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Now that your Gone

Edward died trying to save Bella from Victoria.She ran off and Carlise has to change Bella into a vampire.Will true love be enough to bring Edward back? Come guys! 1003(right now atleast) reads and only 12 reviews...is it really that horrible-runs off to cry-

Edward Dies and it really actually tampered with my feelings.I got the inspiration from Old Yeller. I know, it's WEIRD.

6. Chapter 6 Hole Cement

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Hole cement

We got back to the house, everyone was waiting there, Carlisle and Esme were practically bouncing out of there seats, well Esme did and hugged me, almost as tight as Jacob. Wow. I was actually kind of angry. Edward lied, he couldn’t leave a hit until-by accident- I saw him in the window. I calmed down, what if I hadn’t? We wouldn’t be here right now, nor would Esme be smiling like she use to.

“Could everyone just-calm down.” Jasper. “Your hurting my head.” He said putting his fingers to his temples. Alice pecked him on the cheek.

While everyone chatted, I went to a unnecessary bathroom break, just to calm myself. I looked in the mirror, picking at my non-existent blemishes. Then I scream….My eyes are GREEN! I screamed a little but covered my mouth with my right hand, stopping myself.

“Bella.” Alice came in chuckling, but no one else was, they just looked at her like she was crazy.
“I fail to see what is funny, my eye’s are GREEN!” I was so worried, what if Carlisle didn’t put in enough venom, what if I had something wrong with me!
“Oh Bella, that is normal, all new born vampires get to that stage at one point.” Carlisle smiled and gave my a hug. I hugged him back taking in his scent I hadn’t smelled for so long. It had a fatherly touch. I smiled.
“Oh, well sorry for scaring everyone.”

Jasper left the room, rolling his eyes and winking at me. I smiled at him.

When everyone got back to the living room, it was time…time to explain this whole mess, in my theories. But…where is Jacob?

“Has anyone seen Jacob?” I asked looking around the room…I could smell him…but not as if he were in the room…..Maybe he took a breather, away from our smell.

“No I haven’t but, we need to hear your ideas or my head is going to explode, calm down everyone.” Jasper must be in pain from all the emotions.

“Okay well, I think somehow, I don’t know how, but the voltri got in the way from Victoria killing Edward, they must have replaced him with a similar vampire, and they forced him to go with them. Then Jacob was following Alice on the path and she had a vision the volt-“

“Wait. Why was Jacob following Alice?” Carlisle asked, suspicion clear in his features.
“Oh I told him, I had a hunch.”

Then Jacob walked threw the door. “They also said ‘they’ll come back’” he made quotations with his fingers. I nodded at this interruption, I didn’t know this yet.

Carlisle sat there taking all of this in. “Well, we are going to have to go see the voltri, aren’t we?” He smiled…and I well, I filled with fear.

“Well, I am going to have to pack some food for Jacob.” Jacob smiled and winked.
“It’s so weird, you know, now that you don’t eat.” I smiled back at him and got up and headed towards the still filled with food kitchen.

Jacob’s POV

Bella got up and headed towards the kitchen in two swift strides. Her hair lay on her shoulders, bouncing as she walked. I loved her….more than that other bloodsucker ever could. Wait, I can’t think like that, it will just get the cullen’s mad…Wait since Edwin isn’t here I can think anything I want!

Bella cam back with a white grocery bag in her hand. She handed it to me.
“I hope it will be enough.” She smiled, man, I loved that.
“Oh I am sure it will be fine.” I looked inside.

There was some fruit and pop-tarts, why do they even have food? Anyway, was happy, this would be good enough until a pit stop. I got up because I noticed no one else was in the room. It was just Bella and I.

“We should go to the car?” I asked looking at her sheepishly.
“Yes.” With that she stood up, took my hand in hers, and led me out the door.

The vampires were all in the black car.

I took up the most space, but who cares!?

Author's note: XD. did you get how Jacob called Edward Edwin? I was just wondering because no one has commented on it...Okay I am lik crying, no one has reviewed, and everyone just stopped readin'? UR, could atleast one of the 1132 comment?