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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


2. In the blink of an eye

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“In the blink of an eye”

My ipod was on as loud as I could get it to go up as I pulled into the school parking lot. I knew it was a bad idea to wear it while I was driving but I thought hey I have reflexes almost as fast as a vampire so it would only be dangerous for normal humans. I definitely didn’t fall into that category. I knew that the other kids were looking at me I could feel their eyes on me but I didn’t care I was jamming to one of my favorite songs so I was dancing in my seat bouncing around and singing along. It was probably really loud but I didn‘t really care. Pulling into a spot I turned my car off and continued to dance and sing in my seat. I closed my eyes enjoying my music. Another song started and I also started singing along but it wasn’t long before there was a tap on the window. I opened my eyes to see Sam standing there timidly. This kid was going to be so fun to corrupt. Young impressionable minds I thought with a bit of a smirk. I opened my door my smirk spreading into a wide smile.

“What’s up kid?” I said pulling the ear phones out of my ear.

“You seemed like you were having a good time I didn’t want to bother you. Whatcha listening to?” Sam asked returning my smile.

Refreshments, youknow them?”

She thought for a minute and then shook her head.

“You youngsters don’t know anything good.” I laughed and got out of my car “I must teach you about good music. First things first listen to this today while your between classes and we’ll talk about what you think of my type of music at lunch.” I put my ipod in her hand and started walking to my first class. At the door I said goodbye to Sam and went in.

My day passed as normally as could be expected I had a essay due in English on Monday on Great Expectations.

At lunch I found Sam quickly she was sitting at a table in the corner of the cafeteria all alone. I didn’t feel like suffering through human food today so I walked over to her. She had her eyes closed engrossed in one of the song on my ipod. I tapped her on her shoulder and she jumped. I smiled humans were so jumpy.

“Sooo…you like what you hear or what?”

“What?” she said as she pulled the earphone out of her ear.

“You like?” I pointed at the earphone

“Oh yeah…you have odd taste in music but what I’ve heard of all these songs their really good.” she took a bite of her pizza while I sat next to her. “What not hungry today.”

“Had a big breakfast.” I said with a shrug which wasn’t a lie I went hunting early this morning.

“So what all did you listen to?”

“Well I started with the band that you mentioned this morning and then just let it play.” Sam said

I knew the play list so well that I didn’t have to ask what all she had listened to. So I just nodded my head. I really did like this girl silence didn’t bother her. I truly hated girls that babbled on and on about nothing important. Although I had been popular enough the other times I was in high school I tended to gravitate to the out casts. They were more interesting then the cattle that were the norm. I never had much patience for cheerleaders and the jocks that came with the high school experience.

“It’s Friday and I feel like dancing is there any place to dance around here?” I asked

“Not in Forks, but there is an all ages club in Seattle I’ve never been but I don’t know if you would like it. They play today’s music.” Sam said

“Shoot I can dance to anything. What do you say what about a trip to this club?”

“Tonight? I would have to ask my parents if it would be ok we would have to stay there for the night.”

I flipped out my phone and handed it to her. There was no way we would have to stay in Seattle, but we could stay either at the Cullen’s or at the house that I had rented as a front for my own house it was furnished. She took the phone and dialed the number.

“Mom, can I go out tonight with a friend? I would have to stay at their house tonight. Thanks mom see you later.” Sam hung up the phone by flipping it closed and handed it back to me. “That was easy enough she had no problem what so ever she didn’t even ask what we were doing. That could be cause I’ve never asked to go anywhere before.”

“Oh this is going to be far to fun I have to make a phone call we need a fashion consultant.” I said as I flipped my phone open and dialed Alice’s phone number. “Alice shopping. Go while I’m here. Can I bring her home? Are you sure they won’t mind? Yeah, as many choices you can find. I don’t know. What size are you?” I said to Sam

“A six why?” Sam asked

I just shook my head. “Ok see you at four thirty bye.”

“My sister Alice loves to shop trust me it’s no problem she’s been dieing to buy me a new wardrobe. She finds my clothes lacking” I said as I looked down at my t-shirt that had a band on it and my jeans. “I don’t see what she means I think my style is cool and comfy.”

“But why did you ask me my size?”

“Like I said she likes to shop she don’t care who it’s for. Don’t worry about it she’ll have a whole wardrobe for you too when we get to my house.” as I finished saying that the bell rang it was time to go to another class.

After our last class Sam met me in the parking lot by my car looking a little nervous. I unlocked the doors I still hadn’t gotten used to small town living so locking my doors was a habit. We got in and drove in silence to the house. When we got there the house looked empty. But before we could get out of the care Alice was standing on the front porch jumping up and down excitedly.

“Alice this is my friend Sam. Sam my shopaholic sister.” I said

“Hi” Sam said timidly I knew that she found Alice a little intimidating all humans seemed to react to vampires that way but she didn’t look scared at least not in the normal way.

