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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


17. Life does continue

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"Life does continue"

I spent the next days on the reservation, tending to Leah. She slipped in and out. When she was awake, her pain was unbearable.

“I wish you would stop fretting over me.” Leah whispered weakly. The death rattle in her voice was pronounced and it saddened me.

“I’m here until you take your last breath. So, if I were you, I would just get used to my hovering.” I whispered and wiped the sweat off her brow.

I got up softly from her bed and tended to Anthony, who was fussing on a blanket that I had sprawled out on the floor of her small room. I gave him a bottle, propping it up on another blanket, then walked back to Leah’s bedside.

“He shouldn’t be in here.“ She pushed herself up on her elbows weakly to look at him. I placed another pillow behind her so she didn’t have to support herself.

“Anthony is content enough.” I said, my eyes going back to his small body on the floor.

“How did you come up with his name anyway?” she asked.

“Anthony is Edward's middle name, and of course his uncle Jacob. They are the reason I met Seth in the first place,” I said softly.

Leah grimaced and closed her eyes. “Tell my brother to take care of you both, or I will haunt him.”

Those were Leah’s last words as she slipped into unconsciousness. She never regained consciousness, and passed peacefully the next day.

My body shook with sobs as I watched her take her last breath. Seth, who had entered the room shortly after she slipped away, grabbed me, pulling me out of the room. He soothed me for a moment and re-entered her room, bringing Anthonyout and putting him in my arms.

“Go back to the house,” he whispered softly, and turned going back into the room, closing the door behind him.

Sue saw my face as I walked numbly to the door. “NO!” she wailed, falling to the floor holding her chest.

I had no idea what to do, so I just stood there, shock freezing me where I stood.

“Come on, Tabby.” I heard Jake and felt his hands on my shoulder, pulling me out of the house. “Sam, take her to the house. Make sure she’s okay and then come back here. Sue is falling apart. I need to call Charlie.”

I never had much dealing with Sam, but I allowed him to pull Anthony from my arms and put us both in the car.

He drove swiftly, and transferred me into the waiting arms of Carlisle, giving the baby to Edward. I watched the car from the porch, shock still holding onto me.

The next day we were all led onto the reservation where Leah’s body lie in a canoe. They enclosed her body carefully above ground. Seth sadly lit a fire and started throwing things into the flames.

I saw baby pictures of Leah and other personal effects piled next to the fire. Sam threw in several pieces of paper, tears flowing down his masculine face. I had to admit that I was totally confused at this odd custom.

“What is going on?” I whispered to Seth as he walked away from the fire.

He sighed sadly “Old burial ritual of my people. We burn all memory of the dead. We thought it proper to bury her as our ancestors would.”

I nodded and spoke louder for everyone to hear “But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the
earth.” I quoted the Gettysburg Address.

Edward walked slowly to my side smiling sadly. “Abraham Lincoln, I’m impressed. It seems fitting.” I nodded and allowed the tears that I had been holding back to come.

I snuck over to the pile of Leah’s things and pulled one picture out of the pile, placing it up my long sleeve.

“Thank you.” I heard Sue’s voice whisper behind me. I turned and noticed her tear-stained face hiding in the shadows. “They wanted this, not me. Seth wouldn’t allow me to keep anything,” she said, new tears falling.

“Then we shall not tell him we have it.” I said, offering her my hand. She took it softly in hers and then pulled me to her.

“You won Leah over, even if she had to be dying to admit it. She cared for you from the time that you and her had that fight in the field. She was happy that someone finally 'called her on her bull', as she put it.”

Hugging her back tightly. “I only said what needed to be said. I never had any problem with Leah. I actually liked her, she had spunk.”

“You know, she’s the reason that you were found,” Sue whispered in my ear.

“She was in the woods that day?” I asked, shock coming across my face as I pulled back to look in her eyes.

She chuckled softly. “She was watching after you. Seth had wanted to let you have a normal school life, so he didn’t ask for someone to watch you while you were at school. Leah wasn’t having that after you got pregnant. She watched you every day, no one knew until she produced your cell phone the day you disappeared.”

I smiled sadly. “I wish I could have been her friend, and that she could be an auntie to Anthony, but she’s the reason he’s alive.”

Sue released me as Seth came up, and he pulled her into his arms roughly. She put her finger to her lips and I winked at her.

