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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


1. It could happen to anyone...right?

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I clung to the counterfeit documents as I walked into the small town high school office. The frumpy secretary was sitting at her desk she looked up and smiled at me as I walked up to the counter that separated the room between us.

“Hello I’m new here and I guess I need to register for classes.”

“What’s your name dear?” she asked as she searched threw the papers on her desk and brought over the appropriate ones for me to fill out.

“Tabatha Ann Stevens. My mother sent me with all the documents that you’ll need.” I said as she handed me the papers. I intern handed her my fake birth certificate, shot records and all the other documents in my hand.

I took a pen out of my bag and began to fill out the paper work that would register me for my third time in high school. This was the easy part all I had to do was write down all the information that was on the counterfeit birth certificate and give the address of the house that I was staying at alone on the out skirts of town. Not that I didn’t know what brought me to this small sunless town that I knew all to well it was six months ago when I had the dream…well not really dream cause my dreams were never just that it was a vision. Just like the one that I have had since I was born.

The beautiful group was the largest I had ever seen and that included other visions I had had. The group included a young girl that had bronze hair just like the male that stood next to her looking down on her lovingly and I knew that was her father. My father didn’t stick around after he had controlled himself enough to create me. I killed my mother during the birthing process. But that was how I thought that life went for a half vampire like myself. This family was happy and I was a part of it. The excepted me as I was and the loved me I felt it. When I awoke I packed my minimal possessions and headed for this small town. Now I was looking for the right time to approach this group of vampires that would be my family.

“Here you go I’m finished.” Handing the papers to the frumpy blonde who the introduced herself.

“Well Tabatha I’m Ms. Jameson and this is your schedule and a map of the school. Please have all your teachers sign this and return it to me at the end of the day”

I took the schedule and map and headed to my first class another day in freshman English yay!

I walked into the class which had already started and walk to the teacher handing him the slip of paper for him to sign.

“Well look it here class we have a new student it seems her name is Tabatha and she just moved here. From where dear?”

“From London”

“Just find an empty seat .” he handed back the paper after scrolling his signature on it and handed me something else. A list of the years reading of course I had read all of it since this was my third time in ninth grade.

By lunch I had decided that I would go out to the Cullen’s place after I got out of this place they called a high school.

My sixth period science class was basic at the best and the teacher Mrs. Manner was just like the rest. She introduced me and had me tell the class about myself . It was a good thing that I wasn’t shy in the least. I told the class easily of my life of the last few years in London. And then I took my seat next to a cute little girl that I could tell was way more interested in me then she was willing to admit. She had short black hair that was cropped just above her ears. Her eyes were blue and friendly looking I could also tell that she was unbelievable shy and she would never think about starting a conversation with me so I decided to start one to make her feel like more comfortable.

“Hello partner” I smiled my most friendly smile and sat down next to her. “So what’s your name?” I said as I turned to face her not really caring much about what the teacher was talking about but I half listened while I talked to the cute girl with the fairy features.

“Er… Samantha but most people call me Sam.” she said looking happy that I had struck up a conversation with her.

“Well my friends back home call me Tabby Cat so feel free to do the same. I need to make a new circle of friends now that I’m in another new place and you seem like a good place to start.”

She smile largely and the timidly continued “that’s nice of you but I don’t have very many friends. I’ve known all these people basically since birth I really just don’t fit in all that well if you know what I mean.”

“That’s perfect! I never said I wanted a large circle of friends now did I?”

She smiled largely and turned as the teacher called on her for an answer and she turned an attractive color of red. I had never seen anyone who looked so good when the blushed. I leaned over and whispered the answer to the question so quiet only she heard and she repeated what I had said. The teacher smiled and continued on her lecture.

“We better pay attention we can talk after class” Sam said as she gave all her focus to the teacher. I smiled and let my mind wonder only half listening to the teacher drone on and on.

Finally the day was over and I walked to the parking lot where my Grand am was parked. I got in and quickly put my foot on the brake and the clutch to start in. Then I pulled out of the space before a line started to form.

