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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


14. Everyone should take the time to dance in the rain

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“Everyone should take the time to dance in the rain”

Two days later we left for Washington. The house was far to small for so many that needed to sleep. On the plane Alice kept leaning forward around the seat to talk to me about the wedding.

"I'm not wearing white. I'm pregnant and that just totally doesn't go with the purity statement." I laughed. "How about something like this?" I said, pointing to a high-waisted purple dress.

"Well we can have whatever you want made; it's going to cost for a rush order. I still think white is timeless. How about ivory?"

I looked over at Seth, whom I was sure was pretending to sleep, to see what he thought and then looked back at Alice. "I'll think about it."

Alice and I chattered through the whole flight, to the annoyance of Embry, who was sitting next to the isle that she was leaning over. "Thank god we're here. Now I can get away from you cackling hens." Embry said as he got up.

Shyann laughed and grabbed my arm as we walked off the plane. "Even for a non-believer, I can see that you and Seth have something special. Every time he looks at you I feel like I am intruding on an intimate moment." She sighed and sped up to keep up with the others.

In the car I finally spoke seriously to Shyann in a hushed voice. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" She looked at me, confused, then put her head on my shoulder. "Tabby I'm glad I met you."

"No. I'm sorry that you still can't go home. They know we're gone now and they're looking for both of us and they know where and who we are with. My family are the only ones that can keep you safe. Embry will alsokeep you safe, and I feel better knowing that you have him."

"Embry is just confused." She stated

"That isn't something you can confuse ,Shyann. I was told by Seth what it was like the first time he saw me. You can't deny away the way he feels about you." I was stroking her hair as I spoke so softly she had to strain to hear what I was saying to her.

She sighed and put her hand on my stomach "You have become my best friend Tabby, and I trust you more than my own parents. If you really think that is what it is, I'm just going to have to take your word for it and do my best to accept it."

"I don't think, I know." I said with a small chuckle "You feel that? The baby likes your voice. It feels like he's doing back flips in there."

"Yeah, he should know my voice. I talked enough for him to learn it possibly better then his father's."

"We're here" Seth said from the drivers seat.

"I have one more thing to ask you." I whispered to her as I sat forward to get out of the car.

"Okay what?"

"Would you be my maid of honor?"

"Are you kidding? I get to be in the wedding of mythical creatures." She jumped out after me hugging me so clumsily that we fell to the damp ground with a thud.

We both started laughing, not minding the rain that was soaking our clothes.

"Shall we dance in the rain?" I asked.

"Yes, indeed we should." She pulled me up with her and we ran off through the yard twirling like small children.

"Shyann! You're going to catch a cold." Embry yelled from the porch

"Is he in love with me or is hemy mother?" she sneered.

I chuckled and swung her around faster "He is concerned, that’s all, he doesn't want any harm to come to his world."

"Ladies, I think the gentlemen on the porch would like you to come in doors." Nyla chuckled standing next to us. "Then again, that looks like fun. Can I join?"

I threw my head back and laughed childishly and offered her my hand.

Embry and Seth waited until we were soaked to the bone and Shyann was shaking with cold before walking to us.

"Time to come in sweet, we let the three of you have your fun. You should really know better Nyla." Seth chided

"It looked fun. I couldn't help myself." Nyla said as she swept passed us.

"You should always take the time to dance in the rain." Shyann said

Embry had Shyann in his arms, keeping her warm. She only looked slightly uncomfortable.

"Well, we do only have two weeks to plan this wedding. I guess we should allow Alice her fun and help her out." I said, offering my hands to both Seth and Shyann.

"First things first, Alice, Shyann needs her own clothes." I said authoritativelyas we walked in the door.

"Ooo, shopping. I can pick up all kinds of stuff for the wedding while I'm out." Alice said happily.

"You're not going alone." Jasper frowned

"You want to shop with me?" Alice said, even more chipper.

"Yes ma’am.” Jasper responded in a slightly miserable tone

"Take Manny with you. At least you can share your misery." I laughed.

"Good idea." Jasper said as he followed Alice out the door.

I looked back at the small group after watching their retreating backs until the door closed.

"Go change, please." Embry pleaded with Shyann.

She rolled her eyes and looked between me and her dripping clothes. "Well where do we change?"

"Follow me." I put my hand on the side of Seth's face. "I'll be right back my love." He smiled and nodded

I was throwing clothes all over my room looking for something that Alice hadn't picked out that would still fit me. I was so tired of wearing the clothes Alice thought I should wear.

"Do these look big enough?" I showed Shyann a pair of jeans that were quite big on me normally.

"Maybe under the belly." She said, throwing a shirt at me. “This one should look good even over your ever expanding belly.”

I pulled it on over my head and looked down "Okay now let's see if these fit." I pulled the jeans on and I was elated to see that they did fit and with out being tight.

