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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


13. Catch and disappear

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“Catch and disappear”

I got into my car and a vaguely familiar scent hit my nose.

"If you scream, you and your spawn will die before your watch wolf can make it to the parking lot." A male hiss came from the back seat as well, as a clawed hand on my well rounded stomach.

I looked into my rear view and saw a face that looked very similar to mine; just with blood red eyes. "Gerald, what are you doing here?" I said as I tried to smack his hand away from my stomach.

"I'm shocked you never came across my scent in the past year my dear daughter. Perhaps my genes aren't as strong in you. Shut the door, please."
"No, I think I'll keep it open." I said as I put my hand in my jacket pocket and pushed the button to start the voice recorder on my phone. "Now tell me why you're here."

"I have been spying on you, my daughter." He said. As he tightened his hand on my stomach, baby kicked me and I move uncomfortably. "Although I did leave to tell the Volturi about your presence here in Forks."

"Gerald, you didn't?" I looked back at him, shock on my face. "Do you know what you have brought down on me and my family?"

"Child I am your family, myself and your sisters. Now shut the damn door we're going for a ride." I dropped my phone out the door and shut it.

Gerald released my stomach and crawled into the front seat.

"Where am I driving?" I asked acidly

"Airport, Volterra awaits. Aro will be pleased now he doesn't have to wait to have you. He had all plans of sending Jane." He smiled evilly to himself "He will reward me for this for sure."

"You're such a dick." Moving fast as lightning he smacked me across my mouth and I could taste the blood as it filled my mouth.

"Drive you ungrateful brat."

I drove to the Seattle airport glaring at him occasionally, hoping that whomever was watching from the woods saw me drop my phone.

Gerald pulled me through the airport, his hand firmly on my back.

"Can we at least stop and get me something to eat?" I asked, looking at Burger King.

"You can eat when we get there. The plane leaves in two minutes." He pulled me faster through the crowd.

I got a small meal on the plane that really did not satisfy my hunger. I watched the movie and wondered what was waiting for me when I got to Volterra. It took twelve hours to get to Volterra from the Forks high parking lot.

Gerald pulled me into an office building and passed a human that did not seem shocked by the speed he was walking. "Tell Aro that I'm here with a present for him." Gerald said to the human.

She picked up a phone and spoke quietly into it. I really did not care what she was saying.

Then there she was, smiling as sadistic as ever. Jane glided over to Gerald and I.

"Gerald what is it that you have brought here?" Her voice sent a chill down my spine.

"This is my daughter." Gerald smiled and pushed me towards her.

"Oh I see and I also see that she is with child." Jane looked at my stomach and then back at Gerald. "Who is the father?"

"A wolf by the name of Seth Clearwater." Jane smiled at his words.

"Perfect, two gifts for the master the child seer and a watch dog all in one package."

I could nt contain the hiss that came from me.

"Hush child." Gerald spat

"You will be rewarded greatly from me for not having to go to that pit in Washington." Jane turned and guided me through the halls to a room that was not as modern as the rest. It kind of looked like it belonged in a castle, not a office building.

Aro was standing in the middle of the room, a smile on his ancient face. Jane left me standing by the now closed door and brushed her hand across Aro's.

"Ah Tabatha, you look like your father, but that doesn't surprise me." Aro said sweetly. I didn't respond to him. I just glared around the room at the other ancient ones and their guards. "This is such a pleasant surprise, isn't it brothers?" Aro continued, the others did not answer him. The one I knew to be Marcus just looked completely bored.

"Come here my child, let us talk." Aro said reaching out for me.

I did not move I just planted my feet and continued to glare, so Aro crossed the room and went to touch me. I spat in his face "Don't touch me." I hissed.

Jane smiled and pain shot through me like I was being shocked. I crumbled to the ground and bit my tongue so I would not scream out.

"Peace dear one." Aro said as he wiped the spit from his face and the pain stopped.

I stood and Aro walked back away from me. "It seems she does not wish to be touched. Take her to her room and let her get comfortable."

Jane grabbed me roughly and pushed me back out through the door. She took me to another room similar to the one we just left, but it was damper and smelled of death. She pushed me in and slammed the door locking it. Soon enough the door opened again and a human was pushed roughly into the room.

