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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


11. The Gods are punishing me

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“The Gods are punishing me”

I had totally suppressed the fact that school was about to start. The summer had gone by way faster than I would have liked.

I was sleeping when my phone started to vibrate on the bedside table. I opened my eyes and looked at the digital alarm clock that was next to it.

“Five-thirty someone has a death wish.” I grumbled as I grabbed my phone and looked at the caller id.

“Sam, why in the world are you calling me at the butt crack of dawn?” I asked when I flipped my phone open.

“Silly it’s the first day of school. Did you forget?” Sam was far to chipper for my taste.

“No, I didn’t forget, I was just hoping the school would blow up last night.”

“Get out of bed sleepy head.”

“You’re way to happy” She was not inproving my mood.

“We’re going to start our sophmore year with a happy attitude.” Sam sounded excited to start the day.

“School doesn’t start for like two and a half hours. Why the hell are you awake?”

“I couldn’t sleep I woke up like an hour ago.”

“Sam I will be up, dressed and at school on time now leave me alone.”

“Fine, your grumpy this morning. See you at school.”

“Bye” I hung up the phone and crawled out of bed.

I pulled on my clothes and raked a brush through my hair. I then jumped in the bed straddling of Seth’s hips.

“Get up! If I have to be up you have to be up. Plus I’m hungry take me hunting.” I smiled as he pulled me into his arms and rolled on his side. “No get up I’m hungry.”

“Your always hungry lately.” Seth grumbled

“Fine I’ll go hunting alone.” I squirmed out of his arms and off the bed. Seth followed.

“Let’s go then, I can still get some sleep before I have to go to school if we hurry.”

I ran out the house and found myself my favorite snack as quickly as possible.

The mountain lion was still squirming when I threw it away from me and reched the blood back up. The blood came from my mouth and my nose and it burned.

“Damn that was gross.” I wiped the blood from my face.

Seth had changed back to his human form and was holding my hair naked as the day he was born.

“Are you okay? I’ve never seen you not finish your kill before let alone throw up.” He looked so worried I almost forgot the fact that he was standing next to me naked.

“I don’t know why that happened. The blood tasted disgusting and it just came back up. Wait here come some more” I threw up again

“I think I better take you back to the house you might be sick.”

“I don’t get sick.” I protested as Seth changed again and pushed me with his muzzle.

“Fine” I ran much slower than I usually did I sure didn’t want to throw up again.

We got back to the house and my hunger come back. Blood did not sound appetizing so I went to the fidge.

I pulled out a box of frozen waffles and stuck them into the toaster. When they were done I drowned them in syrup, butter, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

“You want some waffle with your sweets?” Seth said with a chuckle

I was to busy eating to care what he said.

“This is the best food I have ever eaten.” I said my mouth still half full of my last bite.

Seth’s eye brow came up in question “You hate human food.”

“I do but I think I have changed my mind about waffles.” I shoved another huge bite in my mouth and smiled whip cream covering my lips.

“What ever makes you happy.” Seth smiled

I finished those waffles and put another in the toaster.

“These are for the road.” I said when Seth was looking at me funny.

“Why are you so hungry? Your eating like I do.”

“Don’t know.” I shrugged and went upstairs to change. My clothes these still had vomit on them.

By the time I finished changing it was time to head to school. I grabbed my messenger bag and dumped it out on the bed. All kind of things fell out old papers and what ever else you could find in a woman’s purse. I picked up a ratty looking tampon that had been in the bottom of my bag for who knows how long.

“Hmmm I normally don’t have any left over… wait.” and that is when I started mentally counting. “Oh no, no, no! This is not happening. You have to be freaking kidding me.”

I ran down the stairs and out of the house totally forgetting my bag. I got the school and parked. Of course Sam was waiting for me.

“Where’s your bag?” I looked down and realized I didn’t have it.

“Must have forgot it I was in a hurry to leave.”

I didn’t listen at all to what Sam was going on and on about. I was lost in my own thoughts.

My last period that I can remember was in June. I stopped two days before Seth’s birthday. Oh man Seth’s birthday present. I can’t believe I’m so stupid. I can’t be…

I cringed I couldn’t even think the word. I had some how made it through half the day and didn’t remember most of it. At lunch I had vagely heard Sam talking about a cute boy that she wanted to ask out. Her and Embry had broke up and were just friends sort of.