"Hey I was wrong, and you make pregnancy look so good." she said "How do I look?" She twirled. the skirt that hit me mid knee was quite short on her but her legs looked nice and I was sure that Embry would appreciate our height difference.

"Nice legs, I wish I had your legs." I said after she looked up at me.

"Please you have quite the bod with a baby on board." She laughed "Now if only your shoes would fit me. I hate having such large feet."

"I have really small feet, size five is so hard to find heels in. You and Alice wear the same size. She won't mind sharing one pair of shoes. Clothes are like tissues to her, single use."

Her smile widened and I motioned her to the door. "I promised we wouldn't be gone long, we have been up here throwing these clothes around for two hours."

"Why didn't Seth come up and get you an hour and twenty minutes ago?"

I shrugged "I think he likes that I have a friend outside of the family that I am so close to, but I swear we knew each other in a former life."

Shyann watched the sunset thoughtfully for a minute seeming to be in her own world.

"I feel the same way, we should get our tarot cards read and find out." She whispered thoughtfully.

"I don't pay for that; I do my own."

"Really? Oh we need to do that like now, then." She pushed a pile of clothes off the bed and sat, bouncing up and down.

I opened my bedside table and pulled out a deck of well used cards. "Well, I guess the boys can wait a little while longer."

I turned over the queen as a signifier I started laying out the cards in a 12 card spread. I read the cards several times, tracking back through several of Shyann's past lives.

"That's interesting." I said as I laid out the cards again.

"What is?" She asked, looking at the cards.

"It seems that we have been together in many life times." I said, pointing at the cards. "This one indicates me and I just keep popping up."

"Really? That's explains so much. I feel like we belong in each others lives. Since the first time you spoke I felt it."

"I did too." I picked the cards up and put them back into my drawer. "Let me see your hands." I looked at them and smiled "Your going to have three kids."

"How do you know?" She asked confused

"See these lines." I pointed to the ones under her pinky. "That's how I know. See how there are three."

"Oh, how many do you have?"

I put my hands in hers and she looked "Oh god, four."

"Yep, one down." I patted my stomach and stood up off the bed.

"Time to go talk with the future father of my children." Shyann smiled and trotted out the door.

She didn't stop until she was standing next to Embry she smiled widely at him and pulled him down so she could whisper in his ear. "Apparently we're going to have three children together." She didn't talk very loud but Seth and I both heard, which made Embry's reaction so much funnier.

Embry's eyes bugged and he looked into her face "O-okay I didn't know that you liked me enough for all that."

I laughed "I read her palm. Plus she is connected to you and has been for many lifetimes, as well as myself. She doesn't seem to go one life time without either of us."

"I guess that's something." Embry said with a smile "I didn't know you were into all that past life mojo, you know tarot cards and palm reading."

"There is plenty you don't know about me, Seth didn't even know." I said

"So you think I haven't seen you reading those things after you wake up from a vision? Do you really think that your screams don't wake me?" Seth said pulling me into his arms "There isn't much of anything I don't know about you. I pay attention."

"Consider me corrected." I said rolling my eyes. "Did you know that I play the guitar?"

"Umm… no" Seth said, quizzically.

"Well, then you don't know everything now do you?" I said, pulling Shyann with me into the kitchen.

"Do you really play the guitar?" Shyann asked in a whisper.

"Sort of. I don't compose or anything but I can read music and play." I said, playing air guitar with my hands.

"Air guitar doesn't count. I play air guitar quite well myself." She said, playing like she was in a 80's hair band with windmills and everything.

"No, acoustic."

"Do you have one and can you teach me?" She asked happily.

"No, but I can get two, hold on I just got an idea." I picked up the house phone, having not gotten my cell back as of yet, and dialed Alice's number.

"Yello, who is this?" Alice answered on the first ring.

"Tabby. I have something to add to your list." I said, winking at Shyann conspiratorially.


"Two guitars and some sheet music." I whispered the name of the song into the phone so no one heard and explained why I wanted it.

"So sweet, okay bye bye." Alice said and the phone went dead.

"She must really be torturing those boys." I said, hanging the phone up and walking to the fridge, pulling all kinds of food out and putting it on the counter. "So, can you cook?"

"Yes, quite well, I was accepted to a well known cooking school and I was set to start in the fall." She answered my question by going through the ingredients I had set out. She pushed me out of the way and started pulling out different things and putting a lot of the stuff I had pulled out back.

"Remember who your cooking for, two large boys that eat as much as a family of four and a pregnant chick that eats almost as much." I reminded her as I sat down.

Shyann was busy chopping things and putting them into a pan coated with olive oil. "Embry and Seth aren't easy to forget, Embry is far to gorgeous for that."

"Ooo! You do dig him." I teased.

"I have given in against my better judgment." She said as the house began to smell like onion and garlic.

The boys decided to come into the kitchen and sat next to me.

"Want some help?" Embry asked.

"No, you'll just get in my way." Shyann said as she added meat into the pan.

"Okay, go at it chief." Embry put his hands up as if to ward her off when she came at him playfully with the knife.