“I’m so sorry mom, I should have been there. Tabatha is my wife, I shouldn’t have left her side. The fight just started so fast and I didn’t realize that Leah was in danger.” Seth mumbled into her hair as he leaned his head on her shoulder.

She patted his head lovingly. “Seth, you can’t keep everyone safe all the time. I love you, my baby boy.”

He released her and kissed her cheek before turning to me. “I love you sweet.” The tears he was trying to hold back fell slowly down his face. “You are my life.” He pulled me into his arms.

I sat in Seth’s lap holding Anthony, who had been with Rosalie for most of the funeral. We watched the fire burn itself out silently.

It took Seth three more days to tell me about everything that happened.

“Will you tell me what happened to everyone now?” I asked

He sighed unhappily. “The only deaths on our side was Eli and Leah, thank God. Several of the vampires were scarred and plenty of my pack members suffered broken bones,” he whispered while he played with my hair as we laid in bed.

“Who killed Jane?” I whispered back, my head on his chest.

“I did.” Anger laced his words.

“You were in the group of wolves that Nyla throw her into?” I asked, peeking up at him.

“Yes, and I told my brothers that she was mine. She put her hands on you,” he growled.

I put my hand on his face, rubbing softly. “How did Embry get his scar?”

“He wasn’t paying attention to the vampire he was fighting, but that was kind of my fault. I was screaming for you to stay away from Alec. So Embry looked up in mid jump to see what you were doing and Felix got his claws into his chest.” He chuckled darkly. “He didn’t last long afer that. Embry was pissed.”

“I canimagine. You know that was my fault, not yours. I’m the one who allowed Derek to pull me into his fight. It just wasn’t a fair fight.” I pulled myself into the sitting position. “I mean, you wouldn’t let any of your brothers fight two vampires at once. Hell, you must have had them watching me. Leah and Jake both helped me while I was looking for you.”

He smiled and leaned in to kiss me quickly. “Do you think anyone of them would like to deal with me if they didn’t help when they could. Jake cares for you, just as Embry does. He was willing to take a scar just to make sure you were okay.”

“No, I was a distraction, and here I thought I was helping.” I grumbled.

“You helped Derek, he needed you. He would have died at the hands of those two sadistic vampires.” He smiled. “It would have killed you if you would have not done anything and something happened to anyone. That’s why I didn’t push for you to hide like Shyann and Nessie.”

“Even if you would have made me, I would have found my way to the fight no matter what. Almost everyone in my family was there. I knew that Nessie and Shyann were safe with the younger members of the pack, they didn’t need me.” I said stubbornness seeping out.

“They didn’t even notice that Nessie and Shyann weren’t there. The fighting started so fast,” he soothed.

“Do you know who attacked first?” I asked, looking towards Anthony sleeping in his crib, before laying back down next to him.

“I have no clue, all I know is that fighting broke out all around me. So, of course, I joined in on all the fun.” I felt his smile on my hair.

“Oh yeah, fun. How much fun did you have?”

“I killed my fair share. I think six, plus your three, that makes nine for our small portion of the family.”

“I feel bad for dad.” I said sadly.

“Carlisle fought because he had no choice. He fought for the ones he loved. He has no regrets.” he assured me.

“I saw him kill Aro, but what of his brothers?” I asked, curious.

“Edward and Emmett got them.” He didn’t go into detail on any of the kills.

“Did all the other side die?”

“No, several fled, but they weren’t anything special just guards.” I closed my eyes while he talked.

“Mmmm…” I said, snuggling to him.

He sighed contently. “You should really sleep, we have to move tomorrow and you haven’t had much sleep in the past several days.”

“Well, the baby won’t let me sleep all that much. I wish he would start sleeping through the night.” I mumbled.

“You know, Rosalie would gladly take him for the night.” He pulled me closer.

“I might just take her up on that if he wakes up soon.” I yawned.

Seth pushed me back gently and got out of the bed. I watched as he took our son's sleeping form out of his crib and walked out of the room, leaving the door ajar.

He was back several minutes later alone. “Rosalie said to get some rest, no funny business.” He chuckled as he crawled back into bed next to me. “That’s what I had planned, but she didn’t believe me.”

I put my head back on his chest and closed my eyes. It did not take long until I heard Seth’s deep steady breathing.

I sighed contently “I love you.” I said, and allowed his breathing to lull me to sleep.