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Vines Entwined

Him Um... I was 28. I think I was always waiting for it to happen. Maybe even the way it did... But now nothing seems to be the way it should be. I'm not supposed to be here. With her. I'm not supposed to even be alive... But, jeez, what can I say?I was 28.Vines Entwined Her Eh.. I was made. It happened so long ago. I don't care, though. I've had to fight for myself all my life. I don't even know if I'm considered to be dead or not... But everything's balanced out. I just had to take care of a few things and sever some last-minute ties... But, heck, what can I say? I was made.

Rated teen for implied themes and deeper concepts. There is nothing graphic explicitly applied.

2. Chapter Two

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I was Made


I was changed when blood turned cold in the first revolution.

Ice clung to my lungs. Angelic peace seemed lost on hope. Red sought out white with greedy success. I died that night.

I was singed when pride left me.

Fire flamed inside me. Harmonies crushed what was left of my ragged soul. Red sought out red in futile attempts. I cried that year.

I was reborn when irony took a turn for me.

Renewed interest in the hunt burned my heart. Determination clawed at my head in so many ways. Red sought out gold for the first time. I hunted that month.

I was shocked when love glared back at me.

Finally secure in my own ways. Unborn lust took hold of me. Red met red in heated passion. I paled that day.

I was angered when history refused my proposal.

His life teetered on the unknown edge. I bit my nails to the stub. Red slammed into black willingly. I panicked that moment.

I was relived when time befriended me.

I sat motionless many an hour. My lips were ravaged with anticipation. Red sought out red in wishful hope. I relished the days.

I was blinded by wrongs when his life attacked him.

I pulled at all strings. I burned them all to the ground. Red clashed full on with black fire. I sang that day.

I was loved when he smiled at me.

I laughed. I caved. Red blended into red. I craved that night.

I was joyous when he said he’d be there.

Never alone. Never hunted. Red lived on. Forever.

He never doubted me. He never tried to change me. But still… I was made.