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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


16. The time has come to fight

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“The time has come to fight”

The time has come, my dear ones.” Aro said as he walked the long line of his guard. “We fight now, there is no trial, just death and carnage.”

“We do not fear master.” The group at large said.

“Good, then we leave this night for Washington once again. This time my old friend Carlisle and his large family die.” Aro said, smiling wickedly at his brothers.

I bolted upright out of the bed, holding my mouth trying to muffle my scream.

“What the hell?” Shyann shot up out of the bed next to me. “Dag gum, Tabby you scared me.”

“Sorry, I-I didn’t mean to wake you.” I stammered out. “I think we may have a problem.”

I got out of the bed and walked to the door pulling it open. “Alice.” I whispered.

I hadn’t needed to open the door Alice would have heard me anyway.

“What is it?” Alice’s face was dejected as she walked into my room. “Did you see the same thing I did?”

“They're coming.” I said, holding my stomach protectively.

“Yep, that’s what I thought you were screaming about.” Alice whispered

“Alice do you know how long? Was your vision any clearer than mine?” I was panicking now, my breath coming in short bursts.

“A week, maybe less. Edward said it was lucky that most everyone was here for your wedding last night. We are preparing. She sat slowly on the bed next to Shyann, who was shaking.

“Okay, where is my husband?” I asked before walking out the door.

“He’s running patrol with Embry and Jake. They left after my vision.” Alice explained as she followed me down the stairs.

“We need to hide Nessie and Shyann.” I announced to the filled front room.

“There is no way.” Lynton said, his face devoid of his normal smile.

“Damn it, don’t tell me that!” I yelled, angry tears obscuring my vision. “I promised her we would keep her safe.”

“The safest place for all of you for the time is surrounded by all of us that can defend you.” Eli said from a corner.

“Screw that, I don’t need to be defended I can take care of myself.” I scowled and walked over to the couch angrily.

“You're seven months pregnant, Tab!” Eli yelled back “Your reactions have slowed and there is no way you could fight.”

“Oh, I will fight and I will win” I stated acidly. “Let anyone of them try and hurt my family and see what happens.”

“Never underestimate the power of a pissed off woman.” Derek laughed.

“Shut up, Derek,” Nyla hissed.

“Hey, I got your back sis.” Derek winked at me.

“I don’t want any of you to worry about me.” I said, looking at each concerned face. “I am capable of fighting. Shyann and Nessie are your objective, keep them safe or deal with my wrath.”

“I’ll protect the human with my life.” Manny, who was in a dark corner talking strategy with Jasper spoke, his eyes softening as they held mine. “She will not be harmed.”

I nodded and looked around the room again. “You all need to take care of each other. Wolf helping vampire and vise versa. You are all my family, and I want you all to come home safe with me.”

“We need to go to the field and wait, they will be here in a few days time.” Alice said.

We camped for five days before the sky was blacked out by the figures in dark cloaks.

“The time has come to fight.” Garret said

“Fight we will.” I answered in a barely contained hiss.

The fighting happened so fast I have no idea who attacked first. All I know is that I lit a match and started the fire that would burn our enemies bodies.

The flame was blazing so I followed the howls of the pack to the center of the field were the fight was taking place.

I was taken off guard when a clawed hand reached out and flung me to the ground. I recovered quickly rolling to my feet to face the one who had attacked me.

There a beautiful vampire stood her, violet eyes menacing. She was crouched poised for attack.

“I wonder, will you scream for your wolf mate?” Her silky voice taunted.

“So pretty, it will be a shame to kill you.” I circled around, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce.

“Well since I don’t plan to die, half-breed, you have no worries.” She followed my every move, concentrating.

“If you have a mental ability your wasting your strength. Bella has me well covered.” I smirked at the rage in her face.

I finally found the opening I was waiting for. All the years of sparing with Derek had to pay off for something. I pounced, planting my feet in her stomach and ripping at the hard skin on her neck with my teeth. She squirmed and flung me away from her.

I spit out the chunk of skin that I managed to rip away.

She screamed and ran at me teeth bared, murder in her eyes.

A small grey wolf jumped in between the murderous vampire and myself. It took me all of half a second to realize it was Leah who was putting herself in harms way.