“Come in…come in.” Alice said pulling me into the house and up the stair I wasn’t wrong the house was empty of the rest of the family. I should of taken her to the rental house. I didn’t mean to run the family off. I thought to myself.

When we got upstairs to my room the entire kings size bed was covered in bags from her shopping trip. Alice was already fluttering around a little faster then she should in her excitement. I plugged my ipod into the speakers and turned it up loud this was going to take a while. She was going to turn Sam and I into her living Barbies.

After two hours Alice had finally found outfits for both Sam and I now she had us in the bathroom. There was an array of cosmetics and hair products on the counter and she was busy brushing my hair.

Another hour past before Alice was done with us. My long hair was piled onto the top of my head with a mess of curls tumbling down my back. She had also done my makeup even though I protested. The outfit that she had picked out for me was a low cut black dress that was tight fitting. It was short and the slit in the side went up even higher showing more leg then I ever had before. As for Sam her short hair was done a lot like Alice’s and her make up made her look like a woman not a sixteen year old. Sam’s outfit was a leather skirt that was a brilliant red and a backless halter that was silver but it the right light had red flecks in it. Alice got us both in stilettos Sam protested saying she was going to brake her ankle. All I could do was smile at her helplessly. Seeming satisfied with her work Alice took us both into her room to stand before her huge body length mirror. I looked at us pleased Alice had managed to change both of us into hotties.

“Wow… Tabby you look good.” I spun around to see Jake standing in the doorway of Alice’s room. “Where you headed tonight.” It had taken two weeks but Jake had finally warmed up to me and we seemed to be forging a friendship.

“We’re going dancing” I said the excitement evident in my voice. “Sam and I are gonna show those Seattle guy what there missing in the small town hotties.”

“Oh.” He looked at Sam with concern “Excuse me ladies I must find Carlisle.”

“Sure.” I said a little confused

We went down the stairs and Edward and Carlisle were standing at the foot of the stairs waiting for us Jake standing with his hand on the door handle as if he was about to leave.

“Tabby you look lovely. May we have a conversation before you leave?” Carlisle asked me walking into the kitchen.

I followed him completely confused. He didn’t look angry but vampires emotions were far to hard to judge for me to know.

“What’s up?” I asked

“I know that your perfectly capable of taking care of yourself but you have decided to take a human girl with you on this dancing trip and I want the both of you to completely safe and with you so far from home we can’t guarantee your safety. Would you be willing to take escorts?” Carlisle’s concern didn’t make me angry the opposite happened I was overjoyed I had adopted Carlisle as my father so his concern was welcome.

“If that would make you more comfortable dad I’ll gladly take anyone else that you want me to. Your not mad at me for bringing Sam here are you?” My words made Carlisle smile he was definitely not mad at me and the softness in his eyes told me that me calling him dad made him very happy.

“No she is welcome here just make sure you warn us before you bring her here. After all Charlie comes here all the time we just need a little warning. Our secret is very important but I don’t have to tell you that. She reminds me of Bella she doesn’t seem bothered at all being in a house of vampires.” the whole conversation was so low that Sam would never have heard it.

We walked into the front room again and Carlisle nodded to Jake who pulled the door open and ran out. Jake wasn’t gone long and when he walked back threw the door he was flanked by two tall dark and handsome Indian boys. One of them I recognized immediately as the boy from my vision and my breath caught in my throat. He didn’t seem to be paying any attention to me he was greeting Edward and Carlisle.

“This is Seth and Embry there going to go with the two of you tonight.” Jake said indicating each one as he spoke. The boy from my vision was named Seth.

“Seth” I gasped although it was nothing more than a whispered breath his eyes shot over to where I was. Our eyes met and I could see in his eyes what I felt…everything slipped away the room was blurry all I could see was his face and I knew right then and there I was his always. I could feel the electricity in my veins as he stared at me. Seth’s mouth fell open and he was over at my side in one long stride. He put his hand on the side of my face and I smiled largely at him. The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” I said

He looked confused for a second and then a huge smile came over his already beautiful face. My breath caught and before I could think straight he had his arms around me. He was so hot but it wasn’t uncomfortable it was the opposite I felt like I was finally home.

“And I you sweet and I you.” Seth mumbled into my hair

“And the creepy wolfy claim rears it’s ugly head again.” Emmett said as he was coming down the stairs.

My head snapped up and I remembered that I was in a room full of people.

“You have to be kidding me!” Jake said as his eyes went back and forth between Seth and myself. “Not that it matters but Seth that’s Tabatha you have in your arms…Tabby that’s Seth. I just thought you should know the name of the girl you just imprinted on. Your sister is going to freak out I can just hear it.” “How could you let him imprint on that half breed bloodsucking leech.” he did an impression of a shriek that I was sure was an over dramatization of Seth’s sister. There was a low growl coming from Seth’s chest when Jake finish with his impression. “Not that I could have stopped this in anyway. But of course she won’t be reasonable.”

