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Now that your Gone

Edward died trying to save Bella from Victoria.She ran off and Carlise has to change Bella into a vampire.Will true love be enough to bring Edward back? Come guys! 1003(right now atleast) reads and only 12 reviews...is it really that horrible-runs off to cry-

Edward Dies and it really actually tampered with my feelings.I got the inspiration from Old Yeller. I know, it's WEIRD.

2. Chapter 2 Change

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4 weeks after Edward’s funeral

It was only a few weeks later. Carlisle said it was time to change me. I agreed even though I made it very clear I would much rather die. But they weren’t going to let such a thing happen. They just said “Edward would want you to live.” I just walked away to go lay down in his no our room. It made me sob and cry when he wasn’t there lying beside me. I felt so empty and betrayed. Why couldn’t it have been me? His life was worth so much more than mine.

I lay on the golden bed my eye fluttering closed. But I was pulled fully back into consciousness when I heard that same loud banging on the door. Last time it did that we answered and no one was there but this time I heard talking. I got up to go see who it was.

There sitting lazily on the couch was my best friend Jacob Black. I couldn’t even smile though but he didn’t seem to notice. He got up and bounced happily towards me.

“Hey Bells!” He said in his husky like voice. “ Where’s your bloodsucker?”
My whole face heated up and I sneered “Edward is dead.” And ran upstairs. I slammed the door as loud as I could. I waited to hear Jacob leave or start walking up the stairs. But I heard Rosalie yelling.

“Bloodsucker? Who the hell do you think you are!? Couldn’t you see her face when she didn’t even smile?!” She stopped to let Jacob speak. “I’m sorry I didn’t even…” Rosalie hit him. I know this because I heard a crack and Jacob howl. I got up, Tripped and then opened the door.

I ran down to the bottom of the stairs and saw Carlisle examining Jacob’s arm and Rosalie sitting on the couch, smirking. “Now Rosalie thank you for taking care of the problem but next time could you keep it down!” I shot my head at Jacob and went back up the stairs. There was only quit. So it worked, they were stunned that I had emotions other than sadness.

It was the day, the day I would have to change. “Now Bella, it is going to be very painful. You will feel like knives then fire.” He took me threw all the steps. “Ready?” He asked I just nodded. It was impossible to speak.

He knelt down, nodded at me then smiled and bit. I felt the knives then the fire. The pain traveled all around my chest and I let out a yelp. It hurt and I’m not going to lie I would prefer dying. I screamed. The pain was in my legs. I opened my eye’s and it was only Carlisle. He smiled and dabbed a wet cloth on my forehead. “It’s okay.” He said. The pain got worse and I let out another scream. Everything went black…

3 days of the pain…