to Edward. It read:

Dearest Edward,

I'm sorry. I have done nothing more than break apart your family and your heart. I won't be doing that anymore. I am leaving you. I'm sorry it really is for the better. I still love you and always will but you need to be with your family. They do not need to be split up, which is all I ever seemed to cause. I am so terribly sorry for everything. You won't be able to find me because I am going far away and don't come after me. Enclosed is the ring. Hopefully someday you will be able to give it to someone who won't break apart your family. Good bye and I love you.

Terribly Sorry Love,

Isabella Marie Swan

Sliding the ring into the envelope I closed the envelope and laid it on the desk and began to grab a few necessities before Alice could see me and stop me. After taking one last look around the cottage I grabbed my car keys and my bag and shoved them in the trunk of my Volvo. Before anyone could stop me (I had a feeling Alice would see me soon) I began to drive until I got to the state border. After that I got out and began to run until I heard familiar screams... Rosalie. Running towards the screams I saw Rosalie captured by Jane, Felix, Alex, Chelsea and Demitri.

"There she is, now we can let the idiot blonde go." A familiar voice, Marcus said. There was a reason that Rose had left she had been kidnapped. Marcus's voice sent shivers down my spine.

"Rose. Let her go!" I screamed at him.

"Let the blonde go and take this brunette one. Before letting the blonde go I should enlighten you both on my genius plan. You see Bella; you have a power I want. So I decided I would capture Rosalie and then you would run away after feeling bad for hurting your odd family leading you straight to me. From there I would take you back to Volterra and train you to be one of our top guards of course first I would have to spend a few weeks beating the sense into you." Marcus explained and I screamed out hoping by some tiny miracle that Edward, Carlisle, Esme, any other one of them would hear me.

"Bella, I don't hate you. I was just angry." Rosalie apologized.

"It's okay. Tell Edward everything please!" I begged to low for them to hear. It was a dumb thing to put both of us so close together.

"I will." Rose promised and then I was dragged away but not before Marcus could order Chelsea to knock Rose out for a few days. He threw me over his shoulder and began to run towards Italy. I tried to fight but all he did was biting me so that I would stop. Eventually I gave up. Lowering my shield I began to think pleading thoughts on the off chance Edward was nearby.

Edward I need help!