“I can handle my sister and whom ever else has a problem with whom I imprinted on.” Seth said

Embry looked confused for a second and then he just pounded Seth on the back. “I don’t envy you for the conversation your going to have to have with that shrew of a sister of yours.” He said with a chuckle. “ Hello Tabatha. Who’s your cute friend.”

“Call me Tabby. And this is Sam.” I said as I pulled away from Seth and grabbing Sam’s hand. “Are we ready to go shake our booties?”

“Sure.” Sam answered

“Who wants shot gun?” I asked of our small group

“Me.” Seth said quickly

I looked up and him and realized how big him and Embry really were. Seth and Embry both had to be over six foot five and they were almost as bulky as they were tall.

“You two please don’t brake my car.” I said

There was a chuckle that came from the direction that I knew Emmett was standing he seemed to enjoy the fact that I was intimidated a little by the shear size of these hulking boys. Standing next to Seth I felt like a small child only coming to his chest in four inch stilettos. The height difference didn’t seem to bother Seth in the least.

We left with quick goodbyes to everyone and promises that we wouldn’t be out extremely late. The car trip was quick it always seems that way when your going over a hundred miles an hour. We got to Element and I found a parking spot. When we got to the door the bouncer asked us for our id’s and we all produced them mine was a beautiful counterfeit of a Washington state drivers license. I definitely out did myself on it. The bouncer stamped our hands indicating that we couldn’t drink while we were in the club.

The music was loud and fast and I felt myself gravitating to the dance floor. Turning quickly to grab Sam’s hand. We got to the floor the boys deciding to sit back and watch. I was dancing with Sam and the song was actually a good song. It didn’t take long for the two of us to be surrounded by admiring males. They were all unremarkable and I ignored them as I continued to dance. Our admirers stayed away for quite sometime and Sam and I dance unbothered for sometime.

“Are you having fun?” I asked her loudly in her ear

“I didn’t think it possible but yes. By the way what did that guy on the stairs mean about you and Seth and what is imprinting?” Sam asked

“Oh maybe it’s an Indian thing I don’t know.” I said

Finally a slow song started and Sam and I started walking off the dance floor towards the boys when a hand reached out and grabbed me. I turned and one of the guys that had been watching us was holding onto me.

“How about a dance gorgeous?” He said

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Seth start towards us. I put my hand up telling him it was okay.

“I guess” I said shrugging and following him back onto the dance floor leaving Sam to head back to the boys alone.

“So gorgeous what’s your name?” the man asked

“Does it really matter?” I said as I put my hands on his shoulders. His hands were already greedily on my waist a little low for my liking.

“Well you don’t have to be snooty just because your hot doesn’t mean you can be a nasty…” he trailed off on the last word seeing the glare I was giving him.

“All I was saying is that I’m far to young for you so what does it matter.” I said

“Let me be the judge of that.” he said

“I’m sixteen” I said

“That a lie. You have to be at least twenty.” he argued

“Okay whatever you want to tell yourself.” I replied

He pulled me closer to him and that made me a little uncomfortable but I allowed it.

“What do you say we go somewhere and get to know each other better.” he growled in my ear his hands sliding down to rest on my butt.

Before I had a chance to object Seth was there his hand around my waist pulling me to him. The man was at least four inches shorter than Seth and so he looked a little intimidated my the hulking Indian boy that was flanked by Embry. The man’s eyes flickered to Embry and then back to me and Seth. He didn’t say anything else he walked away not even bother a backwards glance.

“I didn’t need your help he wasn’t harmful. Just a little touchy feely.” I said to Seth

Seth was still glaring at the back of the man as he walked away and when I spoke he looked down at me.

“That may be but I didn’t like it at all.” Seth said

“Well you didn’t want to dance with me so I took him up on his offer. I was fine his arm would have swung both ways if he kept it up.”

Seth chuckled “Who said I didn’t want to dance with you?”

“Well I didn’t see you out here until that man touched my butt.”

“I was enjoying watching your very graceful did you know that?”

I turned around in his arms and rapped my hands around his neck he was still so much taller than I was. We danced like that even after the slow song had finished. I have no idea how long we stayed like that but before I knew it the phone that I had place in a guarder on my thigh was vibrating. I quickly grabbed it not exposing anything that the dress wasn’t already.

“Hello” I said I had no problem hearing the person on the other end despite the loud music. It was Carlisle telling me that it was well past one and we should start heading home because Jake wanted Seth and Embry to do patrol. I looked over and saw Embry and Sam dancing happily just a few feet away. I sighed Sam seemed to really like Embry. I just hoped that Embry wouldn’t imprint and hurt my friend.

“Okay dad be home soon” I said and snapped my phone closed. “Time to go.” I yelled at the other two.

We made it home by three and Seth and Embry left Sam and I at the door. With promises to see us the next day.