"Here's your food." A male voice spoke before the door shut and locked again. I felt sorry for this pretty girl, she did not seem to be more than eighteen. Her face had large scared green eyes that were half covered by mass amounts of brown curls.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I don't eat people." I said flatly.

She seemed to relax slightly, her thin body slumping as she walked to the other side of the room and slide to the ground watching me.

"Why are you here?" Her voice was rough, like she had swallowed nails.

"They want me for what I can do, I'm kind of a prisoner. I was snatched from my school." I said smiling at her. "What is your name?"

"Shyann" she spoke with a southern drawl.

"Hello I'm Tabatha, but you can call me Tabby. Well that is until they decide to kill you." I had no doubt that Shyann would not live through this, even though I would not be the one to take her life.

"I'm going to die?" She asked looking at the door.

"With out a doubt; and even if you ran you wouldn't get far." I said, guessing what she was thinking

I stood and started pacing around the room. Shyann's eyes darted to me and then fell on my stomach.

"You're pregnant?"

I smiled bitterly "Yep and that seems to make them even more happy."

"Who are these people and why did they call me your food?"

"Honey, you have no idea what kind of monsters you have got involved with."


"What kind of monster eats humans? Well, better yet, drinks them?" I asked raising my brow.

"Vampires?" she looked shocked as she asked the question "You're a vampire?"

"Only half." I laughed at the dumbfounded look on her face.

"I didn't know vampires could get pregnant." she said

"My mother was human." I began pacing again

"Well, if you're not going to eat me because you don't eat people, what do you eat?" she was really curious.

"Animals mostly" I shrugged "but since I got pregnant I have become quite fond of the food you eat."

"So you do drink blood?" she started to scoot away from me.

"I said I don't eat humans. You don't have to worry about me. It's them you should be scared of. Plus the baby doesn't like blood; it makes me sick to drink it now." My hands cradled my stomach as I continued to pace.

"Oh," was all she said before she slipped into silence.

"Seth is going to be so pissed, he's going to rip our room to shreds and probably his clothes when he phases." I whispered to myself.

"Who is Seth?" Curiosity outweighed what had caused her to fall silent.

"My boyfriend, he's a shape shifter hence the fact that they're happy about this baby. He turns into a wolf and they think of my child as a freaking guard dog."

"More monsters in the world, why does that not surprise me?" she rolled her eyes.

"He's not a monster, he very gentle normally." My voice wasangry.

She smiled and rolled her eyes evenmore dramatically "You love him, I can tell. You defended him quickly."

"That I do. It's late you should sleep if you can. I'll try to put off your death as long as I can." I said as I threw one of the thin blankets on the floor and offered her the cot.

I crawled onto the blanket on the floor but she ignored the cot.

"Was it love at first sight?" Shyann asked

"Well I saw him before we met and I knew he was where my heart would always be." I smiled when I noted that her brows were pulled together in confusion.


"I'm psychic, for lack of a better word. I had a vision of him."

"True love bah!" she stuck her finger in her mouth and faux vomited.

"A cynic, well one day you'll find your soul mate."

Shyann laughed humorlessly "Romance only exists in fairy tales and movies."

"I'm making it my mission in life to keep you alive so I can see it when you have to eat those words."

"Your what sixteen, seventeen?"

"By look maybe, number of birthdays is something different. If you were counting years I've been alive then I'm almost forty-five."

"Dag gum, what kind of face cream do you use? My mom could use some." She laughed and even with how rough her voice was it was a happy sound that made laughter bubble up in me.

"I like you, time might go by if I have a friend." I said putting my hand on her shoulder.

Shyann didn't shy away from me. She was brave, a very admirable trait.

"I think if we're stuck in here long enough we might become the best of friends." she added putting her hand on mine "I just hope I don't have to deliver that baby, blood and I aren't the best mix."

I laughed and stood pulling her with me and leading her to the cot. "Now sleep. The more we sleep the faster the days go by."

She nodded and lye on the bed. I crawled back onto my blanket and waited for Shyann to fall asleep. When she did I also fell into a fitful sleep.

The sound of the door creaking open woke me, and I had a plan to save Shyann that I knew would work because I saw it work in my vision.

"You didn't eat, do you want an animal or something else dear?" Aro said from the door way.