I was sitting at the opening to the drive that would take me to the Cullen’s home. I knew that Alice couldn’t see me as I was a half breed but I also knew that as soon as I started the drive that not long after hitting the drive Edward would be able to hear my thoughts and as of right now I didn’t know if I wanted to stay in Forks or not. I knew what my vision had shown me but that didn’t mean anything like Alice’s visions they were based on decisions and I had not made mine yet so that future could change. I wanted to make my thoughts as friendly and non chaotic as possible so that Edward would know that I meant this happy family no ill will. I took and deep breath and turned my car down the drive there was no way to find out unless I went and talked to them.

“Here goes nothing.”

When I got to the front porch there they were Jasper, Alice, Edward, Emmett and a woman that I hadn’t see in any of the visions of this family that I had. I stop a little confused then I just shrugged I would know who she was soon enough.

“Hello” I said as I stepped out of my car with a large smile on my face. “Edward I know you know why I’m here would you like to tell Alice why she didn’t see me coming or would you like me to explain?”

Alice looked at me and then at Edward with a look of confusion and then I could see it click in her eyes. “Your some kind of half breed either shape shifter of half vampire.”

“Half vampire” Edward said and I smiled

“Just as quick as knew you would be. Jasper how are you the others must be nervous I see it on your face. I assure you all I mean no harm coming here.”

“She speaks the truth.” Edward said

“Who are you?” The woman I didn’t know spoke to me and then looked up at Edward and he took her hand and gave it a squeeze. She must be his mate I deducted mentally which only took a half a second and Edward nodded once before I spoke again.

“I’m Tabatha and I know all of you well most of you. The gift I got from my parents is similar to what Alice does but I can see everyone just fine which is why I don’t understand why I didn’t see you. You see my visions come to me in the form of dreams and you kind of blind sided me which has never happened.”

“I’m Bella, Edward is my husband.”

“I guessed that.” I smiled at their joined hands

“I know that Edward has a daughter just like me. Would that make you Renesme’s mother?”


“I guess she is more special than me she has both parents and I have none. I have been on my own since birth but of course I learn quickly with the gift that I possess. So of course I taught myself everything before my dead beat father Gerald decided to show himself when I had been in this world for more than four years. I know that you knew that there was more than just Renesme in this world so I knew that I would not surprise any of you by showing up here.” I finished and took a deep breath.

“You have a gift like mine.” Alice said her pixy features lighting up as she spoke. “Can you see the dogs?”

I returned her smile but before I could answer Jacob walk out of the house holding Renesme in his arms. So I answered by greeting him by name.

“Hello Jacob how are you this afternoon.”

“Wwwhat?” He said kind of sounding like Scooby doo

“This young half breed can see you Jacob.” Bella informed him

“What do you mean?”

“She has a gift like me” Alice informed him

“Oh great well no more hiding now.”

“I know that you like the fact that Alice can’t see you but I see what I see sorry. I don’t have the control over my gift that Alice here does. Which is apparent since I didn’t know about Bella until I pulled up here.”

Emmett had been quiet this whole time and from what I knew of him that was unlike him but he finally spoke to Bella then.

“Well Bella I guess your just not all that important. This young girl seems to know the whole family but you.”

“Well to be fair I had my vision six months ago. Renesme was just born so perhaps I was looking for her. Apparently she was going threw her change then. She in between human and vampire I guess that’s why.” I still didn’t like the fact that I didn’t know about Bella

“What you didn’t think I was dangerous enough for the whole family? Where Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle?”

“Hunting” Emmett said with a shrug “Your just one half breed I could take you all by myself shoot Nessie could probably take you, your just a slip of a girl.

That was true I was all of five foot two and was very slim. My long brown hair hit the lower part of my back and my eyes where a clear blue. The clothes I wore made me look like I was some sort of vagabond I didn’t have much when it came to personal possessions so they made me look smaller than I really was.

“We should take this in the house.” Alice said swooping down the steps and taking me by the hand pulling me with her.

I didn’t fight her I just followed her just like everyone else into the house.

“Ok we know who you are now why are you here?” Jasper asked me he looked a little uncomfortable still

“She wants to be part of our family. She doesn’t have one and she wants one desperately.” Edward said and for the first time in my long life I was embarrassed I could feel the blood rise in my face as the blush spread across it.

