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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


15. Oh God... I do

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“Oh God… I do”

"Oh God, I can't do this!" Panic was ripping at me as I looked at myself in the mirror.

Alice had spent all day beautifying Shyann and I. I was now wearing my wedding dress and the ceremony was about to start. The reflection that stared back at me showed a beautiful woman in a ivory lace dress. Thin straps showing the light color of the skin on my shoulders. The dress had a high-waist and full skirt. Between my breasts and ever expanding stomach a bold silver pendent sat. It was a mix of old and new fashions.

"You're just nervous." Alice said happily.

"I'm not the type to get married. I made a mistake. Seth won't be mad." I was now pulling at the buttons on the back of the dress, trying with all my might to get out of it.

Shyann smacked my hands and redid the three buttons I had managed to get undone. "You're fine. Take a few deep breaths, because Seth is down there waiting for you."

I took her advice and breathed in deeply. "I still don't feel better."

"It will be over before you know it, and you will be Mrs. Clearwater.." Shyann smiled sweetly.

"I'm so going to love your wedding day." I glared at her.

"Embry and I aren't going to be taking the plunge anytime soon." Shyann snorted as she watched Alice leave the room. "I think if you have to be dragged down the isle, that one would happily do it."

"No doubt on that one." I said, smiling "She won't have to. I will do this to make Seth happy. The wedding is for him, the reception is for me."

"Oh, the song is going to be beautiful. I hope it makes him cry."

"You learned so fast! I'm impressed that we can play it." I patted her on her bare shoulder. "You look even prettier than I do, I'm jealous."

"Please, no one is going to be looking at me. Today is all about you." Her answering smile was a little mocking.

"I have his whole family here, and look you can still see that I'm pregnant. They're going to think this is some sort of shotgun wedding."

"You can't tell your pregnant, Tabby. Alice designed the dress to hide it perfectly. Plus, it is a shotgun wedding. It was only two weeks ago that he asked you." Shyann said pointedly.

"It's time." Carlisle's voice came from the door.

"Okay… I think I'm ready." I said as I took the arm that he offered me.

"You look beautiful, Seth is a lucky boy."

"Dad, you have to say that to a girl on their wedding day. I look like a cow." My hand fell to my stomach

"No, I mean every word of it."

We were now standing on the ornately decorated stairs and I could see Seth, Jake and Embry standing next to Emmett who had been ordained for the occasion.

"Here goes nothing." I said as the traditional wedding march started.

I got to Seth and nothing else mattered. The world fell away. He looked so handsome in his tux and he was all mine.

When we finished our vows Seth placed a thin silver ring on my finger that fit well with the one he proposed with. I also placed a silver band on his left hand.

"It is my pleasure to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Seth Clearwater." Emmett said as he turned us around after our first kiss as man and wife.

There was a band on the stage that played music for us while we danced. We were only about twenty minutes or so into the reception when Shyann tapped me on the shoulder. "It's time for your present."

I let go of Seth and followed her on the stage, grabbing our guitars from Alice who was bouncing happily.

I got to the microphone and spoke into it loudly. "This song is what made me want to marry Seth so quickly. It says more of my love for him then I could ever say in my own words." with that I sat in one of the chairs that Alice had set on the stage and began to play with Shyann. Both Seth and Embry were standing by the stage when we finished the song.

"You have a beautiful voice, both of you." Seth said, the emotion clear in his voice.

"Thank you, it was all Tabby's idea." Shyann said as she allowed Embry to cart her towards the dance floor.

"You, Mrs. Clearwater, never cease to amaze me." Seth pulled me into his arms and hugged me softly.

"Let's hope that continues forever." My smile was of pure bliss.

"I know it will. You know that our honeymoon is put off for now, but I can be happy with you anywhere we are."

I got a disgruntled look on my face and looked into his eyes. "Why do they have to ruin this for me?"

"It will be over soon, sweet, the year is almost up." Seth whispered soothingly.

"I could lose you before our life together starts." I said as anxious tears began to fall, it was a good thing Alice used water proof make-up.

"That will never happen, if I have to I will haunt you forever." Seth pulled me to the dance floor to get my mind off things for a while.

He succeeded in distracting me. I was having fun dancing and fooling around with everyone when a light tap on my shoulder grabbed my attention. I turned and was shocked when Leah pulled me into a reluctant hug.

"Congrats." That was all she said before she walked off the dance floor and disappeared into the woods to phase no doubt.

I looked at Seth, completely confused, and went back to dancing with Shyann.

"What was that about?" Shyann asked, a little winded from all the dancing we had been doing.

"I have absolutely no clue. That was Seth's older sister, Leah, and she hates me. She has been acting strange since I got back. She is almost nice, but we have almost come to blows and now she acts like a reluctant member of my family."

"She didn't seem like she was too keen on hugging you." Shyann rolled her eyes. "Forget her, she is weird and today is your day."

I took her advice and took turns dancing with the men of my family. Lynton had claimed as many dances as he could before Seth got tired of waiting.

