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Fighting For Our Love

Sequal to Cheating Death. It's been twenty five years of pure bliss and everyone is moving back to Forks. What happens when Rose is kidnapped in trickery for Bella? Who is kidnapping them? Can vampires be in physical pain? The time has come for Edward to save Bella, again. Can he succeed? Rated T for slight violence and hatred. Please read! Final Chapter up!!!


5. Savior

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Bella's Point of View:

Kidnapped, locked in a vampire escape proof cell in Volterra and being beaten several times, vaguely describes the last twelve hours of my existence. Marcus, Jane, and Alex had been taking turns coming in and beating me. I had bite marks that would heal and was in serious pain.

Marcus came into the room. He was always the worst. I let out a blood curdling shriek as he bit into my arm. He slapped me for letting out my shriek. Edward where are you? He punched me over and over again and broke my arm (I had to immediately reset it or it would be like that forever).

It had been over two weeks since I had last fed so my eyes were pitch black which made the beatings hurt even worse. After ten minutes of what felt like one hundred years of pure torture Marcus got up and left but not before throwing me against the wall. I began to dry sob. The tearless sobs racked my chest until Jane came in. Jane was almost worst than Marcus because she does a mental beating and I don't have enough energy to put up my shield.

I began to twitch and shriek in nothing but an abyss of pure pain and torture but with each passing second the pain grew worse and worse. I began to call out Edward's name in complete desperateness to be free and safe. Wishing for the relief of unconsciousness that could never come because I was a vampire. So, I lay there for at least two hours waiting for something or someone or just the pain to stop when it finally did and Alex came in and began throwing me around the room and biting me.

In the distance I heard someone yell "Give her back!" With all the force their vampire body could muster. I registered the voice in my brain as Edward. As soon as Alex left giving me an hour to me I screamed out as loud as possible "EDWARD!" In all hopes that he would figure out my location before the next series of beatings.

"Bella!" Edward called back. I felt for the first time in a few days the sweet feeling of hope.

"Edward I'm in here!" I yelled back and tried to move but was still in too much pain to even move more than an inch without wincing and almost collapsing in pain.

"I'm coming! Are you hurt?" He asked. It's better to tell him than have him come in and be in total shock.

"Yes badly! Edward it really hurts!" I called back and let out an involuntary wince of pain as I tried to move again.

"Bella don't move a single muscle! Carlisle and I will be in there in a matter of mere seconds!" Edward ordered and I heard his voice break and say quieter "Carlisle she's hurt and she says badly."

"Okay! Edward I need you please hurry!" I yelled to him as his footsteps got closer to the door.

"Bella, I am almost there!" He tried to comfort me. He couldn't comfort me completely until he is right here in with me.

He came in through the door and rushed over onto the bad where I was lying. "Bella. I'm here. I'm here. Everything is going to be okay now. I love you."

"I love you too. Can we please go now this room scares me now?" I asked after Edward kissed me passionately.

"In a minute Bella, your injuries need to finish healing a bit more it should be about a minute and a half more." Carlisle ordered me.

"I believe these are yours." Edward said and slid my rings back where they would stay for the rest of eternity.

"I'm sorry I just thought..." I started but Edward cut me off.

"Do not blame yourself. You were tricked. Nothing is your fault here the only ones at fault are dead." He told me and I agreed. I was instantly relieved to find that the ones who had harmed me are dead.

"I won't. Now may we go home?" I asked Carlisle again. I really hate this room and this entire city, it will forever hold demons for me, no matter how long has passed.

"Yes you may leave now. The rest of them are waiting outside with a few cars. We should leave quickly." Carlisle told us.

"Bella would you like me to carry you?" Edward asked me as we began to walk out and it was fairly obvious I was still too sore to walk.

"Yes please." He instantly picked me up and carried me in his arms bridal style. I cradled my head against his chest. We met the others out in the parking lot with some (probably stolen) cars. They came towards us to hug me but Edward told them no. I was just too sore to do anything other than lay here in his arms.

"How many of them are dead?" I asked, my voice sounded very little.

"All of them, there is no more Volturi. Some people from the French coven are taking back their rightful throne, the one they held a long time ago." Edward explained.


"I love you Bella Cullen."

"I love you Edward Cullen." Then we kissed. None of it seemed to matter anymore. Anything, I have Edward, he has me and we are in love. Together we can face and overcome each and every challenge or obstacle that came our way from now on. In that instant the past, present and future seemed to melt together into joy and love.

We have forever and ever, nothing else matters anymore.