“That was the best day ever.” Sam said as we left the science building heading for the parking lot at the end of the day.

“Sure, listen I have to get home. Can I call you later or see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” Sam was looking at me confused as I got in my car and drove off.

I didn’t drive to the house I went directly to the hospital where I knew that Carlisle would be. The search for him didn’t take long he was in his office dictating notes on his patients.

“I think I have a problem dad.” I said it in a rush as I walked into his office.

Carlisle hung up the phone and motioned for me to sit in the chair oppsit of him.

“What is it Tabby?”

“This can’t be happening!” I started crying uncontrollably

“What? Did you see something new?”

“No! I think I’m freaking pregnant.” I wailed.

“When was the last day of your last period?” Carlisle was calm as the doctor in him came out.

“Two days before Seth’s birthday.”

“Have you ever missed before?”

“No but I hadn’t noticed until this morning when I was cleaning out my bag.”

“Well it sounds like you might be pregnant. Go home I’ll bring home the stuff for testing and ultrasound after my shift is over.”

I walked out of his office in a daze. He had confirmed my worst fear. I flipped open my phone and dialed Seth still not knowing what I was doing.


“Seth I think we have a problem.”


“Just meet me at the house.” I flipped my phone closed and drove home as fast as my car could take me.

I walked through the door and Edward was standing there the darkest of scowls on his face.

“Your kidding right?” the anger in Edward’s voice was poorly guarded.

“Afraid not. I so wish I was but that’s what he told me.”

“I think I might kill you both.” Edward said darkly as he walked out of the house.

“Great now he hates me.”

“What’s with him?” Seth said as he walked through the door a few seconds later.

“He’s pissed at us.” I slipped onto the couch pulling my legs up to my chest.

“What did I do?”

“To be perfectly honest nothing. This is all my fault, I did this to myself. The gods are punishing me.”

“Tell me what is going on, please.” Seth was worried about me I could see it in his face. I still so didn’t want to tell him.

“Your going to be a…” I paused and took a deep breath and restarted “I’m going to have a baby.”

“That is great!” I could tell that Seth meant it his eyes were shinning and he had a huge smile on his face.

“Are you freaking serious? Your seventeen and I’m supposed to be sixteen and in the tenth freaking grade. This is horrible news, and this fight is coming, and these freaking ancient assholes want to enslave me or something… Plus your sister is going to kill me for this. We had a quiet truce and I go and get knocked up.” I was hyperventilating now.

“Calm down, it’s done there is nothing we can do about it. Why shouldn’t we be happy?”

“Were you not just listening?” I screamed

“We didn’t kill anyone, we’re having a baby.” Seth said smiling

“Did I just hear right?” Lynton said as he walked in from the kitchen with Emmett. “You’re having a baby?” he was smiling from ear to ear impishly.

“Yep, that’s what I was told.” I said bitterly

“I thought you were just getting fat.” Emmett said with a chuckle.

“Am I the only one that doesn’t think this is a happy day?”

“Not like I didn’t know it was possible we know what the two of you do at night.” Emmett said still laughing

“Shut up and I’m not fat, see.” I stood up and pulled my shirt up to show my belly and to my surprise there was a small bump there that I hadn’t noticed. “Damn I’m not very observant.”

Everyone in the room except me laughed. I glared at them and headed for the stairs. I was still holding onto hope that Carlisle and I were wrong.

I shut my bedroom door and slid down it to the floor, tears spilling out over my cheeks. I pulled off my shoes and threw them one at a time at the wall across from me. One actually put a hole in the wall.

“Great, my day just keeps getting better.” I mumbled

“Jeez Tabatha Ann how could you be so stupid?” I was talking to myself

“It was just hormones gone wild, not like I could have controlled them.” I smacked myself in the head. “Now I’m having conversations with myself.”

“Love, it’s okay to talk to yourself.” Eli said from the other side of the door.

I stood and pulled the door open. “Yes, but I was kinda arguing with myself.”

“That’s okay too, as long as you don’t start losing fights with yourself I think you’re okay.” He smiled and placed his hand on the side of my face.

I pulled away “I’m pregnant with Seth’s baby.”

He smiled “And? Are you getting married?”

“Don’t be a jack ass. I’m not going to be part of that you know what I think about that particular custom.”

“Yes that I do. As long as your not hitched I always have a chance.” He walked into my room and sat on the bed smirking smugly.

