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Now that your Gone

Edward died trying to save Bella from Victoria.She ran off and Carlise has to change Bella into a vampire.Will true love be enough to bring Edward back? Come guys! 1003(right now atleast) reads and only 12 reviews...is it really that horrible-runs off to cry-

Edward Dies and it really actually tampered with my feelings.I got the inspiration from Old Yeller. I know, it's WEIRD.

3. Chapter 3 School

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I’ve been a vampire for just over a week, Carlisle has discovered my power. But I don’t care. All my emotions came with me. And well, I hate it! I would much rather just have joy, and humor. I wish I could be like Emmett and always be happy. But unfortunately I can’t.

Alice and Rosalie are forcing me to go to collage. I refused but they used there trick and said “Bella, Edward would want you to have a life, do it.” I said. “You know there is a little something called cruel pressure and pure pressure, your both.” But eventually I gave in and signed for school in Alaska. We moved into our house my first week of being a vampire. So we were ready to go to school any day now.

“Emmett and Jasper get down here now!” Rosalie yelled, -it was time for school and we were going to be late. Not that I cared.-“That’s it I am coming up there!” Rosalie stomped up the stairs. I heard a crash. She must have broke there game. But we were so rich they could just buy a new one. I heard them moan and get up to come downstairs. Rosalie hopped down the stairs full of joy. “Ready?”
I nodded.

Alice came in “I’m ready let’s go Bella.” She picked me up by the arm and pulled me into Rosalie’s red convertible. We drove fast down the highway to school the boys following us. Rosalie and Alice giggled in the front while I sat in the back not talking.

We arrived at the school in a few minutes, because everyone drove so fast. I got out and walked to my first class, Biology. I fought the whole time not to cry.

I sat down at the lunch table with my head in my hands. Then I heard a few girls 2 tables behind us talking.

“Uh, she doesn’t have to bring all her depression here.” I felt Rosalie tense.
“Yea I know, It is so not cool. She should go be emo somewhere else. God.”
“She is hot though, Look at Brock staring.”
You better warn Brock not to stare look at that big guy. He looks like he want Brock to stop staring at the blonde.” The brown hair girl went to go sit beside the Collage “Jock.” But the two blonde’s continued talking about me until I couldn’t take it.

I got up and walked over there.
“Umm, excuse me I’m Bella, I couldn’t help over hear you talking about me and I would just like to say, Keep you god damn mouths shut!” I sneered.
“Make me.” She started laughing like she was cool.
“Oh I will make you!” I screeched. Alice was at my side.
“Yea right, what’s wrong with you anyway?”

“Oh my boyfriend was recently killed and I haven’t gotten over it yet. We were also planning to get married. The blonde rolled her eyes and I fought back tears of rage and a growl.
“My boyfriend got hit my a car and you don’t see me Boo Hooing all the time.”
“I had to watch him be ripped to shreds. And burned!” It took me a moment to notice everyone was staring with wide eyes at what I had just said. I thought about it and ran out the door.

I looked back. Rosalie was at the girl’s table yelling and Alice was heading to follow me. I shook my head and she stopped. I ran 3 laps around Alaska school in the forest before I ran home.

I got home and flopped down in my room on my bed-I didn’t need-and sobbed tearless sobs. I looked over out the wondow and saw someone I would never expect to see…