"Human food is what I want, not a human." I said to him bitterly. Shyann was sitting up in the cot looking at Aro fearfully.

"Fine I will eat her, and then I will have them bring you some food.." Aro said as he crossed the room and reached for her. Shyann scooted as far away from him as she could.

"No, Aro I want to keep here as my… pet." I had to think quickly for a word that would allow her to live.

He stopped and looked from me to her. "Is that what will make you happy dear one?"

"Yes, I will not cause trouble if you all leave me and her be." I said, moving to her and pulling her away from him. She was at least four inches taller then I was, but I put her behind me to protect her.

"So be it. She is yours, andno one shall touch her." Aro said and he swept out of the room.

"Thank you, I think." Shyann said as she moved back to the cot.

"They won't bother us again, just to give us food and that one will be back again to talk." I said pointing at the door.

"Who was that? He looked funny, like his skin was paper."

I sat next to her and sighed "His name is Aro and he's a douche, as my sister Nyla would call him. But he's an ancient vampire and has been what would be called royalty of the vampires for centuries. They are the Volturi they enforce the laws that are set out for vampires. I guess I fall into that category but I never did like rules."

"What kind of laws?" She put her head on her knees and looked at me, her green eyes curious.

"Well, one your kind isn't supposed to know about us. Another, children aren't to be made vampires. My kind aren't included because we are born and grow." I explained what I could to her. Shyann asked me many questions about my life and family and how I ended up in Volterra all the way from Washington.

"Your biological is a dick." She finally said when I finished talking.

"That's what I said." I laughed

"What about you, Shyann? Where are you from, and how did you end up here?"

"Oh that's easy I was on vacation here, well not here, but in Italy. I'm from Louisiana just a really small parish in the northeastern part of the state. You know one of the those towns where everyone knows you and the only thing to do for fun is do drugs, drink, drive around and screw," she muttered a little bitterly "This was the first time I ever left home and now I will never see it again. My poor parents, and my best friend Jesse she is going to hate herself for not coming with me."

"Even if I could get you out of here you would never make it home. They would hunt you down and kill you. I'm truly sorry but the safest place for you right now is here with me. I know that sucks but that's the best I can do. They won't allow you to live knowing the secret. The only ones who know the secret end up dead or a vampire. I can't change you even if I wanted to. I have no venom."

"What does venom do?" she asked

"It is what changes you into a vampire." I stated

The door opened and two trays flew across the floor before Shyann could ask anymore questions.

It wasn't much, just enough for one person. Some water, bread and the type of stuff you would get in jail in an old movie.

After we ate our small meal in silence, I curled up on my blanket and closed my eyes.

"Sleep Shyann, it's all we can do. The hunger isn't going away. If we sleep more it won't be so bad." I whispered, not bothering to open my eyes.

The days went by the same way. Shyann and I would talk for most of what we thought was the morning and they would bring us food twice a day, the same thing every time. Sometimes Aro would come and join our conversations. He did not get too close to either one of us, but he would talk pleasantly before leaving again.

I assumed he was trying to make me comfortable with him, trying to make me like him. Like that would ever happen. He was vile and he kept me from my family.

"You're getting weaker, Tabby." Shyann said one day several weeks, I assumed, since I arrived there.

"I normally eat twice what they feed me. The baby is weaker as well. It moves very little these days, but it gives me a few good kicks so I know it is fine." I said rubbing my stomach.

"Well your belly has grown since we have been trapped here." She patted my stomach.

It was dark and the candle they had given us for light had burned itself out a while ago. I heard a thud and a male voice curse silently. I bolted off the floor I could see Lynton's face even through the dark. Lynton was wearing a Volturi cloak, the hood thrown back, and he was smiling at me.

"Lynton, what the hell are you doing here?" I whispered, my eyes darting to the door "They'll kill you."

"I came to save you kid." He whispered, his boyish smile in place.

"Can you carry two?" I asked as I grabbed Shyann's arm

"I've never tried." he said, gazing at the girl who was fumbling around blindly in the dark.

"Friend of yours Tabby?" She asked.

"Family. Lynton this is Shyann, my gift from Aro. She was supposed to be food but ended up as a pet so to speak."

"Hold tight to her, Tabby cat, we're leaving."

I pulled Shyann into my arms and then was pulled to Lynton's cold hard chest and the room disappeared.