“You have no chance, I never said I didn’t love Seth just that I would not marry him. It’s just a piece of paper after all, it’s not a symbal of our love. Now if you will kindly leave me to my pouting.” I motioned for him to leave my room. He didn’t move.

“You don’t want this baby, why keep it?”

“That’s not an option, plus who said I didn’t want a baby with Seth. It’s just a little soon is all.”

“Then you want the baby just not now?”

“I’m confused Eli, now please go away. Don’t make me call Seth and Edward up here.”

“No need to call anyone.” Carlisle said from behind me. “Come with me to my office Tabby and I’ll give you the ultra sound.”

I followed Carlisle into his office and saw that Seth was there waiting for me, his smile stretching across his face.

There was an exam table and a huge machine in the middle of Carlisle office. It didn’t look anything like a home office it looked like a exam room at a doctors office.

“Please lie down on the table and we’ll see what is going on.” Carlisle sounded all business.

“O-Okay.” I climbed up on the table and leaned back.

Carlisle pulled up my shirt and put a paper towel over my pants. “Now this gel is going to feel funny.” He squirted the gel on my stomach and started.

Thub, thub, thub…

“Do you here that?”

“Yes of course.” I said

“That’s your baby’s heart beat.”

“Wow, it’s strong and fast.” Seth said looking at the screen.

“It’s not as fast as Tabby’s, but it is slightly faster than a human baby.” Carlisle continued moving the paddle around. “Now lets see how far along you are.”

I just sat there in shock all hope was gone I was going to be a mother.

“Two and a half months, you got pregnant right after your last period. That is, unless you have an accelerated pregnancy like Bella had. We’ll have to keep an eye on you.” Carlisle said as he took a few pictures.

“Yeah sure what ever.” I finally managed

Then Nyla and Lynton were standing there.

“Jeez, don’t do that to me.” I jumped a little

“Lynton said that you’re pregnant.” Nyla said happily

“Yep, that’s what I’m told.”

“You’re not happy?”

“I’m not sure what to be, Nyla.”

“Well I’m happy.” Seth said

“That’s obvious by the smile on your face. Are we done Carlisle?” I looked at the screen and then away.

“Yes.” Carlisle looked upset about me calling him by his name for a change. He wiped my stomach off and I jumped off the table leaving the room without a backwards glance.

I stood with a pillow under my shirt staring at myself in the body length mirror.

“You look good like that.” I turned and threw the pillow at Seth as he walked into my bedroom. He caught it and tossed it on the bed.

“Go away, Seth.”

“Why?” He walked across the room and sat on the bed.

“I want to wallow in self pitty.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me into his lap.

“What has you so down?” He was looking deeply into my eyes.

“I don’t know how to be a mother, I didn’t have one, remember.” I placed my hands on my stomach and sighed.

“This baby was made out of love.” Seth put his large hands over mine as he spoke.

“No, this baby was made from uncontrolled hormones.”

“No, don’t say that. We love each other.” He grabbed my face and made me look at him.

I managed a small smile for him and started to cry.

“Please don’t cry, I’ll marry you, I’ll make things right. I mean it’s a little out of order but it doesn’t matter.”

“I’m not going to marry you.” I said pulling myself out of his lap.

“Why not?” The pain in his face made my heart ache.

“It’s not the old days you don’t have to marry me just because I’m pregnant.”

“I want to.”

“You’re seventeen, and your family hates me enough.” I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t have this conversation. I wasn’t the marrying type, so I just walked out of the room and out of the house.

I hadn’t walked that far into the forest when Lynton popped up next to me. I didn’t speak and niether did he for sometime.

“I knew this was going to happen.” Lynton finally broke the silence as he put his arm around me.

I looked at him and rolled my eyes. “Yep, I always screw up something, but even I didn’t see this one coming.”

He chuckled softly “You wouldn’t, you didn’t have a mother, and so the sex talk didn’t ever come. Seth is young and apparently very fertile.”

“Very funny, I guess this baby is coming no matter what so I might as well try and be happy.” I put my hands on my stomach and sighed then smiled “I made this baby with Seth, I can’t help but love it.”

“You are happy, I wish I had Edward’s gift.” Lynton smiled.

I answered his smile quickly “I think I am happy.” This shocked me. “Take me back to the house I left Seth there.”

Lynton pulled me into his arms and we were in my room before I could blink.

