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Fighting For Our Love

Sequal to Cheating Death. It's been twenty five years of pure bliss and everyone is moving back to Forks. What happens when Rose is kidnapped in trickery for Bella? Who is kidnapping them? Can vampires be in physical pain? The time has come for Edward to save Bella, again. Can he succeed? Rated T for slight violence and hatred. Please read! Final Chapter up!!!


6. Eternity

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Edward’s Point of View before Rescuing Bella:

The plane ride to Florence was excruciating. I spent the entire ride worried about Bella. I kept having a feeling that beautiful Bella was in pain. The feeling got worse as the time went on. It was almost like I could feel her pain and the more they hurt her the more they hurt me.

We landed and I practically flew off the plane and into the parking lot where I quickly took the fastest car I could find and began to drive. Before I started to drive Alice and Jasper jumped into the back of the car.

The car was going 220 but that wasn’t fast enough. I continued to push the pedal faster but it wouldn’t budge. We arrived in Volterra in record time. As soon as we entered the city I faintly heard a blood curdling shriek that is too quiet for a human to hear. Bella is the one shrieking.

“Oh god.” I said barely able to get out words, all of them knew in that instant it was Bella screaming.

Alice led us over to the manhole cover we had to jump down. Jumping down and running down the flight over curved stairs we entered the ‘throne room’ in the castle.

“Aro give us Bella back.” I ordered him careful not to lose my temper.

“No, she can be an asset to the Volturi’s ultimate dominance over the world.” Aro told us and I growled at him. Emmett was suddenly restraining me from attacking him.

“Give her back!” I yelled through my teeth with all the force in my body.

“No.” Marcus simply stated. Marcus was not being wise to talk he was the one to attack Bella which made him the villain in my eyes.

“Fine then… now!” I yelled and lunged at Marcus tearing off his leg in the process. Jasper went for Chelsea, Alice for Jane, Carlisle for Aro, Emmett for Alex and Demitri, Tanya and a good portion of her clan went for the guard except for Elezar who went for Caius. There was violent fighting left and right. We were winning, the Volturi was quickly falling. The last one standing was Aro but Carlisle quickly finished him off. Emmett and Jasper began to burn the remains as the Denali’s went home and I went to go find Bella.

“EDWARD!” Bella’s beautiful voice cried out from where they were keeping her.

“Bella!” I yelled back trying to find her. There were a million doors in this place.

“Edward I’m in here!” She called out giving me direction as to where she was. Faintly you could hear her wince in pain.

“I’m coming! Are you hurt?” I asked worriedly, Marcus and whoever helped him deserved what they got if they hurt her.

“Yes badly! Edward it really hurts!” She cried out in pain to me and winced once again. Not good, vampires are not supposed to get hurt to the point where they wince in pain.

“Bella don’t move a single muscle! Carlisle and I will be in there in a matter of mere seconds!” I ordered her as my voice began to break as I began to run faster than before. “Carlisle she’s hurt and she says badly.” I informed him as he caught up with me.

“Okay! Edward I need you please hurry!” She yelled as I got closer to where her voice was coming from.

“Bella I’m almost there!” I tried to comfort her, the best I could without being there with her.

We got to the room where she was and the door was locked so Carlisle and I broke it down. There she was lying on the bed in pain and looking helpless. I rushed over to where she was and began to comfort her immediately. “Bella. I’m here. I’m here. Everything is going to be okay now. I love you.” As soon as I was done speaking I kissed her passionately. Bella was back in my arms.

“I love you too. Can we please go now this room scares me now?” She asked. She is being very brave. Of course this room scares her. This whole place still scares me.

“In a minute Bella, your injuries need to finish healing it should be about a minute and a half more.” Carlisle ordered her. The rings. Of course, she will probably want her rings back.

Pulling the rings out of my pocket I placed them on Bella’s left ring finger where they would stay forever. “I believe these are yours.”

“I’m sorry I just thought…” She began trying to apologize for something that was not her fault one billionth of a bit.

“Do not blame yourself. You were tricked. Nothing is your fault here the only ones at fault are dead.” I told her sternly. None of this was her fault it was all Marcus’s fault.

“I won’t. Now may we go home?” Bella promised me and asked Carlisle again. Something tells me this city will forever hold demons and terrors for her as they will for me. Even if we are to come back here in two million years this place will still be a waking living nightmare for the two of us. Our worst little bits have occurred here.

“Yes you may leave now. The rest of them are waiting outside with a few cars. We should leave quickly.” Carlisle told us.

“Bella would you like me to carry you?” I asked her as we began to walk and she stumbled still too sore to walk.

“Yes please.” I picked her up and began to carry her bridal style in my arms. She cradled her head against my chest. I began to look over her arms and legs that had some raw marks and bruises that would soon disappear and all would be forgotten about this incident.

We met the others out in the parking lot by the cars we would be taking back to the airport and then we would go home.

“How many of them are dead?” Bella asked in a little voice. Something in her voice told me that if any of them were alive she thinks they would come after her.

“All of them, there is no more Volturi. Some people from the French coven are taking back their rightful throne, the one they held a long time ago.” They’re names are Katelynn, Callie, Allie, Anna, Savannah, Becca, and Lauren. Katelynn and Callie had created the rest of them. They were the largest vegetarian coven in the world and the oldest vampires that people knew of. They had changed Aro, Marcus and Caius and they were repaid by being run out of their own home and taken off their throne.

“Okay.” She said sounding grateful that the Volturi are dead.

“I love you Bella Cullen.” I told her.

“I love you Edward Cullen.” She told me and then I kissed her. In that instant it seemed like all our cares had disappeared. I have Bella and no matter what happens she will have me. Forever and always. We will always no matter what be able to overcome each and every single obstacle or problem that gets in our way. I absolutely love her with all my heart.

Our past, present and future didn’t matter anymore as they blended into one thing; our eternity together.