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Now that your Gone

Edward died trying to save Bella from Victoria.She ran off and Carlise has to change Bella into a vampire.Will true love be enough to bring Edward back? Come guys! 1003(right now atleast) reads and only 12 reviews...is it really that horrible-runs off to cry-

Edward Dies and it really actually tampered with my feelings.I got the inspiration from Old Yeller. I know, it's WEIRD.

1. Chapter 1 Funeral

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Chapter one

I spent my days curled up in a ball on my bed at Charlie’s. The hole in my chest was bigger and more painful actually knowing he was gone and I would never, ever see his beautiful face again. He wouldn’t ever be there to fill the hole. I let out another pained cry. Alice lightly came into the window. She spent her nights here now. Making sure I didn’t commit suicide or something like that. Charlie also made sure, he hung his gun up but always hid the bullets. I looked over at Alice who was sitting on the floor her legs crossed looking down. She never tired to sit in Edward’s chair as I called it. Well he loved watching me in it while I slept so, no one was allowed to touch.

“Hi.” I said in a flat boring voice I hadn’t talked since well since Victoria came and killed Edward. He was trying to protect me and a newborn named Alex jumped on his back and-. I couldn’t think of that no.
“Hello, how are you?” Alice asked her voice flat, but beautiful.
“I know Bella, Jasper can’t even stay in the house from the unhappy emotions and I can’t have visions. Esme hasn’t even talked! Just hugged.” She looked down again and let out a tearless sob. I jumped up and was at her side hugging her. She hugged me back we were both sobbing.
“ Oh Alice! Why?! Why him!?” I let out a loud cry. She carried me back to my bed and lay me down. “Sleep, you should for-“ she cut herself off but I knew what she was going to say. His funeral.

* * *
That night I had a dream. Edward was there and everyone else I knew. It was our wedding day and I was smiling at the altar. He was there just leaning down to kiss me, but then I woke up. I was crying, it was just a dream. Why did it have to be, suddenly getting married as long as it was to him, it was okay. I would be happy.
It was the next morning, Alice dressed me –like every other day-because I couldn’t dress myself. I didn’t have the energy. But I co-operated and it was easy for her to slide on the black shirt and black skirt. I walked down stairs after I brushed my hair and teeth. I didn’t eat just walked out to the black car, Carlisle’s car. Alice had borrowed it to get me to their place. I got in and Alice followed after me. Charlie was taking a separate car. Alice drove at human speed in no hurry to get where we were about to go. Our Meadow. That is where we would bury his ashes. That is where our lives would end. I may be alive but my life and meaning were over. If he wasn’t apart of me then there truly was no me.

We walked in the entrance of the meadow. There, there was a silver vase with a lid on top. That was him. I let out a loud sob and tears started pouring down my face. The funeral ended and I stayed there for another, seven hours. Alice came back when I was starting to fall asleep. She picked me up and carried me to the car. I screamed but had no energy to fight.

We got to the Cullen’s house and I just plopped on the couch and fell to sleep. As soon as I walked in Jasper had to leave. I felt horrible for almost kicking him out of the house. I just tried to relax and fell asleep. Emmett wasn’t around. He never was he couldn’t be. He didn’t even joke any more he was like me except I was a little worse, he didn’t cry as much he was just depressed.

I woke with a knock on the door in the morning.