Seth jumped a little and smiled when he saw my face.

“Your baby is hungry feed me.” I said

Seth laughed “Fine let’s hunt.”

I groaned “No blood, just thinking of it makes my stomach do flips.”

“You hate human food.” Lynton said

“It doesn’t taste so bad now, Baby likes it” I said patting my stomach

“What do you feel like?” Seth asked

“OOO a big fat greasy hamburger with onion and mustard.”

Seth and Lynton laughed “Then that is what you will have.”

“And chocolate ice-cream.” I continued “oh, yeah and waffles lots and lots of waffles.”

Seth shook his head and grabbed my hand.

I was busy thinking of other things I wanted to eat when Seth sat me on the couch and left out the front door.

When he got back it looked like he had been grocery shopping he had so many bags of food. He handed me two bags and sat next to me and pulled out a taco and started eating.

“I want a bite.” I said looking at his taco I had a bite of my burger in my mouth.

He handed it to me and I ate the entire thing. “You just ate it all.”

I looked at the empty wrapper in my hand and laughed. “I guess I did, sorry.”

“No, it’s fine whatever you need that’s what I’m here for.” he reached up and whiped my mouth with a napkin.

“If that isn’t just the sweetest thing.” Rosalie said looking up from her house of cards.

I smiled at her and continued to stuff my face.

I had eaten as much as Seth by the time I was full.

“You eat like he does now.” Rosalie pointed out

“I’m eating for two, Rosy.” I yawned and patted my full stomach.

“You should go get some sleep.” Rosalie said softly.

“Nope supposed to practice with Manny tonight.”

“You can’t fight like that.” Rosalie stood and looked from me to Seth for some help.

“She’s right Tabatha, you shouldn’t fight pregnant.” Seth words were cautious.

“You’re not going to tell me what to do. There is a fight coming and I will not let my family and friends fight and die without me.” I got up off the couch and grabbed the garbage,walking out on both of them.

“Get your head in the game, Tabby.” Manny said as he helped me off the ground for the tenth time.

“Sorry” I positioned myself for his next attach.

He sprang and this time I dodged him and pulled myself around onto his back. I put my teeth to his neck and said “You’re dead.”

He grabbed my shirt and flung me over his shoulder. “Nope just wounded.”

I quickly got to my feet and this time I attacked. I kicked my leg out and hit him at the back of his knee. It took a lot of force but it buckled. I jumped to my feet and grabbed his head and twisted it slightly. I knew I was strong enough to do damage to a vampire, but I wasn’t sure I was fast enough.

“Now you have no head.” I laughed.

“Better, now again.” He said righting himself.

I flung myself onto the ground and crouched defencivly. “Bring it!” I growled

“No, this time you attack.” Manny said motioning me with his hand.

“I would never be fast enough to attack a vampire.” I said

“You’re plenty fast, now attack.”

I drove my toes into the ground and pounced and Manny stepped out of the way. I flipped and landed on my feet again.

“You aren’t concentrating Tabatha.” Manny growled

“Yes, I am. You’re too fast.”

“You can’t wait for them to attack you. Get them by surprise, you’re strong and you can defend yourself just fine, at least for now. When you get bigger your reaction will slow.” Manny’s eyes moved to my stomach. “I’m not even sure I should be training you now.”

“Don’t start, I have a over protective shape shifter to worry about me, and Rosalie didn’t seem too fond of the idea either.” I glared at him and this time I pounced without warning.

Even without warning Manny reacted and hit me a little to hard across the shoulder and I hit the ground with a hard thud.

“Damn that smarts!” I yelled out placing my head on my now dislocated shoulder. “Come here and pop this thing back into place.”

“Your so fragile, I really shouldn’t be teaching you, you should stay at home during the fight.” Manny looked upset with himself and me while he popped my shoulder back into place.

“I’m a big girl, anyway they would send someone after me if I wasn’t there for them to see.” I rubbed my shoulder.

“We’re done for today them. It’s all fun and games until you get hurt. I don’t want an angry wolf on my hands if I bring you back broken.” Manny helped me off the ground and we started walking back to the house.

“Manny, do you think it’s a good thing that I’m having this baby?” I looked at his face and it softend.

“Yes.” That was all he said he wasn’t a man of many words and that said a lot more than just the one word.

Seth was gone when I got home so I crawled into my bed sore. I vaguely remember Seth coming to get in bed right before dawn.