“Leah!” I screamed, but I was far to late. The vampire had already sunk her teeth into Leah. Leah must have been going on pure adrenaline, she grabbed the same part of the vampire’s neck where I had taken the chunk out and with a ripping sound the head went flying.

Leah dismembered the body before she slumped to the ground.

I quickly carried the pieces of the vampire to the now purple smoking fire and threw them in. I made my way back to Leah who was now in human form, her breathing labored.

“Shit!” Leah howled “At least the leech could have finished me off quickly.”

“Are you crazy?” I asked as I kneed next to her.

“You’re my sister, aren’t you.” She asked, a weak smile on her face.

“I was doing fine on my own.” I spat bitterly.

“Sure, sure.” She winced as she laughed.

“She didn’t get much venom in you, you’ll be okay.” I said hopefully.

“I’m going to die half-breed, the venom is poison to us.” She said, her head falling back to the ground.

“Not here you're not.” I looked around me and saw that Lynton was finishing off the one he was fighting. “Lynton!” I yelled out pulling Leah into my arms.

Her weight was lighter then I would have thought being that she couldn’t help. I carried her to Lynton’s side and over the fighting I screamed. “Where is Seth is he okay?”

“I don’t know, what’s with her?” He said taking her limp body from my hands.

“She’s dying take her to the house and get back here.” I yelled over my shoulder as I ran off.

A growl of rage escaped from my lips as I saw the next scene. Eli was on the ground dead. The vampire dismembering him, throwing his pieces in a fire.

I refused to think, I just allowed the blood lust to take control of me. My vision went red and I pounced on the unsuspecting male vampire.

My teeth sunk into his neck three times before he realized that I was there.. I wasn’t alone in this fight, just like the other a wolf came to my aid. This time the vampire was pulled apart mostly by my hand.

After throwing his parts in the same fire that Eli had been thrown into I looked at the russet wolf and nodded before running off again.

Nyla was laughing happily as she flung Renata around. Renata only had one arm and half of the fingers on her right hand were gone. I smiled at Nyla as I ran by.

I was determined to find Seth, to make sure he was okay and to tell him of his sisters fate.

Derek was the next of my family that I came across. He was dancing with Jane and her brother Alec.

I came to a stop next to him and smiled wickedly “Now the odds are more fair, don’t you think my dear brother?”

Derek laughed devilishly and grabbed my arm, flinging me in the air. I landed dexterously on Alec’s back. I planted my feet there and pulled back roughly on his head. I heard a sickening snap as I exerted all of my strength. I cringed as his head came off in my hands. I threw it aside and continued ripping.

I heard Jane’s scream a mixture of pain and rage and I felt my body jolt backward as she tackled me. Her teeth were mere inches from my throat when she flew backwards. I felt more than a flood of relief as she flew in the direction of the pack. A pain raked through my whole body.

“Oh, no not now, kid, you can wait.” I said through clinched teeth.

I got back to my feet, but the pain stopped me before I could get any farther than a few feet. I grabbed my stomach and screamed falling to the ground again.

I was surrounded by vampire's backs. Carlisle’s was the only face that hovered above me. “Good God Tabby you picked a great time to go into labor.”

“Jane and Alec are done, as well as the one with violet eyes, and another male. I assume that Renata is gone she didn’t have much left of her before I ran off.” I said through my teeth fighting off another scream as the pain raked through me again.

“Yes, we have fared well so far. Demetri fell at Edward’s hands. Jasper also took out quite a few of the guards. Bella has surprised us all and kept the shield up while she’s fighting.” Carlisle soothed me. “But there is still more fighting to be done.”

“I’ll be fine just finish this.” I hissed

From my vantage point on the ground I watched Aro fall as Carlisle advanced on him more menacingly then I thought capable of our gentle leader.

Carlisle finished off his old friend and screamed with anguish as he continued fighting. I lost sight of Carlisle after that.

I watched as my guard fought off attacks from all angles. They did not move from their protective stances, but the enemy fell none the less.

The fighting finally slowed and the pains in my stomach continued, coming at closer intervals.

“I have held it off as long as I can… this baby is coming.” I yelled and Nyla turned to me kneeing next to me.

“The ones that are left have either given up or are running away.” She said softly. “Carlisle is free he can come to you now..”

“Is Seth okay?” I cried

“I’m fine.” Seth’s tired voice came from outside the circle. “Let me by, please.”