“Now that’s something I have missed seeing someone blush. Bella used to do that a lot when she was human. I’ll have to make you do that as much as I can Tabatha.” Emmett said laughing

“You can all call me Tabby Cat that’s what I prefer.”

“You said something about your father? Who is this vampire Gerald that you sneer about in you thoughts?” Edward asked

“Gerald is nothing but the sperm donor in my creation. Like I said he disappeared and showed up four years later saying he wanted me to join his coven and that he left my mother cause he didn’t know that he was able to create life the way he had and it scared him. Ha! Scare and immortal creature right. He claimed to love my mother and also claimed that he still mourned the loss of her everyday. Of course I knew all of this to be a lie because I had seen that he had been creating half breeds like me for over fifty years. I was the third. I have three sister that have chose to join him me I prefer people that actually care for my welfare. Anyways that was more than 40 years ago now so it’s water under the bridge. I haven’t seen him even in my dreams for quite some time. Last I can recall he was some where in Ireland. I have no desire to see him or his other creations.” I finished and sat down smiling warmly at Renesme although we looked totally different I couldn’t help seeing myself in her.

Renesme reached up and placed her hand on Jacobs cheek. He looked down at her to answer her question.

“You would have to ask her yourself” He put her down then and she walked over to me with her hand out expectantly. I nodded one so that she knew that I had no problem with her touching my face. She quickly placed her hand on my face and showed me a picture of each one of her family asking if I wanted to be one as well. It also seemed like an invitation to me like she wanted me to be part of this happy family.

“More than anything young Nessie.” I said color coming to my face again.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that.” Emmett chuckled

“I have never blushed before this day in all my life. It’s odd for me I don’t get embarrassed but for some reason needed something as bad as I need all of …” I trailed off as Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle walked threw the door.

My eyes went directly to Esme this was the woman that would be the mother that I never had and so desperately wanted. I knew that she would except me as I was and love me with all her still heart. I took a deep breath and I heard Edward chuckle right before I flung myself off the couch and into her arms. She hugged me as I buried my face in her chest taking in her smell she smelled so good. She placed her hands in my hair and held me to her and turned to face the others.

“Who is this child?” Esme asked

“That would be Tabatha or Tabby as she prefers to be called and she has decided that she is going to be part of our family. She’s a half breed like our Renesme.” Bella told her in a soft voice.

Esme put her finger under my chin and made me look at her. “Well Tabby you can have Edwards old room there’s a bed in there and Alice can take you shopping she will really enjoy that. But tell me one thing how did you know about our family and where to find us?”

My eyes focused on her golden eyes seeing the love in the as she smiled at me. I knew that she already loved me.

“I have a gift…like Alice in a way.”

“She’s too modest she can see the pack.” Alice said

“Wow your very special indeed although I already knew you would be.” Esme said to me as she hugged me close to her once before setting back to look at me.

“Welcome to the family Tabby. We’ll have to get her registered for school of course we’ll have to send Jasper to acquire the correct forms.”

“I’m already registered under the name Tabatha Stevens” I informed her “I’ve been threw high school two other times so it’s not hard to do that anymore to bad it’s so very boring.”

“Looks like I have to let the pack and Sam know that we have another Cullen to watch for and that’s she’s a half breed like Nessie.” Jacobs said as he walked out the door pulling his shirt off as he left.

Alice took me to my room and came back with some clothes that she informed me belonged to Bella. I took them and she left to give me some privacy. That night was when it happened I knew I was going to see something that night in my dreams I just didn’t know that it was going to change the rest of my existence.

I crawled in the large iron bed and slipped into sleep easily. The vision was of a sandy brown colored wolf at first then he change into the most beautiful Indian boy that I had ever seen. He smiled and embraced me and told me in a soft husky voice “You’re my life my world now and I will love you for the rest of forever.” My breath caught and I awoke the sun was just coming up and so I got out of bed and changed into the clothes that I would wear to school then taking a deep breath I opened the door to my house and family. For I knew without a doubt now that my life would be forever tied to these people.