"Can I have my wife back?" Seth asked and Lynton answered with a boyish smile.

"Nope someone else has claimed the next dance, sorry old boy he has been waiting for this day for a long time." Lynton said as he pulled me from the dance floor towards the now dark woods.

"Who are you talking about?" There he was, someone I thought killed by our father long ago.

"Oh my freaking god, Derek!" I screamed as I flung myself into the only other sibling that I had gotten along with.

"I though Gerald killed you, you just disappeared from my flat. No calls no letters. How could you make your baby sister think such things?"

"I had to hide sis, Gerald did find me and I barely got away with my life." Derek smiled as he pulled me across the yard to the dance floor. "Now I get my dance with the bride right?"

"You can have all the dances." I yelled as I put my arms around his broad shoulders.

Derek chuckled and pulled me around the dance floor. "So which one of the hulking guys in tuxes is the lucky man?"

I looked around and found Seth glaring in our direction. "The one with the death stare. Let me introduce you before he tries to kill you." I pulled Derek behind me and walked to Seth side.

I let go of Derek and kissed Seth happily. "This is my older brother by blood, Gerald was his father as well." I whispered against his lips.

Seth raised a brow and looked at him, and probably noticed the similarities in our appearance. "I wasn't aware that you had a brother. I thought Gerald only fathered girls."

"I thought him long dead, so I didn't mention him." I said, pulling Seth the distance I had left between them. "Derek, Seth. This is my big brother Derek."

Big was an understatement Derek was just as tall as Seth and probably just as wide. His grey eyes kind and he offered his hand to Seth.

"So nice to meet you, young man."

"Ummm…" Seth took his hand and shook it once before dropping it.

"I think I shocked you both. It was all Lynton's doing please don't beat me." Derek said teasingly as he pushed me and my dress fell across my stomach showing it for the first time.

"I thought you were just chubby sis, are you pregnant?" Derek asked.

"You surprise me brother, you're not very quick. I have been close to you for like what ten minutes and you just now notice."

"I was happy with the reunion. This is definatly a happy day baby sis." He said and pulled me into a hug.

"Have you seen Cameron and the other girls?" I asked as he placed me back on my feet.

"That's where I was when Lynton found me. I had heard of Gerald's death and was worried about the girls. I did not know it was at the hands of Nylasa and Arianna until the girls told me about what happened." I led Derek and Seth to a table and sat in the satin draped chair.

"So you knew of all of this? Where I was, why so many vampires are here in Washington? Lynton filled you in." I asked, worry creasing my face

"Yes, I know of everything and I will gladly fight, as will our sisters."

"You didn't bring them here to my home, did you?" I asked, disgust filling my voice

"No, I know how you feel about them even if they love you." He looked into my face. "They have always loved you, as I have."

"I have a large enough family." I said bitterly.

"And do I fit in that family?"

"You always have."

"Yes, but now you have a husband to keep you safe and a huge bunch of vampires that seem to love you more then I thought ever possible by the other half of us." He said sadly.

"Don't forget the pack." Seth added, his words loving "They would all die for you. It just isn't for me Jake and Embry love you too."

I smiled as my eyes fell on the two boys that he was talking about. "I am quite fond of my wolfy family."

"Wolfy?" Derek looked so confused, his brows together.

"Seth and all the Indian boys here tonight are shape shifters. I thought Lynton explained everything to you."

"It seems he left a few things out. The fact that you are pregnant by and married to a shape shifter being one." Derek said as he scanned the small crowd for Lynton. "Excuse me please, I have a bone to pick with one not so forthcoming vampire." He walked off quickly.

"Oh crap, this won't be good." I stood and follow after him.

I did not get to them in time. There was already a fight under way when I got to them. Derek had a smiling Lynton in a head lock.

"No teleporting, that's cheating." He growled loudly "You deserve a good thrashing for sending me in here blind."

Derek punched Lynton and I heard his hand crack as it broke. "Damn" he yelled and shook his hand out.

That didn't deter Derek very long, and he was attaching Lynton again.

"Oh stop it before you break something else." I grumbled loudly.

"Tabatha Ann, stay out of this."

"Oh don't you use my full name, Derek Edward." I said, stepping forward and crouching.

Now you want to wrestle in your pretty wedding dress?" Derek asked playfully

"One use, who cares." I motioned for him to come at me.

He came at me and I grabbed his broken hand, twisting it before pulling myself onto his back.

"Ouch!" He yelled out "That was playing dirty, little sis." he grabbed the hem of my dress ripping it as he pulled me off his back flinging me to the ground at his feet. I hit with a thud.

I rolled onto my feet quickly enough, sweeping his feet from under him. He caught my shoulder as he fell planting his other hand protectively on my back to control where I went. He flung me next to him on the wet ground, my dress now completely ruined.

I laughed and looked up. Seth was standing there offering me his hand "Did he hurt you?" He growled

I took his hand, pulling myself up. "Please. I'm not that fragile." I rolled my eyes and looked down at my ripped dress. "Although my dress is."

