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Now that your Gone

Edward died trying to save Bella from Victoria.She ran off and Carlise has to change Bella into a vampire.Will true love be enough to bring Edward back? Come guys! 1003(right now atleast) reads and only 12 reviews...is it really that horrible-runs off to cry-

Edward Dies and it really actually tampered with my feelings.I got the inspiration from Old Yeller. I know, it's WEIRD.

5. Chapter 5 True Love

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True Love

Jacob’s POV

I followed the tiny one in my wolf form, watching her every move from the trees. Then a blank expression whipped across her face, didn’t she do that when she had that power thing? I was confused at why she looked so frightened until I saw to tall figures running leech speed toward her. They were big. I sped to her side. Alice-that was her name-didn’t even seem to notice me. “Aro, Caius?” she asked.
“Why, you remember us!” The leech Aro said. Alice truly looked frightened…It actually worried me to see that always happy smiley one look so frightened. That is when she heard me growl.

I swear I heard the bloodsucker, Caius, say that he wanted to leave…but Aro made no movement to it.
“Well, we will be back.” The one named Caius turned and ran. Aro noticed he was gone and headed for him.
The tiny one turned to me.

“How did you know?” I scratched BELLA in big capitals with my claw on the dirt.
“Oh…Well I will go find the other, don’t worry, the campsite is just up ahead, those bloodsuckers won’t bother me.” She actually just called one of her own kind a bloodsucker. She must hate them.

I nodded my big furry head.

Bella’s POV

I couldn’t find Edward’s scent. It was very frustrating. I dipped and swirled around trees smelling each new scent listening to every movement…but still nothing. Where was my life, where? I took a unnecessary blink, just to let my senses renew themselves, but when I opened my eyes, a big hairy thing was infront of me. I let out a short scream until, one of the senses I haven’t had for a long time came to me, common sense. I knew this scent it was just my other love, Jacob. He wasn’t as important as Edward, but I should still know his scent.

“Jeez Jake!” I pointed my finger at him. “You almost scared me to death!” Technically I was dead, but, tomato, potato, or whatever it is.
He ran to the bush, I’m guessing to phase.
I heard a yelp and my Jacob came out.
“Bella-tiny-blood-you-.” He was struggling for breath. “Alice was stopped on the pathway by two bloodsuckers named, Aro and Caius, I think and well they were kind scary, Alice even looked scared. And then I came out ready to fight and they backed down.” He smacked his bare chest with his fist, showing off, that was not my Jacob. I rolled my eyes.
“Oh no, I was right.” Jacob looked confused.
“What?” He asked, his dark eyebrow pulling up.
“Well, I had a feeling “Well, somehow the Voltri saved Edward and, I have no idea why, but today they were coming to take Alice to.” I thought. “As for them backing down, Ciaus doesn’t like your kind, he was attacked and almost killed once.” I smiled at the thought of Ciaus and the rest of them being dead.

“Well, it’s good Edward is alive, then you won’t be sad!” Jacob was-happy? He was probably only happy for me, but that was good enough.
I hugged Jacob, I put him in a beat hug like he used to do with me.
He winced a little at my touch but hugged me back.

“Man!” I looked up.
“You really do stink.” He smiled, I punched him in the arm.
“Way to ruin the moment.”
He ran to the bush to phase, he new everyone would be there soon, and that I wanted to get back.