Embry grabbed her arm pulling her into him and placing a timid kiss on her mouth. She responded and wrapped her arms around his neck. The knife, still in her hand, came dangerously close to his neck.

"You are so going to cut him." I said pulling the knife from her fingers.

Shyann pulled away "Well at least you can kiss. That is a definite plus."

"Food, yo the baby is hungry. Paw each other later." I grumbled, handing the knife back to her.

The food was done in about a half hour, and I set the table. Shyann placed a salad in front of me and I picked at it, crinkling my nose. I finally threw it away from me, scattering lettuce all over the table. "Repeat after me… Tabby is not a rabbit." I said as I shoveled spaghetti in my mouth.

"I'll have to remember that." Shyann laughed along with everyone else.

I picked at the cooked vegetables and stood not really eating much more than the spaghetti.

I scraped my plate into the garbage and walked out of the kitchen.

Grabbing the remote from Emmett and changing the channel to a mind numbing sitcom, I curled up on the couch to watch.

I followed the plot and thought their problems funny compared to real life.

Shyann was sitting next to me and she began to talk noise about the characters.

"Can you believe this chick, her close just scream I have issues, that years of therapy can't cure."

"She is totally Goth or is it Emo? I don't really think there is much diffrence except the 80's hair." I added

Seth and Embry were sitting on the floor we had ran everyone else off with our noise talking.

"If you both hate this show so much why are we being tortured with it?" Embry asked.

"Please, it's far to fun to make fun of to miss. I have been watching this show for like three years. They are now forty year old high school students." Shyann said

"I see the beginnings of crows feet on that one." I pointed to the oldest looking male on the screen.

"Wait it's time for the weekly lesson, shhhh… maybe we'll learn something. I just love the fact that all life’s problems can be solved in the course of one episode." Shyann sat forward and placed her hand on Embry's shoulder.

The end credits popped up and I huffed "Nope didn't learn nothing other than fashion now a days is horrible."

"How about we watch a movie?" Seth offered

"Oooo Wayne's World." Shyann and I both chorused

Seth got up and put the DVD in the player and the movie started.

I had seen this movie so many times and I still loved it.

Shyann and I both knew the movie word for word and we talked along with the dialog.

"You could let them say their lines you know." Seth said leaning his head back to talk to me.

"Sh' yeah and monkeys might fly out of my butt." I said with a smile.

"Time for a snack." I pronounced when the end credits began going up the screen.

"Your always so hungry." Shyann pointed out.

"You saw these two eat and I have his child in me." I pointed at Seth.

"Come on Jasper shopping wasn't that bad." Alice said as she and Jasper came through the door.

"Ooo Alice your back." I jumped off the couch and bounced on the balls of my feet. "Did you find everything?"

"Of course your dress will be ready Monday and I got bridesmaids dresses that are soooo adorable." Alice cooed

"Where is everything?"

"The trunk of the car and the backseat both are over flowing." Alice smiled

I grabbed Shyann's hand and started pulling her towards the door.

"Nope." Alice stopped me "Boys go bring in the stuff." She said over her shoulder as she pulled me and in turn Shyann up the stairs.

"What are we doing?" I asked

"I snuck what you asked for into your room. I want to hear this. It will take them quite sometime to empty all I bought out of the car." Alice said happily as she opened my door and pointed to the guitar.

I picked up the guitar and the sheet music and started playing the song that I had heard in London that had made me cry.

"It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart. Without saying a word you can you can light up the dark”I sang in a perfect soprano voice.

Both Shyann and Alice sat there and listened to me do my rendition of Alison Krauss' song.

When I was finished I looked at Shyann "That's the song I'm going to teach you so we can sing it at my wedding to Seth."

"Okay that is just far too romantic. I never thought a love like your existed." Shyann said as silent tears fell down her face.

"I'm not the only one with someone who loves me. Now come here so I can teach you a few chords before the boys find their way up here." I said pushing the other guitar at her.

Shyann learned quickly and she could play the first few chords before Alice warned us that the boys where on their way up the stairs.

I stood and looked around the room for a place to hide the guitars. "Under the bed, he won't look there." I pushed mine and then Shyann's under the bed and stuffed the sheet music between the mattress and box springs.

I was sitting innocently next to Shyann on the bed when Seth and Embry walked into the room.

"You know, I think it was a bad idea that you let Alice plan this." Embry grumbled.

"Why is that?" I asked

"Do you know how much crap she bought?" he grumbled

"That's Alice, and I know that my wedding is going to be beautiful."

Alice took the stack of clothing bags that Embry was holding and handed half of them to Shyann. "I bought these for you." she then handed me the others "and these are the bridesmaids dresses."

I unzipped the bag and pulled out the prettiest lavender dresses. Not frilly, just simple and sleek. I was very happy. I stood and kissed Alice on the cheek. "Thank you. They're perfect."

Alice smiled and left the room.