"You okay sis?" Derek asked from the ground, still on his back.

"Yep, you still hit like a girl." I laughed

"Just wait until you're away from your spouse." He taunted happily, springing to his feet.

"I don't need him to protect me from you."

"Enough! Tabby you should know better. You know what Seth would have done if he hurt you. Worse, he could have hurt the baby." Jake yelled at me.

"Excuse me?" My words came out like acid. I was trembling with anger. I never did like authority, and that was what seeped from every pore of Jake's body right now.

Before I could move away from Seth to say more or do anything Nyla had me in her arms, holding me in her iron grasp.

"Not tonight, Tabatha," she whispered in my ear

"Oh hell no! Let me go!" I was yelling and struggling to get free "He's not my daddy. That vile man is dead, and sure the hell didn't give that dog the job. I wouldn't even let Seth talk to me like that."

"Tabatha, that's enough. Calm down or I will have Lynton take you away from here." Nyla was not playing, I could hear it in her voice.

I seethed but relaxed in her arms. "Fine" I whispered back.

Nyla set me free, placing me back on my feet. I took a few deep breaths and walked as calmly as I could to stand in front of Jake. "You will never address me as one of your pack again, or you'll walk away a gimp."

He nodded and turned away from me.

"How about we go get you changed out of that dress?" Shyann whispered in my ear.

"Where did you come from?" I was surprised that my human friend was able to sneak up on me.

"I came over when I heard you screaming." She said calmly as she walked me through the crowd that had gathered.

"Well I have made an ass of myself tonight haven't I?" I asked as we walked up the stairs.

"As thoroughly as I could have done." She laughed

Shyann unbuttoned my dress and I let it fall to the ground my anger long gone now. "I guess after I get dressed I should apologize to everyone."

"Jake's a big boy he can take his lumps. He was wrong for talking to you like a member of the pack. I totally agree he has no power over you." She sighed and handed me a ivory cotton dress. "Seth is the one you should say sorry to."

"What do you mean?" A look of confusion came across my face..

"You obviously didn't see the look on his face when you were screaming. He was scared that Jake would hurt you if you attacked him." She looked as concerned as she was telling me Seth was.

"Jake can control himself. He knows me far to well to allow one of my tantrums to effect him. I have acted crazy before, and I am sure it won't be the last time." I explained.

"I love you so much." She said hugging me

I hugged her back and patted her wild hair. "I love you too."

"I don't want anyone to hurt you, and I can't stop it from happening." She was now crying.

"Why are you crying, silly, I was in no danger." I wiped a tear from her face.

"That's the thing. You are in danger, as we all are." Her sobs were now raking through her thin frame.

I finally pulled the cotton dress on and headed for the door after Shyann's sobs had stopped and she had composed herself.

"It was a good thing the band had left and it was just a radio that was playing music before my little outburst." I said as I opened the door.

Shyann laughed lightly as she followed me down the stairs. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and saw Jake playing with Nessie in a corner.

"He doesn't deserve a apology." I said as I walked out the back door.

Derek was standing next to the back door when I walked out.

"We really did it this time, didn't we sis." He whispered

I looked around at the now uncomfortable pack and shook my head. "Nope this one is all on me bro." I took another deep breath and projected my words loud enough for everyone to hear. "I am so very sorry that you all had to see me act that way. I was completely infantile and I shouldn't have acted that way. Jake was just concerned for myself and the baby. Please try and enjoy the rest of the evening."

Sue was smiling at me from where she was standing with a very upset looking Seth.

"Your mate didn't like what his alpha did." Derek informed me. "He argued with him, although he didn't yell as you did."

"Well he seems to be better able to control his temper than I."

Derek chuckled and grabbed my elbow, guiding me towards them. "I have to apologize for my part of this."

"What and you want to use me as a shield?" I said, digging my feet into the damp ground.

"That was the idea." He laughed as he pulled me along.

Seth's face softened when he saw our approach. "I was wondering when you would come back to me." He took me from Derek and hugged me.

"Perhaps I shouldn't be allowed in public anymore. I seem to have a knack for embarrassing myself." I said.

"That is an understatement" Sue laughed at me.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have started a sparing match with my pregnant sister. It was in bad taste." Derek smiled sweetly..

"She seems to be fine. If her temper is any indication of that." Seth said, shaking the hand that Derek offered. "No harm no foul."

Derek's smile widened as he turned to Sue, offering her the hand that Seth had just dropped. "May I have this dance Madam?" He bowed deeply.

Sue smiled at him and turned to Seth "I will take my leave of you and your wife." She kissed Seth's cheek and took Derek's hand.

"Well at least Leah seemed cordial tonight" I said, watching them walk off.

"Let's not talk about that." Seth smiled to himself as he led me toward the house. "Are you ready to rest? It's late and you had a long day."

“I guess.”

He led me through the left over crowd into the house and up the stairs to what was now our room.