“Oh thank God, I was trying to get to you when I ended up on the ground.” I said as I pulled him to me.

“Yes, sweet I saw you with Alec.” he placed his hand on my stomach and then lifted me into his arms. “That wasn’t very smart you know.” he spoke softly into my ear.

“Derek was out numbered I figured sister and brother against sister and brother.” I smiled and another pain caused me to take in a sharp breath.

“Carlisle, it’s time.” Seth yelled across the field panic in his voice.

Carlisle was next to us in a flash. He looked down at my now soaked pants and shook his head. “I don’t think we have time to get her home. Put her on the ground I’ll have to deliver the baby here.”

Seth did as he was told and Carlisle ripped my pants from my body. “He's crowning.” He stated “ Are you ready to push?”

“Yes, please get him out of me!” I yelled as another pain came.

“Okay, the next pain after this I want you to push as hard as you can for ten seconds and then breath.” Carlisle explained to me.

I didn’t respond because another pain came and I lifted myself up pushing with all my strength.

“Three, two, one and breath.” Carlisle said.

My head fell back and was caught by Seth’s large shaking hands. This wasn’t a shake I knew he was not angry he was scared. I looked at his face and my assumptions were confirmed. His eyes were glazed and wild.

“It will be okay.” I assured him weakly.

Then another contraction came and I lifted my self up and pushed again.

“His head and shoulders are out just another push or two and you’ll be done.” Carlisle encouraged.

It only took one more push, and I heard a hearty scream echo across the quiet field.

My baby boy was a dark olive color, his clear blue eyes showed his rage.

“What shall we call him?” Seth said as he laid me on our bed several minutes later.

“Anthony Jacob Clearwater.” I smiled and looked at our baby.. “How is Leah?”

He sighed sadly “She’s in a mountain of pain and cussing like a sailor.”

“How long does she have?” I asked sadly

“Two days tops”

“It’s all my fault” tears were falling down my face.. “She was protecting me.”

“She knew that vampire would kill you, and she refused to allow that with her so close. She made her choice and I love her for it.” He patted my hand gently.

“Can I see her?” I asked adjusting the baby in my arms.

“I think the two of you should rest.” Seth said pushing me back on my pillow.

“I can rest later. She deserves to see the nephew she is dying for.”

Seth relented and allowed me to get up. He walked out of the room and into what I knew as Alice and Jasper’s room.

Leah was crinkling her nose and cussing bitterly when I walked in. Her face softened and she put her arms out weakly for me. I walked to the bed and sat down.

“Thanks to you your nephew is healthy and wants to meet you.” I said as I placed Anthony’s form into her arms.

He looked at her and then to my shock gave her a hear breaking smile that mimicked Seth’s.

She drew in a sharp breath and snuggled him to her. “He has the most beautiful eyes.” she cooed

“And apparently his fathers smile.” I said placing my hand on her face. “I’m sorry.” I said softly

“There is nothing for you to be sorry about. You needed me, you were both worth all this pain.” she said before she tensed in pain.

I took the baby from her arms and looked at Carlisle for help. “What can you do for her?”

“We are moving her home to make her more comfortable, but there is nothing else we can do.” Carlisle said sadly

“That just sucks” I whispered.

I watched as Seth paced back in forth at the head of the bed, his face looked aged with worry lines. He looked from me to his sister to his son in my arms torn at what to do.

Finally it seemed he finished his inner battle and putting his hand on the small of my back he helped me from the bed.

“Now will you rest?” Seth asked as he pulled me out of the room. “There is someone very anxious to see you.”

I walked into our room and saw Shyann sitting on the bed in Embry’s arms she didn’t look any worse for the wear. “Is she okay?” Shyann moved out of his arms coming to my side. As I took in Embry I noticed a scare ripping down his chest no doubt from a vampires claws.

“She is fine a little upset with me, but other than that fine.” Embry said good natured.

“I can see what she is upset about.” pointing to his bare chest. Turning from him I looked at Seth. “Who else was hurt or worse dead?”

“Later, you need to rest and so does Anthony.” Seth picked me up and placed me in the bed taking the baby from me.

“He sure is beautiful.” She whispered as she stroked his little hand.

“Yep, got that from his father too.” I looked lovingly at Seth before he placed Anthony in a bassinet that Alice had bought shortly after I found out I was pregnant. Then he and Embry left the room closing the door behind them.